Autograph Session, Pit Party Scheduled For SRX Event At Stafford; All Proceeds To Plating Change

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

Stafford Speedway and the SRX Racing Series has added an autograph session and pit party featuring the SRX and SK Modified® drivers on Saturday, June 12th.

The drivers competing in the SK Modified® All-Star Race will have their cars on display and will sign autographs from 3:00pm to 4:00pm while SRX drivers will sign autographs from 3:15pm to 4:00pm.

Autographs from the SRX drivers will require a $20 ticket with all proceeds being donated to Camping World’s Plating Change Foundation.

Autograph tickets will go on sale Saturday, June 12th at 1:00pm at the autograph tent and will be limited to 250 tickets first come first serve. All ticket sales will be cash only.

Tickets are not required for autographs from the SK Modified® drivers. 

Event schedule and additional event information is available at

Tickets for the Inaugural SRX Racing event presented by are sold out. Tickets for Friday’s Twisted Tea Open Modified 80 are available at

For more information, visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. i cannot figure out how this show is sold out? I don’t ever remember a show that sold out, i remember the sizzler back in the late 70’s selling standing room only. There must be a reason they are only selling a limited number of tickets

  2. Camerissa says

    I’m a little nervous about this series/event. I’ve not seen the word safety mentioned at all. A few years back there was a similar type of old timers series down south and a couple of drivers got hurt.
    Reflexes aren’t what they used to be and you can’t take a hit as well as you age. I feel a little more comfortable knowing Evernham is involved but don’t know much about these cars. Does anyone have an idea how fast these srx cars will be? I feel like if they were 2-3 seconds a lap slower than the SK’s nobody would be able to tell on TV and they would be waaaay safer.


  4. Steve,
    Not for nothing, but your habit of somehow characterizing so many things Stafford management does as all sorts of deep conspiracies to hurt fans and competitors gets old. There’s a capacity number for seats and they sold that capacity. Is that logic really that unbelievable to you? I think at this point everybody on this forum understands that you have a deep disdain for the Arute family and every decision they make.

  5. website says ten dollar parking

  6. Tickets Sold Out

    Parking $10

    Overnight Camping: $50

    All parking: Cash Only

    Click here for Stafford Speedway Grandstand and Ticket Policy

    Click for SRX Autograph Information

  7. Nice. I thought to make these old timer all star events successful they needed to make the all star drivers accessible to the fans. This autograph session does that. While I am not a fan of charging for autographs it does two things. One, It limits the amount of people seeking autographs thus keeping crowds down and two raises some money for charity. Even though I dont know much about the charity involved, I can get on board with the fee for signature. I will be watching on TV. I am interested and kind of looking forward to it.

  8. Shawn, you are way off base here…. I was just wondering because I never heard of Stafford selling out, if it is, the place is going to be packed. I have been to shows where the only place you could find a seat is below the grandstands – I think it is great for the sport and the Arute’s . I believe the capacity is well over 10k plus standing room only – maybe I’m wrong?

  9. Steve,
    I’m not off base here, and stop trying to act like you don’t go out of your way to constantly come up with ways to worm around being critical of decisions/rules at Stafford. You said: “There must be a reason they are only selling a limited number of tickets”, which is your typical passive way of taking a shot at them without just coming out and saying it. You’ve been doing it in this space for years, don’t act like it’s all the sudden something new.
    So why? Maybe it’s not 1978 anymore? People also drove around with infants on the floor of their cars in 1978 too, so when you go to Walmart and you see a mother strapping their child into a baby seat do you ask her why she doesn’t just toss the kid in the frontseat like the good old days? Maybe in 2021 there are more rules and oversight about hosting an entertainment event at a public venue? Maybe it’s not about jamming people in until you can’t jam anymore?

  10. I see Stafford changed the re-entry policy to one re-entry. That is great news

  11. So what’s the game plan Stafford? You must have some special stuff planned leading up to the big event Saturday. You don’t need to promote a sell out but the energy would draw curious fan for Fridays show. Already a bunch of trailers and what appears to be RV’s I would guess so the stars can have their own private spaces away from the madding crowd. More pictures of big time network TV please on Facebook.
    Never did I ever think I’d see a CBS Sport trailers with production equipment at Stafford.
    Hopefully this will be repeated but it might not. On my wish list would be someone like Bonssa Tufa and/or Kyle Ricky or even Jackie Arute doing a tour of the production effort including the on site broadcast central. Perhaps explaining just what is involved for Stafford having to pull off an event of this magnitude working with CBS. Should the race not be repeated I’d think they’d want a video record from behind the scenes to have for posterity.

  12. I’m a big fan of Stafford, and have no issues with a business making a profit. Since they’re very different from other events, the parking and camping fees probably should have been communicated when tickets went on sale.

  13. Heard the pit stands are sold out as part of general admission with added food trucks and vendors, pits will be out back between 2and3 , looks like a long day

  14. 🌈🦄2020 says

    First it was no re-entrys. Now it’s one. Wonder how far away free parking is a thing of the past?

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