RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Which Was The Better Event, The Indianapolis 500 Or The Coca-Cola 600

Sunday was the high holy day of motorsports in the United States. The Indianapolis 500 saw a greatly contested race and a wildly popular victory for Helio Castroneves. At Charlotte Motor Speedway Kyle Larson rolled to a dominating win for Hendrick Motorsports. So which was the better event? Vote below.

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Which Was The Better Event, The Indianapolis 500 Or The Coca-600?
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  1. Indy by far, nascar feels like such a cheapened experience compared to the 500 yesterday. The 500 felt like we were watching something important, the 600 had none of that.

  2. Indy 500… this is Americana all the way. It survived the the Indy-CART-IRL wars, then the #TrumpPandemic, and it was a glorious day yesterday. And seeing Helio go wild during the post race celebration was FANtastic!!!!!!

    The Coca-Cola 600 was awesome in its own way, but it was kinda boring as far as actual racing goes. The Memorial Day features were pretty cool, that’s what makes this a special event for me.

  3. Indy is keeping racing “True” I personally DESPISE Stage racing. I just cannot gather the notion that the winner of the race doesn’t always go home with the most points. I hate the playoffs. Have a real Season Championship. As it is now someone can win 20 races, and if he has a “bad” day the last race of the season, it’s all done. STOOOPID And yes I know that this may not all relate to the question at hand, but I look at it as a chance to vent!!!

  4. Bill Realist says

    It was also nice to hear the Indy 500 called on tv in a professional straight forward manner. NASCAR’s coverage is embarrassing

  5. Viva Race Fan says

    Larson was awesome but Hello’s post race was a blast to watch.

  6. Bill , Could You Please Elaborate On That Please.

  7. Indy Was A Great Race. Helio Pulled A Great Late Move And Was Very Entertaining And Very Fun To Watch. Made Me Laugh And Smile To See Someone That Excited To Win (Even If It Was His 4th). I’m Confused What Was So Embarrassing About NASCAR Coverage? Unless Your Referring To Larson Dominating The Race?

  8. The Atomic Punk says

    Stage racing is Awful. Indy 500 wins….
    I am a victim of the science age
    a child of the storm, whoa yes……VH.

  9. I don’t see why the race has to be stopped for a stage. Just let them have the race within the race for points at each stage gate, but don’t stop the race.

  10. seekonk fan says

    600 miles too long ! Snooze fest.

  11. Indy Is KING … I attended 88 89 90 lots and lots of fun … Back then it was more of an EVENT than a Race … Huge difference from lead lap cars to cars laps down…1988 I believe only 2 cars on the lead lap 1989 Fittipaldi the Winner lapped the entire field.!!!!.. 1990 Only 3 cars on the lead lap .. All us NASCAR Fans cried foul… Nascar usually had 15 to 20 cars on the lead lap…The snake pit party is just incredible … they really don’t even watch the race …Just full on party full time…300,000 people is Amazing !!!! Parades and Jim Nabors singing back home again in Indiana .1972 – 2014 .. Gomer Pyle ..USMC ….. Place is Amazing .. Cars make a popping sound on backstretch off the spoiler as they cut thru the air ….. If you have never been…. Make a point to Experience all the Crazy and Amazing things the INDY 500 can deliver .Todays races are much more competitive with more cars and Drivers that can WIN , More cars on the lead lap. This Years race was really good with the OLD driver passing the YOUNG driver on the outside.!!!!! Boy I wonder how great Bobby Santos would look at INDY ?????? Play Chess as many play Checkers… IF I won the lottery I would Put Santos in a top car & watch Him fly >>>>

  12. Fast Eddie says

    Suitcase, couldn’t agree more. I think Santos would be great in an Indy car and surprise many of the regulars. One of the background things that really struck me about Indy this year was the program had the three 4-time winners on it, and this year’s winner became the fourth. I was wondering if they were going to get Helio calmed down enough to get him into victory lane. A great demonstration of honest and sincere happiness and joy!!

  13. Sharpie Fan says

    What is the matter with Fox’s ticker? It was frustrating that it seemed to be stuck on just showing the top 20 for most of the race?

  14. Fast Eddie says

    Sharpie, it seemed to me it’s been that way for a few races. Very seldom able to see what’s happening in the lower half of the field, both with their scorecard and on video. I know they have to pay attention to the frontrunners but it would be nice if all the cars got a little camera time. I’m sure the sponsors would appreciate that as well.

  15. Amen! Up until this year, FOX had superior broadcast to NBC, in part, because of its full-field coverage. Mike Joy, as a former short track announcer, understood that. I’m addition to the tracker running through the field more frequently, he would note when mid-pack cars had pitted, gone to the garage, etc. I have noticed fewer such references this season.
    The boys of the Bahama Beach Club over at NBC manufacture drama and offer little substance, most especially Rick Allen. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. provides the best insight. Ideally, he would replace vanilla Jeff Gordan. Joy, Earnhardt Jr., and Bowyer would provide the best broadcast team.

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