RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Win The CBYD Open Modified 81 Friday At Stafford?

Stafford Speedway hosts the first of four Open Modified events at the track in 2021 Friday with the running of the CBYD Open Modified 81. Today’s Daily Poll question is, who will win the CBYD Open Modified 81 Friday? Vote below.


  1. Anonimuss Stafford Team Owner says

    Yer hatred of Ronnie Williams is showing Mr. Raceday. Making picks for the race at Stafford this week and pretty boy whiner Dowling is third on yer list and Ronnie Williams is the last name. UR such a loser.

  2. Anonimuss Stafford Team Owner,
    There are 19 names on the list to pick the winner of the event. They are listed in alphabetical order. I apologize that the concept of alphabetical order is foreign to you. Here’s a lesson for next time, alphabetical order is when you list a group of names based on the first letter of the person’s last name. Dowling starts with a D, which happens to be the fourth letter in the alphabet and for this list of names that means it falls between the names Cipriano (which starts with a C and is the third letter in the alphabet) and Emerling (which starts with an E and is the fifth letter in the alphabet). The name Williams starts with a W, which is the 23rd letter in the alphabet. For this list of names, W was the furthest into the alphabet of any other name on the list, meaning there was nobody else on the list that had a last name that began with a letter further into the alphabet than W. Hence, Williams ends up as the last name on the list. I’m glad we could have this lesson on alphabetical order. Next time we’ll work on sounding out the word Anonymous.

  3. its alphabetical by last name. Tell Ronnie to change his last name to something that starts with A and he will be listed first.

  4. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!

    Anonimuss Stafford Team Owner wins the Most Petty Idiot Award 🏆 and the Never Knew What Alphabetical Order Was Medal. 🏅

  5. Dowling the pretty boy? Old Chase is usually scowling and the vision of a perpetually tortured person.
    Now Ronnie’s the dream boat. A true pretty boy who manages to stay immaculate at the races. And he has had great exposure in the series they did with Rocco, Reen and Mike Christopher. Maybe that’s the problem.
    The forum has voted. It appears that in spite of Chase’s distant, detached manner that only cracked a bit in the Unmuffled episode a complete racer in the old school style is very much appreciated.
    Ironic that a person associated with Williams who has an extensive education would not know his or her A to Z’s.

  6. These Open events are awesome, attracting a rather good mix of teams and drivers.

  7. Interesting that Cipriano is entered in the Casella 25, instead of Swanson (who drove it in the Stafford Open Shows last year).

  8. i cant pick a winner. I can make a case for 7 or 8 of them.

  9. Chase would be my pick, Won the Big Tri -Track Show last year so a Natural Favorite .. Shawn that was an Epic Post, Thank you for the Belly Laugh. SARCASM is the BEST !!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  10. “Yer hatred of Ronnie Williams is showing Mr. Raceday”

    OMG… ;^0

    Personally, I think McKennedy or Woody might be due, but a lot of strong choices there.

  11. Canned Carburetor says

    Everyone is choosing the most commonly picked drivers and arguing about Ronnie and Chase. Rufrano is a secret weapon, hell of a driver, got my pick.

  12. McKennedy and Woody were tied for my alternates.

    Like csg says, prolly 7 – 8 can win this thing.

    But hey, it’s fun picking one.

  13. getserious says

    Is Preece going to be there, honestly?

  14. Getserious,
    Why would I put him in the poll if he wasn’t going to be there ?

  15. Owens,Pitkat,Rocco , Williams. Williams being my first pick, but obviously last alphabetically. Pitkat my alternate, and 2nd on my alphabetical list. How ironic.

  16. I went Preece. Lately, he has been a little bit snake bitten in the mod. Always running upfront. I think the luck changes tonight but like I said I can make a case for 6 or 7 other guys. It should be a good show.

    Anyone know if they are selling tickets at the door? What is the current capacity limits in CT? No local heats so it shouldn’t go too late(famous last words) Thinking about maybe coming out of the protective bubble for a race this weekend. That PASS ACT show at LEE looks interesting too but the weather doesnt look as promising. Stafford, You had me at free hot dog then lost me at 5 dollar shipping charge to ship it to the will call. That 5 dpllar fee really irks me more than it should for some reason.

  17. why get a subscription to your local newspaper when you can read the comics right here on raceday

  18. Those fees are absurd!!!!! Make me MAD 😡!!!!!!!

  19. Shawn posted,

    Why would I put him in the poll if he wasn’t going to be there ?”

    Seriously, that is one of the funniest posts ever, honestly.

    Just goes to show how freely the 🐂💩 flows and people are reluctant to trust.

    Getserious, by now, you should know that what racedayct publishes is indeed trustworthy. The folks in the comment section, not so much.

  20. Eric Goodale, if he can stay out of trouble is my pick. He is on a god roll and always seems to be around at the end . I just hope no one takes out any Armco barriers tonight, Those long delays to repair the fence are a killer!

  21. You know who is in the other category and a stronger candidate then most on the list…….Matt Galko.
    Check this out.
    Stafford Opens since the 3 started participating.
    It’s remarkable how the 3 stays so consistently competitive finishing races and delivering good finishes. Who’s to say they aren’t just one tweak in the setup away from a shocking win like Rufrano had that one special night for him.

  22. Eric Goodale will SOAR if he can only stay out of trouble.

    Sometimes I think he needs a new spotter.

  23. A car that may not have the juice to win but could outperform is Kopcik in the Jenson 179. They had that car percolating at New Smyrna at times. Kopcik definitely has helped increase it’s competitiveness.
    If the get a car count hitting 30 or more it will be pretty amazing considering the NWMT spec exclusion.

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