RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Winners Will There Be In 2021 In The SK Mod Division At Stafford?

Stafford Motor Speedway has had five different SK Modified event winners in five events in 2021 and that list has yet to include Ronnie Williams or Todd Owen, who have been part of the dominating trio of the division over recent years. So today’s poll question is, with 18 races still remaining on the schedule, how many total different winners do you think there will be in the SK Modified division at Stafford in 2021? Vote below.

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How Many Different Winners Will There Be In 2021 In The SK Modified Division At Stafford?
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  1. 10 TEN ten is a nice number !!!! One of the Best things in Racing —- Is FIRST TIME WINNERS.!!! If the same people win every week it gets moral down in the pits.,, They must be cheating… blah blah blah… I remember George Summers was on an incredible tear at SEEKONK He won so many Races in a row in the #21 Modified ….they put a BOUNTY out paid to anyone that could beat him .!!! I believe it was like 12 or 13 races winning streak, He had to be on the track for the bounty to be paid. The Race he didn’t Win he had a tire going down almost flat with a few laps left he stayed on the Track so the Winner could collect the Bounty and Winners Purse. George was my favorite growing up along with Ronnie Bouchard & Bugsy Stevens.. George Summers went out a Winner in His Final Race at Thompson.. George was a class Act Won Hundreds of Races and went out on top.. Learned later on the Engine in the #21 was quite the Special piece…. Stroker engine If my memory is right…

  2. I can’t even hazard a guess but this is just a terrific poll question. History tells us the floor is 7. You could add in 1 for the blue moon race but this year it could very well be 2 or 3.

  3. The more the merrier!!!!

  4. Fast Eddie says

    Suitcase, I’m with you on 10 and with Dareal if it’s even more so much the better! I do respect the drivers that get into “win all the time” mode, and congrats to those who do, as it’s got to be a lot of work to achieve that. My “root for them” list is usually filled with teams that haven’t won at all or not in a while and are overdue.

  5. I voted for 10 myself given the level of competition in the SK’s at Stafford.

  6. The SK division is exciting because of the close competition, and many cars are capable of winning.

    Great job, Stafford!!!!

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