RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Whelen Modified Tour Teams Will Compete At Jennerstown On May 29?

The Whelen Modified Tour returns to action on May 29 with the running of the Jennerstown Salutes 150 at Jennerstown (Pa) Speedway. Today’s Daily Poll question is, how many cars will compete at Jennerstown? Vote below.


  1. 25 to 29 , My best guess….. Hopefully a few new faces from ROC area … Big Money # 60 would be my pick to Take the Win….. Emerling would probably have experience out there also and continue His Great start to 2021… McKennedy is way overdue to Grab a Win !!!! He is too talented to be held out of VL much longer …. A surprise visit by Bobby Santos would cheer the many readers of Race Day Ct. …… Bobby Santos …. SHOWS UP AND WINS !!!!!!! wouldn’t Surprise anyone out here , But maybe a few fans out there that haven’t seen the LITTLE BANDITO hold the SMOOTHEST of wheels….. Can’t even remember Bobby being sideways or out of the groove , maybe sideways on dirt by choice, Crazy how He glides around Thompson & NHIS then suddenly snatches the Win from the front runners who [ thought they had the Best Car ] then Santos comes smoothly past on the low lane or high lane and drives away …..

  2. If there were 25 last year in the year of the pandemic with the 85 sitting out how could there be such pessimism about a stronger count this year?

  3. Tour car counts ….???? Not what it used to be. One of these days it’s gonna be a 15 car feature… β˜ΉοΈπŸ™„

  4. Well, the 3 and 75 made it clear that they aren’t doing the big travel shows, maybe this is one of them. So the travel compounded by the PANDEMIC 😷 may still take a hit on the car counts. That applies to the NWMT teams. This event might pick up a couple RoC teams.

  5. Fast Eddie says

    Great assessment Suitcase, rooting for McKennedy unless Santos shows up. You might not have seen Bobby driving the midget at the Icebreaker. It looked like he was on a dirt track, smoothly and consistently powersliding through the corners! I’d guess he’ll be running the Little 500 at Indy though, and I don’t think #44 will be travelling far. I wonder if Bobby LaBonte would run in PA…

  6. Jon McKennedy deserves a much better car. The 7NY is simply not that good. Baldwin needs to get that car running. Forget the pretty wraps, get the damn car competitive, then make it pretty.

  7. Thanks Fast Ed … I was down to Martinsville then on to Florida … Boy that musta been Awesome watching Bobby sail that Midget into those High Banks…!!!! Sideways too …..!!!! I was hoping that He would hook up with Dave Sapienza and Win a Bunch for Dave…. You know Sap spends or Judy T spends…. Does anyone know What Judy T does for a Business ??? I think Dave does automotive service center …??? Bobby would be the perfect Driver for when Sapienza takes a step back .. That would be an Instant Contender for the Championship SANTOS / SAPIENZA RACING …. Kinda has a nice RING TO IT SSR ….. Every time I would travel the the end of Pennsylvania my fillings would shake loose on RT 80 .. Cement seams like every 20 feet would drive the most sane People INSANE … Maybe that is why the DRINK HEAVY ,,LOL

  8. I think it will be less than last year. A few cars have dropped off the tour this year from last year. One of the more popular reasons given for not following the tour was the travel commitment. This one is a good distance from where most of the tour drivers come from. It would be an easy one to skip.. I was in the 20-4 range which seems to be most popular right now..

    When I went out there for a tour race in the mid 2000’s. I had a work colleague specifically mention the cement highways and the constant ba bump ba bump. He drove out to Penn State or ND the prior football season. I thought the guy was crazy and thought it couldnt be that bad. First thing I said when I got back was he was right. It was the worst stretch of highway I had ever traveled. I also have a picture of the drunk driving sign somewhere. I believe flight 93 memorial is right around there. I know we saw it while on that trip.

  9. The Atomic Punk says

    I’m just wondering what the track ticket will look like? Will there be enough blank space on the back for me to write date and winner?….Always thinking about the next stub. Its what you get when you Actually go to races.

  10. It will be less than was at Riverhead, Riverhead had strong local car turn outs that boosted the field, otherwise it would have been pretty low, my guess is 22 cars.

  11. csg, lower your tire pressure a bit, to soften the noise from the expansion joints. I have carried a portable air compressor for many years now. Do so and you’ll never get a flat again.

    When you are on that road, blast Pink Houses from John Mellencamp on the stereo, a perfect song for that road.

  12. That RT 80 has been ” UNDER CONSTRUCTION ” for last 35 years.. Bah – Bump Boom Bump bah boop .. Goodfella … Hover Craft would be nice ride …. Those traveling will find out … Horrible ride…. But if Racing is great may forget about those pesky seams……

  13. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„2020 says

    Whoever voted over 35 are out of their gourd.

  14. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„2020 wrote, “Whoever voted over 35 are out of their gourd.”

    As of now, “35 or more” has 6 votes. That would be Doug, Insipid Sybil, WeldingWonders, RickyinMass, and all his other alternative screen names.

  15. 22 cars over or under?
    That’s how many cars were there when I attended a race there back in the early 90’s.
    It was on Mike Ewanitsko’s wedding day he flew in by helicopter.
    Doug Heveron was the winner in the Lenny Boehler car#3.

  16. John G _ — Ewanitsko was a real wheelman , Can’t quite remember why He stepped away but do remember I was sorry to see him go ??? seemed like he had a short Career but went out on top . Doug Heveron Won 3 Modified Races , Doug Heveron is the son of Gail and Tom Heveron. Tom was an Oswego Speedway Hall of Fame member. In 1969 Heveron began racing at the Syracuse Geddes Microd Track at the New York State Fairgrounds when he was 8 years old. When he was 13 years old, Heveron started racing quarter midgets. When he was attending Liverpool High School, he spent time helping regionally known racer Jim Shampine at Shampine Auto Parts.[1]

    He entered the supermodified ranks in 1978 in one of Shampine’s cars known as the “8 ball”. Heveron used the car to become the youngest winner at Oswego Speedway in the Alean 75.[1] He won the International Supermodified Association (ISMA) Rookie of the Year Award that year. Heveron became the dominant driver at Oswego. He won 13 races in 1981, the Oswego International Classic in 1981 and 1982, and track championships both years. Heveron was the champion of the ISMA tour series from 1978 until 1981.[1]

  17. Charlie Brown says

    Who cares I’d rather watch paint dry an pick my nose

  18. OK the car count is interesting but the race itself more so. Last years winner Lutz a nice 5th at Stafford but for now not even on the radar in the points. He needs a repeat bad. Sapienza for second last year a high water mark and is there anyone willing to bet he can coral a top 5 finish this year? Hoping sure but willing to bet money on it probably not so much. Danny Watts 82 also a high water mark for Nocella rounding out the podium last year. Points aristocrats this year Goodale and Emerling 13th and 12th last year and that won’t do if they wish to continue to set the pace. Or will Coby make magic for two in a row or the 51 end the winners circle drought that’s only a drought because they are the best team on the NWMT.
    Competition will be afoot whether the count is 28 or 19. The cars and stars that comprise the regulars will all be there. Ready to shuffle the deck at a bit of a wild card track in a year of surprising results.
    I rate this race off the charts in anticipation of what can happen.

  19. The Atomic Punk says

    Everyone please give Charlie Brown some attention. it is clearly searching for it.

  20. The Atomic Punk says

    Its Doug… A lot of typing….Saying very little…. “I rate this race off the charts in anticipation of what can happen.”

  21. Just Me - The Original says

    Mike Ewanitsko stopped racing because of health issues (eye sight)

  22. Fast Eddie says

    To all who are going or watching, enjoy the WMT race. I’ll be checking out the 38 Modifieds running at Star. I’m guessing 4-5 heats and 2 consis before the feature.

  23. You can do both.

    21, (22 TTOMS STAR), 23
    28, (29 NWMT JENNERSTOWN), 30
    4, (5 MRS Monadnock), 6
    (11 SMS OPEN-S), (12 NWMT OSWEGO) ,13
    25, 26, 27
    2,( 3 MRS Riverside), 4
    (9 SMS OPEN), 10, 11
    16,(17 NWMT NHMS),18
    23, (24 TTOMS STAR), 25
    (6 SMS NWMT), 7 ,8
    13,(14 TTOMS MONADNOCK), 15
    (20 SMS OPEN-S), (21 NWMT BEECH RIDGE), 22
    27,28,(29 MRS Monadnock)
    (10 NWMT RICHMOND),11,12
    17 (18 NWMT RIVERHEAD), (19 MRS STAR)
    24, (25 SMS NWMT), 26
    1,(2 MRS LEE USA),3
    22,(23 TTOMS SEEKONK), 24

    (13 ISLIP 300 RIVERHEAD)

    All NWMT events streamcast on NBC Sports Gold- Track Pass- Roots Racing
    All Stafford Opens on FloRacing
    Tri Track scheduled so far” both Star and Monadnock events on Speed51 Subscription based.
    Two Tri Track Seekonk races to be televised, PPV and black out zone still to be determined.
    MRS scheduled so far June 5 Monadnock, July 31 Wiscasset, Sept 19 Star on Speed51 Subscription based.

  24. Well, entry list is out with 23 entries.

    Who won?

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