Matt Hirschman Scores Victory In Whelen Modified Tour Steel Palace 150 At Oswego

(Press Release from JDV Productions)

Matt Hirschman celebrates victory Saturday in the Whelen Modified Tour Steel Palace 150 at Oswego Speedway (Photo: Bryan Bennett/NASCAR)

OSWEGO, N.Y. — Matt Hirschman may not run the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour often, but when he does, he makes his trips well worth it. The Pennsylvania driver drove to his fourth career NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour win at Oswego Speedway on Saturday night, which was his second at the tricky New York oval. Hirschman became the fifth different winner in the first five races of the tour season by pulling away from NASCAR Cup Series driver Ryan Preece in the final laps to win the Steel Palace 150.

The race was the second of three for the season promoted by JDV Productions, led by Josh Vanada.

“I love every ripple, bump and crack in this place,” Hirschman said. “I’ve been coming here for a long time and it’s a special place to my whole family. I’ve always just enjoyed coming up here. This place has a lot of character and it really suits me well. It’s tough winning these races. We’re a limited, part-time team.”

Max McLaughlin won the Mayhew Tools pole award in qualifying and led the first 44 laps, before Craig Lutz took the lead on lap 45. Hirschman, who qualified third, would follow to second — and the two drivers pulled away from their challengers until Hirschman made the move around for the top spot on lap 67. Entering turn three on the same lap, contact from a lapped car sent Lutz spinning in the next corner, drawing the only caution period of the race.

During the caution, pit stops for fresh Hoosier rubber and Sunoco fuel ended with Lutz back out front over Ron Silk, Chuck Hossfeld, who was fastest in practice, and Patrick Emerling, for the restart. Hirschman lined up fifth for the green — with two-time tour champion Justin Bonsignore in sixth. 

Hirschman worked his way to second within two laps, then passed Hossfeld for the lead on lap 85. He would never relinquish the top spot for the rest of the distance — but it wasn’t an easy run to the checkered flag. Preece charged from outside the top-five right to the front, taking second on lap 94, then setting chase for Hirschman. Preece chased his back bumper over the final 50 laps, coming close, but couldn’t get around.

Behind Hirschman and Preece was Patrick Emerling — who maintained the series points lead with a third-place finish. Justin Bonsignore and Kyle Ebersole finished the top-five over Woody Pitkat, Tyler Rypkema, Chase Dowling, Anthony Nocella and Ron Silk.

McLaughlin finished 11th after leading laps early, while Lutz was 17th, three laps down. Twenty-four drivers took the green flag in the Steel Palace 150.

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour returns to the track on Saturday, June 19, at Riverhead Raceway in New York. JDV Productions will return to series promotion on Saturday, August 21 at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Maine.

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  1. For my money the best NWMT race of the year so far.
    The 60, 10,51 and 85 based on past success at Oswego the cars on paper at least the ones to end the race at the front. Emerling with no significant success at Oswego in NWMT races didn’t figure to be a factor in the race.
    By the time the race ended two invaders to the NWMT cracked the top 10. Hirschman dominated but the 10 with Dowling driving disappointed after a strong qualifying run. Bonsignor did not qualify well but did what he is known to do when not at the top of his game. That being finishing the race in a solid points producing position. Preece who has been working on getting up to speed in tour type modified races is now fully up to speed with seconds on succeeding nights only a tick off of winning. Emerling is the real deal this year and once again did exactly what he had to do finishing as the lead car of all the NWMT points chasing cars.
    Lutz could have added to the surprise top finishers but he’s snake bit this year so that wasn’t happening. Silk and the Stuart team as well not living up to expectations this year for whatever reason. Young phenom Max Mclaughlin a tepid finish once again proving that great drivers are never great unless they have a great car.
    Having a second race at Oswego in my view is a great move. The track quirky but there is plenty of room to race and there was plenty of passing with a dearth of cautions.
    Hope the yacht shopping went well Dave you weren’t missed.
    Matt Hirschman; “It felt like we were lapping the same cars every three laps”. You weren’t imagining it Matt.

  2. Right from practice and qualifying, I knew this was going to happen. And like I said earlier, this was going to be the Preece-Hirschman show, and it certainly was.

    Oswego is Hirschman’s home… it will be tough to beat him, or he has to beat himself.

  3. Yes Dave, hope the yacht shopping went well and you had an enjoyable day. I am sure the dealer would like to have you for a customer, will provide you the customer service after the sale you deserve so you become a loyal long term return customer. I’ll bet they will even return your call if you have an issue.

    Pretty simplistic approach, can’t understand why people can wrap their heads around it. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

  4. If they come up with a beer called Cactus Earl I’m more then happy to drink it. As a metaphor for anything else coming from the Earl brewery of thoughts to live by I’ll pass. Too bitter and devoid nuance for my taste.
    I think we’ve both expressed our opinion on this Cactus Earl and have landed in a mutually agreeable place. One that we both seem to land in quite frequently. Almost always actually on every conceivable issue. That being we shall agree to disagree.
    Sorry you are not interested in the NWMT any more having joined the Sapienza boycott because you missed a banner race.

  5. Doug, laughter is the best medicine, and thanks to you, I have never been healthier. My abs are so strong from laughing at you so often. Of course, this also applies to all your other screens names.


  6. Doug, there is where you are wrong. I am still very interested in the WMT, actually a JBON guy.

    Just wondering when they will get the message. Maybe a change in the leadership? I hope so before its to late. Car counts can get much lower before it goes upside down.

  7. Darealgoodfella and Earl. You’re both next to each other addressing what I said and I view you two in much the same light. Secularists that have picked sides on pretty much every issue with the other side always unquestionably wrong. Either stupid or socialist or fascists or some other hyperbolic label.. You two would cut off your own fingers before giving the other side the credit for virtually anything. With regard to racing in general I don’t see how either of you could possible know more then I do for one reason only. You just don’t care. This thread is a perfect example. Darealgoodfella congratulating himself and taking a shot at me. You Earl haven’t commented on any aspect of this race yet. You cherry picked a silly aside I made about Sapienza in a post that had a lot of observations on the race and that’s it for you. You two enjoy the conflict more the racing near as I can figure.
    The problem with the NWMT is accessibility. The top of the field has the best cars and best drivers. It has status and can bring the juice. What it is not is easily accessible to good teams that can populate the 15 to 30 spots in the field. It’s not accessible to tracks to promote their races. All the opens can manage to do it, the NWMT can’t. If that means cutting the entry fees, track requirements, whatever, that’s what’s needed if they want more and better cars. If that means cutting the purses and point funds then they may have to do it and it may net out to near a wash. Or do nothing, leave it like it is and that’s fine with me as well.
    It’s the business model they are using that has little to do with Dave Sapienza or customer service or incompetent management. You could have talked about all that Earl but you didn’t. You just had that Sapienza thing stuck in your craw and it just blocks out every other creative thought you could have on the topic or the race.

  8. Doug, this is where you are wrong… everywhere. You are wrong EVERYWHERE. Any idiot that tries to tell people they need to patronize the ‘bowl to enrich the already extremely wealthy owner in preparation for the civil cases is just nuts, crazy, idiotic… 🦇💩🥜. Yeah, I get dug in on what’s right, and you can not sell me on the crazy you are selling. That is not my problem at all, that’s all on you. 😝

  9. This season is JBon’s to lose. Kobe can’t overcome the missed race, and Emerling can dream all he wants, it ain’t gonna happen.

    I wish NASCAR and racing-reference would their 💩 together on the stats.

  10. The reality is this Darealgoodfella. You’re a geezer just like me. You aren’t a person of substance doing important things you’re a geezer spending way too much time on this site like me and we’ve been doing it a really long time. Were you or I doing important things we wouldn’t be here we’d be doing them.
    The Bemer reference is 4 years old and you’ve repeated it countless time. You’ve never shown that actual comment since it would not show the conclusion you have presented countless times. You called me an idiot again and by years end it will probably be in the hundreds. I am clearly not an idiot nor are any of the other people you’ve assaulted with insults the derogatory names you have called them.
    I called you a secularist. Inflexible, intransigent and completely devoid of empathy for opinions that are not your own. It’s natural you would label it as getting dug in on what’s right because that’s what secularists are convinced of. That being they are always right.
    The moderator has made it clear for going on ten years he does not want vulgarities in the comments. You routinely use emoji’s like a bull and a pile of excrement to circumvent his policy. You did it here substituting and emoji for a vulgar word. You snuck in the N word in the title of a song that only got removed after I reported it to the moderator. You get great pleasure out of this site and have for years. You should be respecting the moderators wishes and not thinking of cleaver ways to get around them.
    For going on 6 years you’ve regularly trashed Doug Coby’s ability as a race car driver. Yesterday he proved what everyone knew except you that he can drive a race car and his success is not due solely to his crew chief as you have repeated countless times. He proved that he is both analytical and patient in assessing new equipment and a level of competition that was completely new to him. Everyone that reads these comments on a regular basis knows you can’t be wrong so naturally Doug Coby won’t get one bit of credit as far as you’re concerned. That gets us back to the secularist observation and never being wrong nor ever seeing the other side of an argument.

  11. Doug wrote, “I called you a secularist.”

    The definition of secularist is: a person who advocates the separation of the state from religious institutions.

    I don’t recall ever having such a conversation like that with you.

    Because you have no idea what “secularist” means, your post is a waste. You did it to yourself, again. I would never get into a conversation about secularism, the separation of the state and church, with you or your ilk.

    So please explain where the separation of church and state comes into any of this. I’m eagerly awaiting that post.

    And your promoting the support of Bemer/’bowl as a means to help his victims is a gift that will go on giving forever. It will never get old. That was galactic idiocy.

  12. Here is a post from two individuals found on the Jacob Perry MRS win at mad dog thread;

    NH Modfan
    June 6, 2021
    Congrats to Jacob Perry. Definitely the fastest car on the track over the last 20 laps. Doug, with about 30 to go I would say Robie was the quickest on the track. I don’t know who Speed 51 was focused on at the time but I was watching Robie from the stands. He ran down and passed Barrett for 3rd and then ran down Williams from about 4 or 5 car lengths behind. He tried a couple of times to go under Williams into one and the door was slammed. The last time he hugged the inside line going into one and when they were coming out of two Williams came down and they made contact. Twenty to go Williams and Robie were racing hard. (Its too bad, took Robie out) I don’t know if Robie would have got by Perry but I believe he would have caught him. Just before the Williams/Robie accident it looked to me that Perry had Williams covered barring a yellow. Doug, just a different opinion.

    June 7, 2021
    Cool beans, a challenge from a well informed fan who was actually there. Let’s go to the video and see if he’s right.

    NH Modfan who was there, personally witnessed the race and Doug who was enjoying the view from home on whatever means of media. And NH Modfan is the one being fact checked?

    Doug I am happy for you and your extensive knowledge of auto racing. Please fact check me on your statement “With regard to racing in general I don’t see how either of you could possibility know more then I do”.

    Doug, why should anyone bother to waste opinions or thoughts on the sport of oval track racing when you are the self proclaimed expert.

    Like I said many times, I love ya man however I think you are writing a check with your mouth that your butt can’t cash.

    But anyway that’s old prickly 🌵 Earls opinion.


  13. Darealgoodfella is absolutely correct. The word should have been sectarian. Whether it voids the entire content of my post I will leave to the gentle reader to determine for themselves.
    Cactus Earl is not correct. I never proclaimed myself and expert. I said that neither Darealgoodfella nor Earl could know more then me about racing because neither cares much about racing. I could know almost nothing but am pretty sure were that the case you two would know less. Earl is also wrong about viewing video to determine what actually happened on the track. Peoples recollections are notoriously wrong about what actually happened often clouded by bias. We’ve seen that over and over again in this forum where different people can’t even agree on the size of the crowd. let alone what happens on the track. NH Mod fan was correct to his credit and the video proved it. He being correct does not mean every in person observation at every race is correct and you Cactus Earl know that as well. Were in person accounts that reliable refs if sports would never be wrong and video reviews not necessary,
    This is round two of the Earl and Darealgoodfella show. Darealgoodfella claiming none of my points were correct on him because an old man confused sectarian with secularist and of course more insults. Earl cherry picking a situation where I reviewed video carefully and admitted being wrong and thanked the person correcting me. The opposite of self proclaiming myself an expert.
    No one in this forum is ever correct all the time nor even correct most of the time. I’m constantly self analyzing and changing opinions based on new facts and information and never afraid to admit being wrong which I am frequently. Earl and Darealgoodfella are sectarians. Never wrong, unyielding, devoid of empathy with opinions cast in concrete. I can give Trump and Biden credit for the vaccine and it’s roll out, Earl and Darealgoodfella can only give one or the other credit for it.
    So here we are after all these posts. Earl and Darealgoodfella have yet to make any meaningful observation about the NWMT race other then they viewed the results of who came in where. Moreover in the TTOMS race that you Earl referenced again neither you or Darealgoodfella devoted any meaningful time to anything about the race your focus being what I said. Showing while doing it neither of you viewed as much about the elements of the race that I gleaned from reviewing the video numerous times nor did you even care as long as there was a conflict to promote. The one thing both of you seem to find great value in.
    Neither of you care about racing at all as far as I can see.

  14. This is a moment when I wish Crazy in NY was still around… Doug, who the hell are you to do fact checking and issuing judgements? Your idiocy prevents you from playing such a role.

  15. Doug, please look up the definition of “sectarian” and then find another word. What sect, or sects, are you talking about?

    Indeed, I am absolutely correct.

  16. June 11, 2021 at 5:54 pm
    Amen Doug, well said.

    June 12, 2021 at 10:29 am
    Agreed Doug good observation
    June 13, 2021 at 10:33 am
    Excellent post Doug, June 13, 2021 at 10:33 am

    Those are comments about three of my posts in the last few days. One after reviewing video and commenting on a Street Stock race and a couple on the SRX race one of which I had searched the internet for reviews of the SRX race by established media experts finding one review which I shared with the forum. I’m the geezer in the Barkalounger doing that while you’re repeating 4 year old nonsense relevant to nothing now, invoking a guy that hasn’t been around forever, telling the forum Coby’s win in the SRX series is not a reflection of his ability, congratulating yourself because no one else will, doing your best to connect Hirschman to cheating you can’t possibly prove, inserting profanity via emoji’s, and here of course calling me names numerous times.
    I’m the geezer putting together a tour modified summer open schedule that seemed to be appreciated, pouring over Facebook entries of racing personalities and spending endless hours reviewing race stats to try to glean what may happen in an upcoming race event. I’m geezer watching races two or more times in some cases, reviewing elements of portions of the races all trying to better understand the nuances of races that make them so darned entertaining and the drivers so good.
    All of which may be a sad commentary on an old guy with nothing better to do. None the less compared to another geezer wasting a lot of time here which would be you DarealGoodfella I feel pretty good about the direction I’ve taken my posts in the last year. Trying to stay engaged with the racing community from my Barkalounger while you are left holding your face mask lamenting how much you miss the pandemic you were hoping would stop racing this season, lamenting not having Trump to kick around, all opportunities they gave you to avoid talking about racing you never really cared that much about.
    Gotta go now. WeldingWonders is chomping at the bit to get on the computer and catch up with your latest barrage of insults.
    Cheers fellow geezer!!!

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