Dave Sapienza To Skip Oswego Whelen Mod Tour Race; Blames Issues With Event Promoter And NASCAR

Dave Sapienza (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour veteran Dave Sapienza told RaceDayCT on Tuesday that he doesn’t plan on attending the next series event on June 12 at Oswego Speedway in Oswego, N.Y. 

Sapienza said anger over issues with Saturday’s series event at Jennerstown Speedway and a lack of response from the event promoter when he raised questions about those issues led to his decision. 

Saturday’s event at Jennerstown was not put on by Jennerstown Speedway management. The event was managed and promoted by JDV Productions, a company owned and operated by former Thompson Speedway general manager Josh Vanada. 

Sapienza said he will not attend any other events put on by JDV Productions. JDV Productions is also promoting and managing the June 12 event at Oswego and the August 21 series event at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Me. 

“You can’t call me back when I reach out to you about issues we had?” Sapienza said. “Then to me that means you don’t want me at your events, so I won’t be there. And a lot of people feel the same as I do about what happened, but nobody will speak out because they’re afraid of what NASCAR might to do them.” 

Sapienza said that instead of competing in the June 12 Whelen Modified Tour event at Oswego he will look into running the Thompson Outlaw Open Modified event on June 16 at Thompson Speedway.

Sapienza said there was no timing and scoring available to any teams competing Saturday at Jennerstown Speedway during practice or the race. He said nobody from NASCAR or JDV Productions would offer an explanation why. 

“It’s 2021, we’ve got a [expletive] rover on Mars that works every [expletive] day,” Sapienza said. “And you can’t get Wifi to work to give us some real data so we can work on race cars that we spend thousands and thousands of dollars on to support your series? It’s a slap in the face. And it’s always something, there’s always an excuse. They say ‘Oh somebody has to refresh it once in a while.’ Refresh what? It should be a viable system that works. Stop making excuses.

“I know people will say ‘He’s always complaining about something.’ But all the other guys would back me, they’re just afraid to say anything. I spoke to some spotters Monday and they are livid. And they’re tired of hearing the same [stuff]. I don’t want to be that guy. ‘Oh he’s always crying about something,’ but when are people going to wake up and stick up for themselves? No more of this just ‘OK, OK, OK.’ It’s not OK. When it comes to money, I don’t give a [expletive] about the money. I’ll pay for it. I’ll do a Gofundme page to get the [expletive] thing working. 

“We deal with this all the time with them, but if we’re five or 10 minutes late for one of their meetings, or something else we do wrong that has to do with them that we’re not spot on, we are all subjected to punishment. We get fined for every little thing. They should start using my fine money they collect to repair their [expletive] equipment.” 

Sapienza said the scoreboard at Jennerstown was also not functioning throughout the event.  

“Even the scoreboard didn’t work,” Sapienza said. “It’s embarrassing for us. For what we do and the money we spend doing what we do and we’re going to a track where the scoreboard doesn’t work?” 

Sapienza said he reached out to Vanada Sunday through Facebook Messenger to inquire about the issues during the event. He said he got no response. He said he reached out to Vanada again Monday, also with no response. 

“Obviously, I’ll take that as a hint that you don’t want me to come to your next event,” Sapienza said. “I’m beside myself. Josh is always telling us how great we are. It’s [BS]. We’re so great but you can’t call me back and you’re the promoter of the event? Don’t give me that. You can respond and say ‘Dave, I can’t speak right now.’ You took the time to read it, but now you don’t want to respond to me? 

“I won’t attend anything else to do with [Vanada]. You want to ignore me, go [expletive] yourself. That’s basically it. You don’t want to respond to me, go [expletive] yourself.” 

Vanada said he had no comment when reached by text by RaceDayCT Tuesday morning. Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Wilson said by text that he was looking into the matter.


  1. The Atomic Punk says

    Issues with Nascar? You and every other competitor/fan.

  2. “‘He’s always complaining about something.” Nailed it.

  3. Been happening for the 50 years I’ve been a fan but everyone just keeps putting up with it. Only way to change is to get rid of Nascar. But we are talking about car owners who won’t run any other series. So this is on the car owners.

  4. Just Me - The Original says

    That’s what I love about Sap, he tells it like it is…..

  5. You Go Sap, the last driver to piss and moan about things was FLEMKE Jr, no one has the balls to speak up for the Team’s, bout time someone stepped up to the plate, there is no Tour without guys like Dave, too bad there’s only one Bad Ass left, I’m becoming more of a Sap#36 fan every day!!

  6. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Seems like a lot of controversy with JDV productions. First Wall speedway. Now this.

  7. SAP tells it like it is.

  8. NASCAR isn’t a saint by any means… but my goodness the amount of people who complain about race monitor is outstanding. Ever here of a stop watch guy? You know like how the old timers did it?

  9. If there wasn’t so much to complain about, nobody would have to complain.

  10. Just proves NASCAR doesn’t give a rat’s ass of concern to the Modifieds. USE AND ABUSE!!! Tri_track WILL become the premier Promoter of Modified Racing. Their qualifying structure is definitely better, and makes for great intrigue. I will NOT go out of my way for a tour event, but will do what I can to hit a Tri-Track. They make the LONG travel from LI worth it in this fans opinion. Big Bill France is turning in his grave.

  11. Bernie 20never says

    So he reached out to him on a holiday, on Facebook and he didn’t get back to him right away so that’s it?

    Is anyone surprised? This guy is a trip. He runs into traffic on a racetrack and blames NASCAR. He reaches out of Facebook, on a holiday and doesn’t hear back immediately and he is pissed off. Seems maybe he’s just pissed off at something else.

  12. The owners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars 💵 per season fielding a car, they deserve much better. Wilson and Vanada derive their livelihood from the owners such as Sap. They need to answer the damn phone when an owner calls.

    To the nimrod that said to use a stop watch… you should try going back to using a horse drawn Conestoga wagon instead of a car. Let us know how that works out.

  13. Why do you think all of these teams are leaving the series? They making the teams travel further and further and paying less money than ever. It’s great for all the other mod tour series though…

  14. We finally have someone that has the balls to speak up about the issues with the WMT.

    Vanada no comment, Jimmy Wilson looking into it, same ole, same ole. End of story, neither one will do a dam thing about it anyway. They both wear blinders and are both oblivious to what’s going on. WMT, the red headed bastard step child of NASCAR.

    TTOMS and the Thompson opens looking better and better every day.

  15. Like I said many many times ; NASCAR is in DAYTONA & NASCAR is NOT YOUR FRIEND;;;:::: THEY ONLY WANT YOUR RACES FEES, PURSE PAID UPFRONT::::: OWNERS & DRIVERS & CREW MEMBERS LICENCE FEES:::: WAKE UP PEOPLE :::: LONG LIVE STAFFORD & THOMPSON OPEN SHOWS WITH REAL HEAT RACES::: REAL COMPETITION:: TRI- TRACK PLEASE TAKE OVER WHILE THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT::: 10 to 12 RACE SCHEDULE NOW IS THE TIME TO STRIKE AND SEND NASCAR SOUTH WHERE THEY BELONG::: hey SAP a MAN NAMED RICHIE EVANS also had PROBLEMS WITH NASCAR along with MANY OTHERS… GOOD BYE NASCAR !!! HELLO TRI-TRACK and OPEN SHOWS… FINALLY people have had enough of the HORRIBLE TREATMENT OF NASCARS OLDEST DIVISION , :: LONG OVERDUE::: STAFFORD & THOMPSON STARTED THE BALL ROLLING LETS SEND NASCAR BACK TO DAYTONA !!! The cars and horsepower packages could only pass on restarts and Lap cars getting in the way,,, Single file snooze fest…. Happy for Hendrick and Larson but other than that wake me up with 50 laps to go so i can see what little racing will take place…..ZZZZZZZZ

  16. Holly crap I think this is the second time I agreed with Dareal , more have to step up and support Sap now , something might get done if you have numbers, we need more like Dave

  17. RaceDayCt
    Hooked: Dave Sapienza Ready To Make Tri-Track Open Modified Series A Regular Stop

    Things just starting to open up in racing and Dave isn’t happy with the struggle Wilson is having to set up races especially after the Myrtle Beach fiasco

    “I told [Wilson] I’m not really happy with the way this season is going. … I told him ‘You’ve always had my cooperation, everybody else’s cooperation. We’re all standing behind you. We’re showing up with the 33-35 cars at your Tour. And this is how you repay us? We’ve all stuck with you now. And it’s not showing in the results in what we’re getting paid.”

    Daves liking the Tri Track Series to fill the void

    “If I have to dedicate one of my Tour cars for the Tri-Track I’m going to do that,” Sapienza said. “If I have to I’ll go out and buy a new motor to be more competitive I’m going to do it. It’s a no brainer.
    “I’ve got a lot of money invested. I’ve got four Tour Modifieds and a $250,000 hauler. All engines, rear, spares. I’ve probably got three-quarters of a million dollars worth of [stuff]. Do I want to sit at home? Nope.”

    Never mind it was a pandemic and that Wilson was busting his butt to get races set up with few tracks interested or locked down by safety regulations. Never mind they were holding races with no or few fans Sapienza wanted answers, he wanted a full purse and he wanted it then. Fast forward to January.

    After Resurgent 2020, Dave Sapienza Excited For New Year On Whelen Modified Tour
    January 8, 2021

    Wilson did produce some good race events after all and Sapienza did OK in some so Daves happy. So happy he’s going on a buying spree including a new chassis and engine and the idea of a Tri Track specific engine and chassis goes by the boards.

    “As the calendar turns to 2021, Sapienza sees more improvement on the horizon for the No. 36 team. Throughout the offseason he’s already put plenty of stock in improving his equipment, having bought a new LFR car from Rob Fuller.
    “It’s probably going to be the highlight of my life this year,” Sapienza said.”

    “The Tour is such a prestigious series. You’ve had hundreds and hundreds of drivers over the years try to get a win, or even a top-three or a top-five. I’ve been close. My goal would definitely be a win before I retire.”

    Then we have the penalty for violating the rules and the subsequent venting that got forgotten fairly quickly. Or maybe this is retribution for a penalty not forgotten. Or maybe it’s just the season has sucked so far for the 36 after the high hopes and investments over the winter. Why not use Vanada as the proverbial straw and avoid races that are hard to get to at the same time.
    Now it’s the electronic scoring, the score board that is more a track issue. the petulant profanity laced reaction( 6 F word and 2 S word) via RaceDayCt and taking his marbles and staying home.
    It’s like Wilson last summer. Dave wants something and he wants it now. Never mind Vanada held a race that the track wouldn’t take on and may have gotten killed financially. Never mind the guy might just need to take a breath for the rest of the holiday weekend to lick his wounds. Dave is pissed and wants answers.
    You say he tells it like it is. I say he’s a man child that wants what he wants, wants in now and doesn’t give a fig about what the person he is assaulting publicly is dealing with. Moreover adults normally know the time and place to inject profanity They also realize they are representing a group of semi professional racers most of whom know the difference between language for the hauler and that for widespread dissemination.
    The act Is getting old especially that playground nonsense about everyone being on his side but too afraid to say anything. He pulls that out on a steady basis and no I don’t know they don’t say anything. Teams could very well say a lot they just do it like an adult, in private and don’t advise Dave of what they are saying..
    Once again the drama queen may get the attention he wants and in the next few days Wilson, Vanada, others in the NASCAR management may be in touch with Sapienza and he may very well reverse himself as he has done in that past. Last year he intended to go TTOMS racing, he hasn’t and now the threat is the Thompson Opens. I wouldn’t bet the farm on that.
    Vanada has helped fill a void in the weakness NASCAR is experiencing this year. It may be short term and pandemic fear related at the time the schedule was made up or it just may be a long term trend. In any event my view would be to let the dust settle on this whole thing. Then perhaps get together on a conference call and share the challenges and concerns each side has.
    If they can’t come to a meeting of the minds then we’d be happy to see Dave at the three remaining Stafford Opens.

  18. I’d feel the same way as Sap if I were in those circumstances. Great to see someone with the balls to complain. I’m betting Sap and his team will most likely have more fun at Thompson.

  19. Is anyone else sick of the complaining about NASCAR and how bad they treat this series.. yet the owners keep spending thousands each year and going back.. if all the teams left.. as they threaten… maybe NASCAR would get the message when they have no teams in their series.., instead in post after post we have these threats and yet NO action from the owners.. it’s time to put up or shut up.., there’s so many more series they can spend their thousands. Is anyone else feeling any the same way???

  20. First of all, Sap is not the first to speak up and out. Others have. None of you backed them then, you called them grouchy, ornery, etc.

    NASCAR has a couple advantages over the “other” series. NASCAR has very good safety rules, they have very good tech rules, and most of all, owners know they will get paid. Look at the chaos over the years with the other mod series.

  21. Dave Tri Track is a good spot for you go to a real series that pays good and costs so much less!

  22. Racer 28.

    I get it. Most true nascar modified fans have been lamenting that question, since hector was a pup.
    Me too.
    So I don’t know Dave Sapienza. I also have never driven a race car.
    But, I have worked for 40+ years like most of us, in a business. It’s a Funny thing, how all things appear to be connected.
    It seems that no matter what you do, there are people you work with who are stout, others who ride on coattails, and the worst, others who put co workers up to do their bidding, or be their mouthpiece to confront management, and then shrink like rats into the background as their pawns do their bidding, while the pawns get their necks chopped off. How can racing be different, if viewed as a job with co workers? In the end, it’s as good as the workers and management.
    Please humor me for a couple of paragraphs if you would be so kind.
    I respectfully submit:
    I am not in the know, and not being dramatic, but I think from all I’ve read, Dave is a guy that says, what no one else will.
    Maybe a bad career move, or maybe a “salt of the earth” kind of guy. Personally, i think the latter, from what I’ve read (disclaimer)
    So I must observe, that things were not “business as usual” with a Josh Vanada promoted modified event, first one out, at jennerstown.
    And like at work, sap was the only guy to call out management. (I think)
    I can only assume that maybe, just maybe, that nascar put this event all in Josh’s lap, (as signed) as josh was the promoter on this one, and nascar thought no more of it. Just a guess.
    I think, as with any “change” from the norm, things could slip through cracks. It’s the old “I thought you had that” or, “jeez, I did not know that was on my plate with this”, or just plain growing pains on a new venture. No defense for either party, but when the deal was made with josh to promote, nascar collected, and washed their hands. All a guess on my part but…

    No matter. The guise is, a nascar event is to be perceived as a premier event. (Whether one agrees or not)
    My take is there is a lot of unrest among the owner masses, and sap has the moxie to be outspoken on this. (Allegedly at this time) But I do not know for fact.
    What I do know, is that there was a lot of comments here on race dayct before this story broke, asking Shawn about why no updated points, ect post race at jennerstown, in the usual timely fashion per norm, by nascar. Highly irregular. The fans antennas were up IMO. My guess is that there is a lot of fire to sap’s smoke. It certainly appeared that The Race day ct comment section after jennerstown, knew something was amiss for sure….
    I guess my belabored point is that this is a combination of growing pains of a nascar promoted event, ( not being by nascar) , and things that went wrong, or missed by a new promoter on this series (past race director don’t count IMO) It happens. I think stuff fell through the cracks, (maybe honestly) but next time it will be better. (Learning curve)
    As a pretty faithful competitor that pays the freight, (referring to sap here) then yeah, a return to my phone call is in order in a timely fashion. If, that in fact is the way it happened.
    But yeah, Racer 28, I feel nascar has always treated the mods as the poor red headed stepchild, whether things went great at Jennerstown or not. (No offense intended to red heads).
    But these are changing times.
    It’s not like it was in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s the streaming tv rights that’s got all this changing landscape in my opinion.
    So, to answer your posted question, yeah, I’m feeling the same way.
    But I’m not sure if nascar realizes it, and if they do, that they could (or would) comprehensively address how to handle the post Covid changing landscape, and perceived view of how the modified faithful feel about their treatment of their oldest division.
    For sure, a boatload of terrific competition and competent promoters, up here in the northeast now, that I think can finally, stand on its own 2 feet without nascar. I don’t for one minute, perceive that nascar is stupid. My question now is, with a very real, viable competition to the oldest division in nascar, will nascar put up a fight to defend their oldest division legacy to save/keep it? Or will they just sell out and make them (modifieds) a victim of their success as so many other businesses have done for their legacy product. I can only hope for the former, as I believe there is room for all…
    I know, long post to a simple question, so thanks if you read the complete post. Sorry.

  23. Sap hasn’t had a great season so far. He was fined by Nascar, unfairly in his opinion. Now he was not immediately responded to on a holiday weekend for an issue at the Jennerstown race. He feels disrespected by Nascar and no one likes that. Personally I would have given them until Tuesday or Wednesday to respond but if you are looking for an excuse to skip some of these long haul events you know have one whether valid or not. Honestly if you aren’t in the top 10 in points why go out to Oswego or Lancaster. You can find another modified race against lesser competition much closer.. One where you might not get as much money but you are certainly going to spend a lot less getting there.

    I haven’t watched the last two Whelen races. I completely forgot about them until after they were run. The Whelen tour isn’t must watch tv, cant miss events anymore for me. With their move out of the region they aren’t as important as they used to be. Maybe its the amateurish lackadaisical coverage that caused my enthusiasm to watch these races wane. Aside from New Hampshire and maybe richmond i have little interest in the tour this year. 20 cars at the last race. It seems maybe the drivers aren’t as interested in the tour as years past. What did they have last year at Jtown 33 and 25 cars. Now they lose Sapienza for Oswego and Beechridge assuming he doesn’t change his mind. Do you think there is any chance they cancel the first Oswego and beechridge shows? I heard the crowd wasn’t’ great, the car count was certainly down at Jennerstown. The same promotion group cancelled their last two shows of the bullring bash after a less than spectacular first show. There certainly is precedent.

  24. The one thing that got me about this article was a simple and abusive truth. “…if we’re five or 10 minutes late for one of their meetings, or something else we do wrong that has to do with them that we’re not spot on, we are all subjected to punishment. We get fined for every little thing.”
    It’s a sad state of affairs in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour when they pass out fines like they’re going out of style while they slap on Safety Inspection fees and license fees (among others) while pushing these guys farther and farther from homebase throughout the season.
    Time to reign it in…

  25. Fast Eddie says

    Bobf, hit the nail on the head, great post! CSG, I’d bet the commitment to NASCAR was more “official” than the Bull Ring Bash series. If the weather co-operates, the crowds will be better at Oswego and Beech Ridge. My focus is always more on events I can get to, so I’m with you on WMT dropping down the priority level. TriTrack and Opens most of my schedule for sure!

  26. Bravo Sap.

    Before Ed Jr., Sr. always had no issue taking the brass (NASCAR or Promoters) to task and bringing racer and car owner concerns to the forefront.

    Someone should always be speaking out without fear of retribution – it’s a shame Sap is the only one with a backbone.

  27. A promoter is a carnival barker, like Trump. Not sure how tight these contracts and other binding agreements are to avoid finger pointing. A timing system has been around forever, it should be well established who provides that: NASCAR, track, etc.

    Sap is a successful businessman, to be successful, you have to deal with truths and reality, and remediate problems. If problems are not remediated, they end up costing many and causing losses. Sap is quite sensible and pragmatic.

    But not having a timing system is atrocious. A timing system in racing is like air to life. Racing is ALL ABOUT TIMING. GET IT????!?!?!?! To not have a timing system is a disgrace, regardless of whoever was supposed to provide it. The teams rely on it for tuning and setup. What if Hoosier forgot to load up on tires and showed up with an empty truck?

    To the nimrod that recommended use a stop watch… firstly, you are an idiot. I haven’t seen anyone use a stop watch in decades. Once the electronic timing system came out, stop watches went the way of the dinosaurs. As wee little tyke, I remember watching the track officials setting up the electronic timing equipment at Islip. That was a long time ago. Not wifi, but definitely not a stop watch. You can’t get the accuracy from a stop watch that can be achieved with the electronic timing system. Have you even looked at the timing results??????!!!! The differences are in the hundredths and thousandths of a second. No human triggered stop watch can get that accuracy and repeatability. Secondly, reread the first point.

    So NASCAR Wilson likes to dole out fines with a hair trigger finger. Well, NASCAR dropped the ball bigly here, so I recommend each team that showed up fine NASCAR $1,000 and NASCAR is subject to suspension until all teams collect $1,000 from NASCAR.

    Has Jimmy Wilson been promoted yet?

  28. Back in the 70’s, early 80’s there was NEDOC (New England Drivers & Owners Club, not without its faults I recall, but then you had a somewhat aligned group of drivers and owners that had collective power that could address issues with the brass.. there’s power in numbers..

    I’m sure there’s 100 reasons why something like that wouldn’t work today, but if one can’t question authority, where are we living?

    “If we can’t think for ourselves, if we’re unwilling to question authority, then we’re just putty in the hands of those in power” – Carl Sagan

  29. Stop saying that Sap is the first or only to speak up and out against NASCAR. Shawn did a column on the owner that spoke out rather loudly against the SPEC engine, that was a pretty big deal. There was tremendous tension in the pits during those few months when the SPEC was working its way into the field. It was a very contentious period and that owner was the only one to speak out. The rest of the owners huddled in little groups in the pits to gossip about what was going to happen.

    The SPEC has been a conclusive, unbridled failure that has failed to produce the promised massive savings, the SPEC has failed to enable marginal funded to teams to become competitive, the SPEC has failed to increase car counts, and has just about eliminated the built engine business. NASCAR promised the engine builders that the SPEC engine would not impact their built engine business. Go ask the engine builders how many new 18º engines they’ve built since the SPEC was deployed. Answer: ZERO.

    The big problem with the SPEC is that it obsoleted the built engines. Built engines are no longer competitive. I get sick whenever I have to look through the rule book and flip across the engine section.
    🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢 🤮 🤢

    A NWMT Modified is no longer a modified car. Cookie cutter mass produced chassis and a glorified, overpriced, high maintenance, crate SPEC engine available from only ONE source.

    That owner that spoke out about the SPEC engine was right, and the way things played out proved he was right. And in doing so, proved NASCAR was wrong. BIGLY, YUGELY WRONG!!!!! 😑

    Does Sap have a published schedule or website? I haven’t been able to find anything.

  30. One more thing… the SPEC engine has failed to produce parity. It’s the same old, same old of a couple cars rule the series.

  31. “I’m sure there’s 100 reasons why something like that wouldn’t work today, but if one can’t question authority, where are we living?”
    Are you talking about this situation specifically or society in general? We don’t know if there is no line of communication and protest from teams to the hierarchy this story is just one persons take. And what hierarchy the track, promoter or NASCAR?
    Putting this situation aside for just a bit we do quite well questioning authority don’t we? . If fact we do it so well that no one trusts pretty much anything now especially government institutions and we even make up alternate realities when we don’t like the one we have. The pandemic was the proof we are exceptional in questioning authority and are even willing to die in large numbers to prove it. In fact we may end up so good at questioning authority we’ll cease to exist as a cohesive society with any reason to exist.

  32. Jimmy King says

    I can remember years ago Tommy Baldwin Sr. being very vocal regarding issues with NASCAR and the Tour. Sap isn’t the first and will surely not be the last. Please don’t tell me NASCAR cares about modifieds; there is too much evidence throughout the past couple of decades that say otherwise. From putting people with no experience with mods (Chad Little, etc) in charge, ridiculous race procedures (200 lap races on bullrings where caution laps count and no tire changes allowed), shortening races for other series races, pretty much requiring spec motors to be competitive, scheduling against other modified series.It goes on and on…for years and years. Wake up!!! It is definitely the most expensive modified racing today, but is it the best? For what the owners on the Tour spend they should expect more. Why don’t they???

  33. td mckeon says

    Tom says
    Sap is right had only 20 cars that’s a disgrace look at the racers that have quit the series this year alone spent the 80’s on the tour they didn’t care then and don’t now with stafford leaving Nascar the open shows have more support

  34. daRealGretaThornberg says

    The one thing that the SPEC engine has done is increase the carbon footprint of the series BIGLY. Sunoco, and those distributing their fuel secretly love it. Those NASCAR green commercials and decals of a few years ago are nothing but hypocritical.

  35. Not having THOMPSON SEEKONK STAR & STAFFORD sounded the DEATH KNELL for the out of touch boys in DAYTONA BEACH …. GOOD BYE….Smokey was right…. it would implode in on itself with bad decisions coming down from the Board ROOM…. OLDEST DIVISION least promotion least coverage least online presence ….. down the drain it goes…Used to follow the TOUR religiously …. I went to Martinsville because it may be the last one…. Sad thing is all the HISTORY I LOVE about the Tour will be , just that HISTORY… The Glory Days of the SPORT I LOVE is dying and it saddens me , But a Breath of Fresh AIR has arrived … TRI-TRACK… OPEN SHOWS… PICK & CHOOSE….EXCELLENT MENU to pick from… OK DOUG … thats your CUE… Hit us with a REFRESH OF YOUR MOD SCHEDULE << PLEASE & THANKS

  36. What I mean is… I support questioning authority when you have a sound, well thought position and rationale supported by, preferably facts and data..

    This should not be confused with what’s going on in our society today, baseless claims, lies and such.. the stupids following king stupid, making &@!? up to support some wacky narrative.

  37. Yes, Greta, the SPEC engine is a fuel guzzler. 🐷 What a shame.

  38. Personally, I think this is make or break year for nascar mods. Their main support to me, has largely been the northern fans. We saw how the southern tour worked out. Not many northern venues now left. NASCAR has notoriously either been inflexible or out of touch. My personal opinion, is that we have now reached a point in the modern era, where nascar needs to put up or shut up as far as I’m concerned, when it comes to the mods. I really believe, shifting the mods out of their stalwart bastion in the north, will kill that division up here, (and everywhere else for that matter) particularly if streaming rights at historic northern tracks, can’t be reached.
    But hey, everything in life eventually runs it’s course….

  39. Bobf

    So well said. NASCAR has long neglected the modifieds… I think most people would agree to that. It’s been in so many posts.. so what is it that keeps the owners going back?? Maybe over the years there weren’t as many options. I understood it was for the insurance and higher payouts.. going to Bristol no where near NewEngland I am sure barely paid the gas to get there and back.

    So why do they put up with this crap?? What’s in it for the owners that other series don’t offer?

    I admire Sap for saying what others are afraid to say!! Good for him. But what’s the fear..

    I am glad Stafford stood up to them this year. I applaud the Arute family got saying hey bully sanctioning body. We will be just fine with out you.

    I would love to hear from an owner or two as to what keeps them going and putting up with this.


  40. You did hear from an owner last January and it was Dave Sapienza.

    NASCAR Integrated Marketing Communications Press Release January 8, 2021
    “The Tour is such a prestigious series. You’ve had hundreds and hundreds of drivers over the years try to get a win, or even a top-three or a top-five. I’ve been close. My goal would definitely be a win before I retire.”

    Just to clarify Seekonk is an Advance Auto Parts, NASCAR sanctioned track. Stafford may have decided to go in another direction but still has the three NWMT races. They are a big deal and if the weather cooperates will produce the largest audiences. Wilson is on record as saying he has no problem scheduling non NASCAR sanctioned tracks so the relationship may very well continue in the future on some level. Thompson is not out or the conversation either.
    Look at the top ten or 15 in the NWMT points standings. With the exception of Hirschman all the top drivers are there. It’s hard to read all the accolades heaped on these drivers in the context of their performance in separate events yet when it’s trash NASCAR time the baby gets thrown out with the bathwater. They’re a bunch of wet noodles too afraid to speak truth to power competing in a dying series run by incompetent fools.
    Fact is we don’t know the value of the NWMT in drawing an audience as part of the NBC Sports Gold stable. It could be anemic or it could be gaining traction nationally as viewers discover the unique brand of racing we just don’t know. If you’re saying that staying local is the smartest thing to do you may be right or not have the entire picture. Dave Sapienza certainly has expressed an interest in venturing to new venues having done quite well at them on occasion.

    NASCAR Integrated Marketing Communications January 8, 2021
    “I like going in uncharted waters,” he said. “I don’t know what it is, but I just seem to gel. That’s happened to us numerous times.”

    In all likelihood Dave Sapienza between the new LFR chassis, spec engines and his transporter spent more money to race on the NWMT then most of the lower budget tour modified teams spend in total. At Martinsville he reveled in all the glitz and hobnobbing with the who’s who of national stock car racings elite including a photo shoot where he looked both dapper and imposing the epitome of a real race driver. In all likelihood he’s looking forward to the race at Loudon where he will get to do it once again and no open series can match that energy.
    Massa, Stuart, Baldwin, Coby, Watts, Edgar Goodale, Harvey, the Emerling’s, Catalano’s and more aren’t spending all that money because they have no faith in the series. They do it because they see what we can’t. That Wilson, Vanada and all the other people associated with tour events are not the bumbling fools many of we fans seem to think they are.
    You can’t point to a car count in the middle of Pennsylvania in horrible conditions and chortle see, they’re an embarrassment. For the most part the counts are just fine and races associated with the Cup series are terrific. If 20 or 18 cars show up in far off places that’s fine. The big name points chasers will be there and the 15 to 30 part timers staying away are never the primary reason most fans watch the race.
    What may serve a greater purpose is instead of the generic trashing of the NWMT to focus on answers that can make it better. One might be achieving accessibility. Opens easily accessible to the greatest cross section of teams, the NWMT loaded with barriers. Opens easier to schedule at more tracks, the NWMT loaded with requirements that are out of date with the times. Safety, structure, discipline, rule enforcement all qualities NASCAR is known for can still be preserved while reducing many of the barriers that exist now. The generous race pay outs and points funds may need to take a cut but if entry costs can be moderated at the same time the net could be a plus.
    I see no upside to the NWMT going away for good. They may be loaded with too many levels of management that make change difficult to agree on but not impossible.
    So you say you support the April and May version of Dave Sapienza. The disappointed rebel having a season that is not panning out that has now bumped heads with NASCAR twice. I support the Dave Sapienza of last January. The one that recommitted to the tour and was optimistic about it’s future. The Dave Sapienza that knows that while opens are great the big timers are racing on the NWMT and the 36 is nothing if not big time with a big personality leading it.
    . He’s mercurial. He’s zigged and zagged over the last year plus and that won’t change. Whatever he decides to do I wouldn’t tie the state of the NWMT to what he says at any one time because it has been know to change.

  41. “Wilson is on record as saying he has no problem scheduling non NASCAR sanctioned tracks.”

    Of course Wilson has no problem with scheduling non NASCAR tracks. Why shouldn’t he, desperation is setting in. Anyone will listen until the conversation moves to the $$$$$$ he wants for the product and 💥. There’s the door, don’t let it hit you in the butt on the way out.

    The way I see it is NASCAR has one choice; restructure their financial package required or they will be getting less involvement from the tracks. And when that happens, bye bye WMT or it will be down to a hand full of tracks hosting the series.

  42. These teams spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fielding their operation every season to entertain the fans and give NASCAR a product to market. And they can’t even get the technological creature comforts they deserve from NASCAR? If they are late to a meeting and it’s a problem and NASCAR lands in the middle of their 💩? Really?

    My boss has a saying “it’s all about the approach”. I will say Sap may not have the best approach however, when he fires the bullet it definitely hits the bullseye.

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