Stafford Notes: New Ride Pays Off For Rich Hammann In Limited Late Models

Rich Hammann celebrates victory in the Limited Late Model feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Rich Hammann has been a journeyman racer for years locally. 

Friday at Stafford Speedway the journey to victory lane was finally fulfilled. 

Hammann, of Tolland, passed Jeremy Lavoie for the lead with three laps remaining and went on to win the 20-lap Limited Late Model feature at Stafford Friday. 

It was the first career victory at Stafford for the veteran racer, who is in his 14th season competing at Stafford. 

Hammann credited Rob Russell Chassis for helping him score his first win at the track. Before the season Hammann said the new RRC car he would race at Stafford this year was the first new race car he has had since his racing career began in 1994. 

“I’m so happy to be here,” Hammann said. “Those guys at RRC gave me a hell of a car. I have so many people to thank. I’ve been driving pieces of crap for years. Putting my money in garbage. Bought a brand new car and this thing is tremendous.” 

Alexandra Fearn of East Longmeadow, Mass. was second and Lavoie, of Windsor Locks, third. 

Derek Debbis celebrates victory in the SK Light Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Derek Debbis of Oakdale scored his second victory in two starts this season in the 20-lap SK Light Modified feature. 

Chris Matthews of Stafford was second and Brian Sullivan of South Windsor third. 

The race was marred by a brutal crash with three laps remaining. 

Going through turns three Todd Douillard was battling with Vin Anglace for sixth place. Anglace made contact with Douillard through the corner. Anglace seemed to back off, but Douillards rear end twitched toward the wall then snapped back the other way, going head-on into the barrier in turn four. 

As Douillard’s smoking wreck rolled down the track the car of Sami Anderson came into the area spinning and carrying a massive amount of speed. Anderson’s car rocketed driver’s side into the barrier at nearly the exact same point where Douillard’s car had hit seconds before. 

Both drivers walked away from the wreck, but the wall was left heavily damaged leading to an extended delay for repair. 

Michael Bennett celebrates his second consecutive Late Model victory Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Michael Bennett held off the charges of Ryan Fearn and Adam Gray on a lap 29 restart to win the 30-lap Late Model feature.

It was the second victory in two events this year for Bennett, of Willington.

Bennett took the lead from Rick Lanagan on lap 11 and had checked out from the field before a rash of late cautions.

“It’s hard, these guys are tough,” Bennett said. “We got a big lead there and Adam Gray and Ryan Fearn, they came there. We were saving something there for a little bit, but it’s so hard to do when you have a great race car.”

Gray, of Belchertown, Mass., was second and Ryan Fearn of East Longmeadow, Mass. third.

Travis Hydar of Woodbury won the 20-lap Street Stock feature. Frank L’Etoile of Wethersfield was second and Nick Hovey of Chaplin third. 

Travis Hydar celebrates victory Friday at Stafford (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)


  1. It’s great to hear Matt Buckler back on the mic tonight! He does sound somewhat muffled; is there something wrong with his mic?

  2. Rafter,
    I think the issue was resolved.

  3. Remember when we were saying the Late Models and Limited Late Models should be merged? Not hearing that any more are we? The reason? The Late Models are now a force of great, competitive, experienced racing drivers and cars.
    Including old men like Tom Fearn, Butler and Mavlouganes. The 1 and 4 black flagged no doubt for slow reaction time as opposed to experience and judgment. Tom Fearn at times wrestling with an unruly handling car doing his best impression of LLM driver Gary Patnode in his rookie year. I get the Butler and Mavlauganes woes they’ve been part time, muscle memory fading but Tom Fearn. Say it ain’t so. Is it taking your eye off the ball with that 08 “celebrity” deal. Can we talk? Is it really worth it? Dividing all the brain power and time and risking delivering two very un Tom Fearn like results.
    The young guns are flying and the division unlike in the past is up for grabs with numerous candidates for champion. Including Fly-in Ryan Fearn who passed more cars last night keeping his nose clean while the old men were having senior moments. Hard to believe that that the 92 is out of the same shop, with many of the same resources and expertise as the 12 LLM and 12 LM that are rocket ships on rails.

  4. Congratulations Rich! Great to see. We had fun watching him race @ Monadnock a while back. Hope he has a great season in the Limiteds. 🏆🏁

  5. Sounded like he was wearing a mask!!

  6. BTW how is the young lady who hit the wall VERY hard in SKL. Any update. That was a viscious hit

  7. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Watched the video of the skl wreck. Crazy how she hit exactly where the 16 hit first breaking the wall. She’s probably lucky she’s ok. Hitting a broken guardrail could’ve been really bad. Hope they can get a week in without having to repair it.

  8. Ken L,
    You are correct sir.

  9. Ken L,
    Both Sami Anderson and Todd Douillard were alright. Very vicious wreck.

  10. Thats good new I was watching on Flo Racing, and I saw Todd get out of the car, but missed what happened to Sami thanks Shawn

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