Doug Coby To Run Camping World Truck Series Event For GMS Racing At Bristol

(Press release from Doug Coby Racing)

Former NASCAR Cup Series champion Bobby Labonte talks to longtime Stafford regular Doug Coby last week at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

Six-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Champion Doug Coby will pilot the No. 24 Chevrolet Silverado for GMS Racing in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway in September.

“I’m really thankful to have the opportunity to drive for a winning team like GMS Racing at Bristol,” said Coby. “My racing career has been filled with chance meetings where I come across someone who ends up opening another door for me, and last weekend’s SRX event at Stafford with Mike (Beam) was another one of those cases. For Mike to leave the event and speak with Maury Gallagher about putting me in one of their trucks at Bristol is phenomenal and I’m grateful for the opportunity to prove myself in the Camping World Truck Series. I’m really looking forward to working with all the guys on the 24 team at one of my favorite tracks. It doesn’t get any better than Bristol!” 

Coby won the inaugural SRX Racing event last weekend at Stafford Motor Speedway where he was paired with team president Mike Beam as celebrity crew chief. Coby has 30 Whelen Modified wins to his credit and has made more than 200 starts in the series. 

“One of the main goals Ray (Evernham) and his group had with the SRX series was to give these local short track guys like Coby a shot,” said Beam. “We’re blessed to have Maury’s (Gallagher) support to put these local guys in a truck and give them a chance to compete at the national level in NASCAR.”

Sponsorship and paint scheme for Coby’s No. 24 Silverado will be revealed at a later date.


  1. What an awesome opportunity for Doug to get. Wish him the best of luck. Maybe this will lead to greater things in the future.

  2. solsticeson says

    Always good to see a local guy get a shot in Nascar down south,hoping Mike Mcglaughlins son Max is next even tho hes south already, That kids going places hopefully.

  3. Doug’s comment His 15 minuets of National fame will soon be over oops !!!!!🤣

  4. You’re being kind Racer. It was worse then that.

    Doug says
    June 15, 2021 at 9:40 am

    His 15 minutes of national fame will soon be over as the racing world turns to the next Rocky Balboa in the next SRX race. Coby’s name to be invoked but only for setting the standard of performance in the first race for the local hero. He won’t be going to Xfinity, nor Cup nor anything else in my view.. His SRX performance combined with 6 modified championships may very well have stamped his ticket to the NASCAR Hall of Fame however.

  5. Dug Kobe has plenty of time for Dale Carnegie charm school.

  6. It’s great too see… Local racer gets national attention… picks up a ride in National Series.. Stroke of genius or stroke of Luck for Doug Coby….Oh wait that’s right he gave up a shot of tour championship to show the Country what he could do…..Wow big things happen fast… Go get em Doug!!! show them what we have up here in the Northeast….. Congratulations on a fantastic Career Decision, Very forward thinking… 6 mod tour Championships no ride. 1 SRX race Win and a ride in a National Series opens up … GENIUS DECISION DOUG….. Smart….

  7. Wow this is huge. Congratulations Doug!

  8. Is Phil Moran going to be his crew chief , because you know he’s nothing with out Moran , and speaking of charm school I can think of someone who needs way more than charm school

  9. Ryan Preece just set the bar high for Coby, winning at Nashville in his first race. Hoping Coby can do the same. As for Elect’s comment about Phil Moran, Phil had nothing to do with Doug’s SRX win, Doug’s crew chief was Mike Bean, who was also crew chief for 2 other drivers that night.

  10. I loved listening to the Dale Jr podcast with Coby last week. It was interesting to hear all about his victory and how that ride came to be for him. Good for him!! Go show em Doug. I agree with the other post: I have no doubt in a few years Doug will get his place in the NASCAR Hall of Fame too. They can change SRX to HOF Racing Experience. Lol

    On a different nor anyone else wonder how many laps it will be tonight before deegan wrecks half the field?? Glad they have back up cars. With Danica awful in the booth for one more race. Thank goodness it was only a 2 race deal for her.

    Way to go Coby on your new opportunity!!

  11. Feeling pretty cocky aren’t you. Converting best wishes for Narducci into an actual prediction that took exactly one race to be realized. Well played.
    So lets put a pin in this one. Danica a pretty predictable target so lets see if she can up her game the second time around with more time to fell as the races get shorter.. Deegan wrecking half the field, yikes! And I predicted a second for her. Both hyperbolic but we’ll see which end of the spectrum Deegan lands in.
    So it took only a few days for me to be proven wrong on Coby garnering no longer term benefits from his unlikely SRX triumph. Let’s see if I can right the good ship Doesn’t Have a Clue!
    Coby’s prospects for permanent employment in the upper echelons of NASCAR racing is on the table. I say not a chance, we’re talking short term only. The main reason is that he’d have to take a pay cut being a very successful real estate professional and house flipper in a very good market. Then there are the dogs to be there for. Enjoy this visit to the big time it will have a limited one year shelf life in my view.

  12. Fred Flintstone says

    Bristol will be good for Doug. As a well finished facility, he can’t spray rocks all over people when he pulls the truck behind the wall in extreme disappointment.

  13. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Doug will try and light the world on fire at Bristol. I think he will try to get some good seat time, hoping to at least stay on the lead lap, finish all the laps, and come out with a decent finish in the hope that a decent performance and a straight truck will lead to more opportunities. At least that’s the way I would approach it. Then again he could go out, drive balls to the walls, wreck and never get another opportunity. It remains to be seen.

  14. Rob P a little sarcasm as far as Phil Moran goes ,someone here seems to think Doug can’t do anything with out Phil

  15. wmass01013 says

    Racer 28 WOW LOTS OF HATE
    i think Deegan did what she had to do in MENARDS series being a young ATTRACTIVE female in the all male world of NASCAR, she has shown signs of steady improvement as a driver and haha she finished 2nd so go hate someplace else

  16. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Elect, that someone doesn’t rhyme with dasealhoodwella does it?

  17. Nascarkid says

    Nascar doesn’t care about local drivers in anyway. They want big bank accounts,lots of money. It’s no longer about talent or you get stuck with a nascar team that is non competitive equipment case in point Daughtry racing. Why tracks continue to fly the nascar sanction flag is beyond me. No disrespect to Doug,but unless he buys his rides only chance he has.

  18. Hope Kobe practices getting out of the truck elegantly.

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