RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Will You Attend The New London-Waterford Speedbowl Opening Event Saturday?

The New London-Waterford Speedbowl will open for the 2021 season on Saturday. Will you attend the event? Vote below.


  1. The Speedbowl may be the black sheep with regard to the greater regional racing community. And they are doing their best to enforce radio silence leading up the the Blast Off. That’s Waterford. The Blast Off will be fine to 12 to 17 SK’s and an enthusiastic if not robust undercard. All the Speedbowl faithful from the fans to the teams know what to expect and that’s just the way it is now for the tightly knit shoreline clan.

  2. The Atomic Punk says

    No. I wont willingly/ knowingly support or put money in a Predators pocket…. Anyone who does?… Hope that karma comes back to you and yours X1000.

  3. The Atomic Punk says

    Doug?….Whats the name of that clan?…. The molesters?

  4. Old Bowl Fan says

    Longtime fan of the bowl going back to childhood in the 80’s, but I can’t go anymore. It hurts to see what it has turned into. It’s really become a cult there, and I’m not being funny saying that. Think about it. There’s a strange man leading everything who expects total devotion or he doesn’t want you there. They try to bring people in by telling them something special is happening, even though the only thing really happening is trying to get more people into the cult. And the people who are in the cult spend all their time trying to tell people that everything other people say about the place is a lie.

  5. Well, don’t get too excited. 😆

    As luck would have it, looks like rain for Saturday night.

    Huge sigh of relief from the 🚽.

  6. Old Bowl Fan wrote, “Longtime fan of the bowl going back to childhood in the 80’s, but I can’t go anymore. It hurts to see what it has turned into. It’s really become a cult there, and I’m not being funny saying that. Think about it. There’s a strange man leading everything who expects total devotion or he doesn’t want you there. They try to bring people in by telling them something special is happening, even though the only thing really happening is trying to get more people into the cult. And the people who are in the cult spend all their time trying to tell people that everything other people say about the place is a lie.”

    At first I thought Old Bowl Fan was talking about the Trump Administration, then I thought it was some crazy evangelical thing, Scientology, etc., but then I realized he was talking about our very own local racetrack.


    Shawn has written that it looks like the place wants to be a club racing facility, and then some folks come out and call it a cult. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    Hey Doug, I was right all along. 😝😝😝😝😝

    For a new show, the 🚽 will have Winnebago Wednesdays.

  7. Got it Punk you’re on record multiple times as having nothing but contempt for all things Speedbowl. What you said was unfair in my view to just plain folks trying to support their track but then again you are after all Atomic and explosiveness is your thing.

  8. Doug must be one of the Grand Wizards of the ‘bowl clan.

    Remember, Doug wants you to patronize the ‘bowl to enrich the owner.

  9. My question is Punk, is it your opinion that everyone who attends the Speedbowl ie: driver, owner, car crew, fan, employee is a molester and or is a member of a cult/clan of molesters?

  10. My question is Earl, is there any point to your stupid question that you asked Punk?

  11. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Well I was going to go. But the punk’s comment about some sort of karma coming to my family has me scared. It’s unfortunate too because I just picked up my white sheets from the dry cleaners. Also I wanted to test out the cross I constructed. I believe it will burn pretty good. Made out of pine. Anyhoo. It’s always good to see Dafella get excited about the speedbowl. I wonder if there are any good farmers markets down there. Because there’s nothing better than a race weekend with a visit to the farmers market.

  12. Viva Race Fan says

    See you there. Turn 1 gang lives on.

  13. chicken coop says

    The owner of the bowl is not making any profit from the bowl. racetracks are a money losing venture, ESPECIALLY when they don’t have their own concessions, like the bowl… Whether it’s just a tax write off, or purely a passion for the track, the bowl is open, and being invested in by it’s owner, who by the way does not attend the races, and is not involved with the raceday activities. I personally do not care who owns the track, i will Always attend the races there, simply because it provides the best racing of all 3 Ct tracks. i agree the bowl needs some serious promotion, and advertising, and should welcome, and encourage all members of the media, even if at times they disagree with certain media members, they should be professional, and welcoming to ALL media outlets.

  14. Let’s not worry about karma x1000. Thats just having a testosterone alert and blowing smoke. Just take it with a grain of salt.

    The Speedbowl is only hurting themselves but not taking advantage of any and every means of promotions and advertising they can get their hands on. It’s too bad because the track is truly a diamond in the rough with some of the best racing in CT.

  15. Just Woke Up says

    As a morally superior woke progressive, I am appalled that anyone would consider attending an event at the Speedbowl while Bemer owns it. I believe the woke thing to do with the property would be to level the speedway and use the property to construct cages for the over 22,000 migrant children currently in custody of the US government. It would send a strong message to Bemer, and a strong message of support for President Biden’s compassionate woke border policies (which are all Trump’s fault)

  16. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Sorry Just-Woke. You can outwoke the wokiest of the wokesters. Dawokefella

  17. old speed bowl supporter says

    will be there with bells on ! proudly flying the rainbow flag . Bruce is out on appeal and his leg is healed ! the state will plead it out ! … viva la speed bowl …promise a better car count than Thompson and there will be more than 500 in the stands Shawn. too bad you and da real wont be allowed in to count ! BOO HOO HOO !

  18. Real race fans don’t need social media or advertising to find there way to a racy race track, such as the waterford speedbowl. They just know where the best racing is going to be that weekend . Unfortunately I”ll be at Lebanon valley to watch Chase Dowling make his dirt car debut

  19. Old Speed Bowl Supporter,
    The state does not “plead it out” on appeal cases to the state Supreme Court, but keep telling yourself that.
    And if you’re promising a better car count than the Thompson Icebreaker you are on some amazingly potent mind altering drugs. I don’t think they will come close to the 200 cars total that started the features at the Icebreaker or the 20-car average per division. Trust me, you won’t hear any Boo Hoo Hoo over here.

  20. The Atomic Punk says

    Please tell me the line again about Track owners not making any money. Thats right. Track owners from coast to coast run businesses that dont make money because they are nice people doing it out of the kindness of their heart.,… Unreal… Maybe a better name would be Predator Palace.

  21. “Woke”. I was listening to my favorite right wing talking head Howie Carr and he and his lovely female sidekick doing their daily bit of mockery using the word “woke” five times in the space of a half hour. Now whenever I see or hear the the word “woke” I associate it with sheep going baa. Baa in unison, still just as committed to the notion that the election was stolen and a movement away from electoral democracy, institutions and the rule of law and toward something more sinister. Attaining power by any means necessary, supporting the subversion of any person or institution that obstructs them from centralizing power in one person or small number of persons with absolute power. The structure for it all the Republican Party currently being purified in the interest of playing the long game in attaining their goal. The opposite of “woke” apparently being “power” with no more rules on the right way to attain it.
    If you could have laid out a plan for the Speedbowl when the news broke on Bemer in the Spring of 2017 that was the best possible scenario I submit what happened was about as good a result as we could have hoped for. In 2017 the savior of a broken down facility in legal peril criminally and civilly with little chance of completing the Speedbowl’s reincarnation being so distracted and drained of wealth over a series of years. Fast forward to now. The man convicted subject to an appeal that allows him to keep his freedom temporarily but is still closure on the legal end. Closure that until overturned, an unlikely turn of events, is the verdict that many had hoped for including myself. To my knowledge every victim who filed a lawsuit paid according to negotiated settlements. Employees of Bemer Petroleum and his other businesses keeping their jobs. The icing on the cake the Speedbowl. For whatever reason the owner completing the basic renovations necessary to assure the facility has a future as a racetrack going into the future.
    Whoever owns the track now is of no consequence as far as I can see. Justice has been served and the only thing that matters now is to get from a broken down track with no future to a code friendly going concern. The heavy lifting has been done and the only thing left is not to let the patient die in recovery. The best way to get to a Bemerless future Speedbowl is to support it now.
    I don’t think the Speedbowl has the best racing in the state I think each track has great racing in their own unique way. Whether the Speedbowl makes money or not is irrelevant. Bemer is doing what he is doing for reasons only he knows. He has no interest in promotion because of his adversarial relationship with media for reporting his legal battles. The losses he may be incurring have nothing in common with any other track in Connecticut because his circumstance is completely unique. The notion that you can transpose Bemers losses to other tracks and proclaim them equally unprofitable completely without merit.
    If in the Spring of 2017 any person had made the statement that the track should be supported because the owner was innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers that could have been a valid point. If that person had said that supporting the track would help pay the eventual settlements to victims there could be merit to that as well. Or if that person had said that punishing employees of the person charged, fans and competitors at the track, vendors, customers of Bemers businesses for deeds they had nothing to do will, who can say that is unreasonable. Finally, if that person suggested that supporting the track would eventually lead to the completion of the mandatory structural renovations assuring it’s future as a facility, well than that person would have been pretty smart as far as I can see. As well as believing in the rule of law and legal institutions responsible for it being served.

  22. Doug,

    I’ll respond to a couple parts of what you said:

    “Closure” on the legal end is probably unlikely at an point soon. If his appeal is denied he goes to prison for 10 years. If the appeal is upheld and the conviction is overturned there’s a likely chance prosecutors will try him once again. There seems to be a faction of people out there that think if the court upholds his appeal that suddenly means he’s found not guilty, which is not the case. It just means the court has decided that there were issues surrounding his trial that were not legally sound or fair and that because of that the result of the trial is thrown out. But he’s still charged with the same offenses he was charged with and would likely be tried once again on those charges. If it gets to that point, the door would probably be opened once again for prosecutors to possibly offer some time of plea arrangement, but obviously that’s a lot of maybe’s. The reality is appeals of convictions like Bemer’s are very rarely upheld for the reasons his lawyers are arguing.

    You said: “To my knowledge every victim who filed a lawsuit paid according to negotiated settlements.”

    As of earlier this month there was still an ongoing dispute over civil payments according to the Journal Inquirer.

    You said: “He has no interest in promotion because of his adversarial relationship with media for reporting his legal battles.”

    I totally understand the adversarial relationship with the media because they covered his legal issues. But the fact is, in today’s world, a properly run business can do its best promotion from within thanks to the free tools that social media offers. There has been almost zero promotion of any events or any competitors that support the facility from the staff or management. The lack of promotion is not about the adversarial relationship with the media, it’s about not having a staff or management with the skills or understanding to do their own promotion. Or maybe they’ve just been instructed not to do any promotion for some other reason.

  23. Doug, a 🔥 🚨 fact that you and others continue to ignore is that Bemer ADMITTED to it when he was arrested. It’s in the police report. HE ADMITTED TO IT. HIS ADMISSION RIGHT FROM THE POLICE REPORT HAS BEEN PUBLISHED. There is no question he did it. It’s been a matter of if the charges were appropriate and fit the ADMITTED acts. And then the trafficking part was little dicey because of the other actors, but the stuff he admitted to stuck to him. Then being on probation and the spitting incident, a problem since his HIV status is under investigation due to harm he might have inflicted upon his victims. Then the stabbing incident with his companion didn’t help. All this is going on while on probation. And that he is gay and the world is full of homophobes certainly isn’t helping. The racing community is known to be quite discriminatory.

    Justice is not done yet and is far from being served.

    I don’t see it as an adversarial relationship. Just as Trump seethes and rages when his affairs and other seedy, deplorable behaviors are reported and published by the Free Press, the 🚽 does not like when the factual doings of its travails are reported, hence it’s more that the track wants to keep it all in-house to control the exposure. 🧺 Just like a cult.

    There was the official legal proceedings, and then there is the trial in the court of public opinions, and people are creeped out by this, and choosing to stay away from the 🚽 until it is cleaned up.

    The best chance at a future for the 🚽 is new ownership. And then douse the place with bleach.

  24. All excellent points as usual.
    I think I’m pretty well aware of the twists and turns in Bemer’s case. By closure I mean a verdict. That clearly is not carved in stone but is closure to a degree at the point a jury of his peers delivers a verdict. Verdicts still have great meaning if not legal finality.
    Regarding the settlement I stand corrected and it was sloppy on my part. I am aware of the ongoing challenges. What I should have said was substantial settlements have been negotiated and paid without any inference that it was final. And that’s not nothing is it? The money was available and actual victims have received money.
    Last point also excellent with a caveat and I’ll be blunt. I think your normal objectivity with regard to reporting on the Speedbowl Mr. Courchesne is somewhat damaged in their case. My read on it is over the years they’ve treated you like crap at times while simply doing your job and it takes it’s toll. I think you are meticulous in your objectivity regarding almost everything including people that have treated you badly but the Speedbowl is another matter.
    I can afford to be objective I haven’t been treated like crap by them. My point is the larger point that Bemer’s situation is unique and his motives unlike any other. Add social media to the mix. Free, not free is irrelevant. He just doesn’t care as far as I can see and must be making that clear to his management team. How’s his life suck any less with a thousand of two more fans in the stands? You treat it as you should being a promotions professional and the missed opportunity doesn’t compute to you. My point is you’re viewing a completely subjective situation of a man perpetually sitting under a bunch of daggers about to fall objectively like a missed media opportunity.
    Now having said all that I must also say that I know I only see and read about this. You actually talk to everyone and know things you can’t say in public and for good reason. I still maintain that as long as Bemer owns the Speedbowl you will struggle to be objective about it.
    Final point, my main point. The goal is to get from rotting stands and a parking lot to a viable racing facility. Take out all the personalities, take out all the emotion and legal twists and turns and what do we have. A clearly better shot in 10 years of Shawn Courchesne if you’re nuts enough to do this for another decade having a great shot of a close relationship with a new owner. As opposed to buying gas and getting some chewing gum on your way to the ferry to take you to Riverhead that hopefully will also survive the decade.

  25. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Dafella’s brain when he wakes up: Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Bemer Speedbowl Trump Trump Doug Breakfast Basement Farmers Market

  26. The Atomic Punk says

    Who does not love a good farmers market?

  27. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.
    “And just a reminder, I was right, again.”
    “See, I was right. Even Earl can finally get it.”
    “wmass01013, you were correct when you addressed me as “genius”.
    “Hey Doug, I was right again.”



    271 TC would trash cars and fans would go wild in adoration.
    272 psychologist or other mental health expert would be amazed at what goes on at track and how sheeple do what they do
    273 cars didn’t get out of TC’s way, they were setting themselves up to get walled by TC.
    274 The racing community is made up with people that live by deliberate ignorance
    275 They (all race fans) are Trumpsters to the bone, and COVID was a hoax to make Trump look bad,
    276 You are the idiot, and moron for bringing up the Tuskegee study as if it has anything to do with COVID-19 vaccines.
    277 Knucklehead (Knuckes Mahoney), as I am always in the pits,
    278 That’s one person dead for every 562. Feeling lucky, punk?(In Sickness or in Health)
    279 crazy evangelical thing
    280 My question is Earl, is there any point to your stupid question
    281 troglodytes and neanderthals like Mod Guy.
    282 Conclusion: You are an idiot.(Mod Guy)
    283 The racing community is known to be quite discriminatory.

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 128……………………………283

    NEW TRAUNCH OF INSULTS SINCE DAY 124 ……………….…………..13



  28. Doug wrote, “I can afford to be objective I haven’t been treated like crap by them.”

    That’s hilarious. Doug, in order to be objective, you can not be an idiot, you must be informed, and not deny facts. You must also know the difference between facts and non-facts. You are not qualified to be objective.

  29. All you alleged clan members and molesters enjoy yourselves at the Speedbowl tonight.

    Don’t be afraid of that karma x1000 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. The Atomic Punk wrote, “Who does not love a good farmers market?”

    The same people that think the Produce aisle in a grocery store is a plant zoo.

  31. What is the point in posting this so called “ poll”? Revenge on management? Expect us to believe the numbers?

  32. All you alleged clan members and molesters have fun at the Speedbowl tonight. Least wise that is what Punk says you are even though you are there to support the racers putting on the show.

    Don’t be afraid of that karma x1000 as well 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Chicken Coop,
    The owner was attending today’s event and attended events regularly throughout the 2020 season. And he is very much a part of the operations of the facility.

  34. Rick, Revenge for what? It’s a poll. You think someone is hurt by a poll?

  35. I don’t go to a race to support a track. I go for the entertainment.

  36. The Atomic Punk says

    Sadly the Bowl clan gives cred to the people who look at racing like a Back woods redneck love your sister sport….No dentists required.

  37. Clan:
    “a group of people with a strong common interest”

    What’s wrong with that? You’re making it into something bad. I’ve always admired the unique character of the Speedbowl fan base. Reminds me of my first love the Danbury RaceArena. Earl reminds me regularly to mind my own business and stick to Stafford so how is that not clannish. I love that guy.
    Same old crap. The mere appearance of something becomes an editorial comment that someone doesn’t like. Man that’s tedious.
    They’re racing at Republic Speedway. Ryan Preece hasn’t had a phone signal since he got there and is lurking in 3rd and ready to make his move. Remember Jason Civali? He’s fast this day.
    The race opened with the local state senator ridiculing masks and the Democratic governor and encouraging the racegoers to give it all the middle finger in so many words.. You Speedbowl guys are pussies compared to real country.

  38. Revenge?????

    Who is trying to get revenge on who?

    By the way, the result of the poll is the same distribution that support the Deplorables. About 31% still support the Trump Crime family. Pretty lonely being a depraved Deplorable.

  39. WeldingWonders says



    DAY 1 STARTING ON MARCH 21, 2021

    1. the TrumpPandemic has been impacting
    2. Like Trump got secretly vaccinated
    3. Just like Trump, these people
    4. they look like an idiot, like Trump
    5. For example, Trump constantly
    6. Trump would have been better by shutting up
    7. And that Trump has turned his dogs
    8. Trump and sustained by his minions like Blewett
    9. Trump frequently said h
    10. JD graduated from Trump University.
    11. Look, the TrumpPandemic is not a great stimulus
    12. result of the TrumpPandemic
    13. I was always shocked Trump made public speaking appearances.
    14. Shawn, it’s not just racing, it’s all over. Whenever Trump was caught
    15. JD went to Trump University, and flunked out.
    16. The TrumpPandemic COVID-19 coronavirus crisis is the storm.
    17. but these TrumpPandemic conditions have changed everything
    18. So now, with the TrumpPandemic and constrictions it presents,
    19. Remember folks, the TrumpPandemic COVID-19 coronavirus virus
    20. So those that have gotten the TrumpPandemic COVID-19 coronavirus viru
    21. the magnitude of the pandemic is all on Trump
    22. it was mismanaged when it began, leading to this mess, Hence, TrumpPandemic.
    23. Atomic Punk, that’s so cute, and Trumpian.
    24. And the people coming in across the southern border are not the cause of the TrumpPandemic
    25. It’s the crazy white people, Trumpians
    26. is driving the persistence of the TrumpPandemic.
    27. and further spreading the TrumpPandemic
    28. This is great news, especially since the TrumpPandemic
    29. especially since the TrumpPandemic continues to take many, many lives.
    30. Like Trump always complained about,
    31. Jeff, this is the #TrumpPandemic.
    32. This coming from a guy that thinks the TrumpPandemic is a hoax,
    33. JD regularly tries taunting over the TrumpPandemic.
    34. , it is still the #TrumpPandemic
    35. Trump’s idiocy caused the worst pandemic in over 100 years.
    36. Only the biggest idiot can do that, and that would be Trump.
    37. capacity limits because of the #TrumpPandemic.
    38. They (all race fans) are Trumpsters to the bone, and COVID was a hoax to make Trump look bad,
    39. There’s plenty of video out there with Trump making those accusations.
    40. But then, many of the Trump tribe, including Trump himself, were infected and sickened with COVID-19
    41. At first I thought Old Bowl Fan was talking about the Trump Administration
    42. About 31% still support the Trump Crime family. Pretty lonely being a depraved Deplorable.

    DAYS SINCE COUNTER STARTED ON 3/21……………………………….48

    TRUMP REFERENCES SINCE 3/21 ………………………….……………… 41

    AVERAGE TRUMP REFERENCE PER DAY…………………………….. (.854)


  40. Well, the good news is the track is operating tonight.


  41. Hey Punk, I have a bunch of very good friends that are rednecks and would absolutely love to meet you. They are always looking for good gator bait 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  42. Earl, you and your redneck buddies must be a bunch of master baiters.


  43. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Poor Dafella. Must have cried himself to sleep knowing Waterford opened. How many times did he speculate it wouldn’t? And I’m talking about the last few weeks. Now all he can do is complain about how the track is being run. He’d never dare to actually go there, just hide in his basement slapping away on his keyboard. 🤡

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