No Pressure: Matt Hirschman Laughs Off Accusations Of Cheating After Whelen Mod Tour Victory At Oswego

Matt Hirschman (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

It didn’t take long after the victory celebration had ended Saturday before the accusations began flying concerning Matt Hirschman following his win in the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Steel Palace 150 at Oswego Speedway. 

All of the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour events are streamed live on NBC TrackPass. 

A moment seen on the broadcast after the checkered flag had fallen Saturday sparked social media to life with accusations of cheating against Hirschman and his PeeDee Motorsports team. 

After Hirschman took the checkered flag he completed his cool down lap and stopped on the track. The NBC TrackPass cameras were focused on his car and just after Hirschman stopped a crew member carrying a tire pressure gauge rushed toward the car and began removing something from the rim of the left rear tire. The crew member then moved on to doing the same thing at the left front tire, then the right front tire and finally the right rear tire. After finishing on the right rear tire the crew member can be seen on the broadcast view putting something in his pocket and then moving toward the front of the car as other crew members arrive. 

Seconds later the NBC TrackPass cameras panned away from the car. 

By last night social media was buzzing as video captures of the crew member at the car were being posted, with many making the accusation that the crew member was removing bleeder valves from the valve stems on the tires. 

Bleeder valves on a tire stem can help a team manage a consistent tire pressure. As tires heat up the nitrogen used to inflate them expands, changing the tire stagger. A bleeder valve can be set to keep a consistent pressure and does that by releases (bleeding off) nitrogen from the tire while running. Bleeder valves are illegal on the Whelen Modified Tour. 

Some around the series believe the crew member in question was removing bleeder valves and trying to make it look like he was checking the tire pressures. It’s clear in the video that crew member never actually attaches the pressure gauge to the valve stem to check any of the tire pressures. 

Three Whelen Modified Tour team owners who all spoke off the record described the actions of the crew member as being suspicious. 

Hirschman laughed off the accusations. He said the crew member took the pressure readings after the camera panned away. 

“My crew member removed the caps off the valve stems,” Hirschman said. “It’s basically common routine post-race whether you win or not. He just got a head start on everybody else getting to the car and removed the caps. NASCAR has you position the car where they want it. He eventually got to [checking the pressures]. He just got a head start on the other guys getting there.” 

Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Wilson said he saw no issues with anything involving Hirschman’s team after the race. 

“We’ve always let them check tire pressures,” Wilson said. “We don’t let them jack the car or do anything of that nature. I had officials down there. I’ve seen the video. … I had officials down there and there was nothing that we saw that was out of the ordinary. So, I mean, from my perspective, there’s nothing there or nothing to go off of. 

“There was nothing done wrong there. People say that he didn’t take the air pressure gauge and check the air pressure. From what I saw, I can’t tell you if he did that or not. And I’m not going to sit here and say that he didn’t. I had officials that were watching and I’m told that nothing wrong was done there, that it was all ordinary and that’s where it is from my perspective. 

“Are we going to be in a position where we’re going to look at that procedure a little bit? Probably. But from my standpoint, Saturday night at Oswego Speedway [Hirschman] won and there’s no issues and that’s it.” 

The 38-year old Hirschman, who is recognized as one of the most accomplished and talented Tour Type Modified drivers of his generation, said he has grown used to the accusations of cheating. 

“It kind of comes with the territory,” Hirschman said. “There’s very few people that could be in my position to really understand that when you have the success that we’ve been able to have, I’ve been accused of a whole list of things over the years, but I’ve been found with nothing. It just comes with the territory. Probably when I was younger it bothered me more than it does now. I find humor in it now. You have to. What else are you going to do? I can’t let that bother me or take away from our team’s efforts. If anything, the more it continues to happen you’ve almost got to take pride in it. It’s like an honor to be in the position of being scrutinized at the level we are.

“I’m not going to let any of this take away from any of the accomplishment that our team made. I’m very proud of what we did and what we’ve been able to do. I’ve had this happen with so many things, I guarantee when I’m racing [next] weekend in Pennsylvania or when I’m running the Tri-Track [Open Modified Series] race at Seekonk [on June 30], I guarantee the officials will be checking my tires and I’m just going to laugh. What I kind of compare this to when stuff like this happens and rumors get going, it’s like in kindergarten when you do the thing called whisper down the alley. One person starts something and by the time it gets to the end of the line it gets blown up into something that’s totally twisted. … Some people that you think would be smart enough to know better, you’re surprised sometimes with who jumps on board with it. You’ve just got to keep looking forward and keep doing your job.” 


  1. knuckles mahoney says

    What else was Jimmy Wilson gonna say? What else was Matt gonna say? Very simple correction. No one gets near the car until it pulls into tech.

  2. I was wondering what the 60 team was doing, working on the car as soon as it stopped in VL. You can see crew doing something in the wheel hub areas. They put the car on stagger boards right away in VL. I guess they wanted to check the stagger right away to see if the bleeder valves were working. They put stagger boards under the front wheels. Crew were working on the car while Matt was being interviewed in VL.

    Very unusual.

  3. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Who the hell calls it whispers down the alley? It’s called telephone for cripes sake.

  4. Why would you go around the car and remove each individual valve stem cap and then come back and take the air pressures? Talk about a waste of time getting accurate post race pressures for their records.

    We never ran caps on the valve stems. If we ever had to pit to make an air pressure adjustment we did not want to waste precious time removing and reinstalling a valve stem cap.

    I can see both sides here but I have to agree knuckles, no touching the car until it goes into tech and you are told what to touch by the tech inspectors. Real simple fix.

  5. Why not just make bleeders legal? For what reason are they illegal to begin with?
    Just another unnecessary rule.

  6. So what’s the point here? It was either cheating and they got away with something. Or it wasn’t cheating and it’s much ado about nothing. Either way there is nothing more to do other then what Wilson has said they will do in future.
    It is notable that once again no one has any faith that the NASCAR officials that Wilson said were in place and responsible for observing hanky panky were doing their jobs properly.

  7. SHUT UP FELLA ! says

    not unusual if you go to Oswego lots of guys in v/l do EXACTLY what money`s crew did . jealousy showing. MOD TOUR DIRECTOR was ok with what took place . just shut up already

  8. “Three Whelen Modified Tour team owners who all spoke off the record described the actions of the crew member as being suspicious.” Would anyone like to wager that these owners show up with a stacker hauler, full crews and/or full time paid crew members, purple springs, expensive shocks, with multiple newer cars and motors sitting in the shop while getting beat by a 7-8 year old chassis on red springs and pro shocks with a patched together crew of dedicated helpers that have one car and one motor at their disposal? I’d cry foul as well, because surely if they are outspending the 60 they shouldn’t get beat by the 60. Why did the crew guy not take the pressures-because it’s not his job, it’s the tire guys job who was on his way with the stagger boards, he was getting it ready to minimize time for the tire guy to get the most accurate readings, which is what makes Matt one of the best in the business, attention to detail-read the story. Plus you have to wait for NASCAR to give to the ok to start checking pressures and measuring tires-if you actually worked in the sport or paid attention close enough, you would also know that. “Matt can’t win on the tour, the tech there is too intense”, Same person- “Matt won because the tech there didn’t catch him cheating”. Welcome to the internet folks. In front of every camera, TV, and NASCAR officials, Matt’s gang is either one of the smartest or the dumbest to attempt to pull off what they are being accused of, and based off that family’s track record the last 40+ years in the sport, I’m going with the smartest and no reason to cheat. Maybe the ones complaining need to pay closer attention to their details and program and less time on Facebook and social media complaining about what someone else is doing?

  9. Who the hell uses valve caps?????????


    Can’t afford the time to remove and replace them in order to make a race time pressure adjustment.

  10. Outstanding post XRacer. Putting it all in perspective in one neat package and tying a ribbon on it. Well done.

  11. It is standard operating procedure to adjust tire pressures during pit stops. Time critical pit stops when fractions of a second matter. There is no time during a pitstop to remove and replace valve caps.

    As I was watching the VL interview, I was wondering what the hell the crew was doing working on the car, especially around the wheels. You can see Matt was distracted by the crew working around the car.

  12. Well since they are mandatory on the WMT- I’d say all WMT teams to answer your question dareal. But if your were as smart and in the know as you (and so many others on social media) come across to be on here, you would already know that. If they weren’t, and a crew guy was in all 4 wheels right in front of NASCAR officials and tv and still cameras, you don’t think they would have told him to stop?

  13. So are these special valve caps available at the Hirschman Speed Shop? How can I order a couple sets? Looks like if I use these special bleeder valve caps I won’t need a double stacker hauler. Good deal!!!!

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever seen valve caps used. They must “fall off” all the time. I also don’t go looking for valve caps all the time. But watching pitstops when a team is adjusting tire pressures, they clearly are not removing and replacing valve caps when they adjust tire pressures.

    And valve caps can have leaks. Right, XRacer?

  15. Diet Bud says

    Never seen valve caps on a racecar this is a joke, ok we forget the 60 didn’t have enough motor in Florida but won speed weeks, Wilson should be embarrassed!!!

  16. Maybe you should pay as close attention to what everyone does as you do the 60, or at least read the rules to know what is required and what is not. But why ruin a good conspiracy theory with facts? “No one runs valve caps” to “well they are special valve caps”-keep searching and fishing. You already proved yourself not knowing you have to run stem caps. Again-Matt and his teams have been through every tech in every series and every track the mods run on up and down the east coast for 20 years now-with the same results.

  17. Maybe Matt is just better then the rest of the so called stars of the more tour!!

  18. 2021 NASCAR WMT Rule book;

    20D – 10.7 Wheels / Lug Bolts / Lug Nuts
    Wheels must be acceptable to NASCAR Officials and meet the following requirements:
    A. Only 15 inch diameter five (5) lug reinforced magnetic steel wheels with a maximum width of 15 inches will be permitted.
    B. Any offset (backspacing) will be permitted.
    C. Steel valve stem hardware recommended by the manufacturer must be used. Valve stem caps must be installed at all times during competition.
    D. Only solid, one-piece, heavy-duty 5/8 inch magnetic steel lug bolts and standard one (1) inch hex, fully threaded, solid, one-piece magnetic steel lug nuts, tapered on at least one (1) side, will be permitted. The first thread on each lug bolt must be visible from the front of the lug nut when the lug nut is installed. The same style lug bolt must be used for practice, qualifying and the Race. Design modifications to the lug bolts and lug nuts will not be permitted.
    E. Bead locks will not be permitted.
    F. Any device, modification or procedure to the tire, wheel or valve stem hardware, that in the judgment of NASCAR Officials is used to release pressure (beyond normal pressure adjustments) from the tire and/or inner shield, will not be permitted.

  19. Well I for one would like I support creative cheating especially in well policed racing events. If Hirschman and his guys pulled this off in front of everyone boy that would be something. Pulled it off with tires that use nitrogen that minimizes the affects of tire pressure changes. Meaning he would have been taking a risk of soiling his racing legacy forever for a relatively minor racing advantage.
    Is it a rule to have caps? Tried to find it in the rules and couldn’t but bottom line don’t even really care.
    Matt Hirschman in my view is one of the best parts about modified racing in the current era. If he’s cheating serially in all sorts of races and never being caught it simply adds to his mystique. This whatever it is terrific for the NWMT. He will be at the second Oswego event he says and you can bet all eyes will be on him no matter what he does in the race. If he wins again that would be something wouldn’t it?
    OK so you’ve closed the barn door after the cow got out and are frantically pointed to the door saying see, it’s closed now. Good for you. . When she wonders back in to be milked make sure next time the door is closed.

  20. Now that’s what I’m talking about. Well done Cactus Earl.

  21. There is no debate about what the rules are.

    Rules are rules, and by now, it should be clear that rules are not followed. If everyone followed the rules, there would be no need for tech inspections.

    Just like laws… people still break them. Laws and rules do not stop people from transgressions. Have you been on an interstate lately? Very few travel at or below the posted speed limits. So please, this is not about what the rules are, it’s about breaking the rules and lack of enforcement of the rules.

    As long as nobody is ever caught, Jimmy Wilson looks good, or so he thinks.

  22. Good job Earl, someone who actually pays attention and does research before speaking. Thanks for spelling it out, especially line C. The information is out there, but again, why ruin a good conspiracy with facts? The same guys who feel they are smarter than every tech official in every series and track also insist they’ve never seen valve caps used on race cars, even though they’ve been mandatory on the WMT for years. Guess they aren’t paying close enough attention but feel they “caught” Matt’s team doing something illegal right there in front of every fan in the stands, tv camera, still camera, and NASCAR officials all around. Guess those seats on the couch are better than being there at the track, maybe more officials should do that to catch more violators?

  23. 2021 NASCAR WMT Rule Book;

    8-5.2.1 Inspection After Completion Procedure
    A. Upon finishing their cool-down lap after the completion of the Race, all vehicles must report to pit road or designated area, but must not leave pit road or the designated area until directed to do so by NASCAR.
    B. All vehicles are considered under impound from the moment they receive the checkered flag or the Race is declared complete due to adverse conditions. Vehicles must not be altered or adjusted in any manner during the cool-down lap or on pit road prior to reporting to the inspection area(s).
    C. The first place vehicle may engage in appropriate celebratory activity (such as a victory lap, burn-out(s) or donuts’) prior to reporting to Victory Lane.
    D. Vehicles that finish in second through fifth place and any other vehicles randomly selected or otherwise determined by NASCAR to require additional inspection for any reason must report to the inspection area(s).
    E. NASCAR, at its sole discretion, may analyze the performance capabilities of a vehicle, vehicle part, component or equipment at the race track or any other location including but not limited to, remote or third-party testing facilities.
    F. NASCAR, at its sole discretion, may confiscate any vehicle, vehicle part, component, equipment, fuel and/or tires that fail to meet NASCAR for specifications or that appears to be altered in violation of the NASCAR Rules for further evaluation.
    G. The maximum amount of cooling time permitted for any engine after the official completion of the Race is two (2) hours.
    H. NASCAR Officials may assess a fine and/or loss of championship points, and/or loss of finishing positions in the Event for any engine that requires additional cooling time in excess of the maximum cooling down time of two (2) hours. See sub-sections 12-4 General Scope of Penalties & 12-5 NASCAR Deterrence System.

    If you look at section B it clearly states;

    B. All vehicles are considered under impound from the moment they receive the checkered flag or the Race is declared complete due to adverse conditions. Vehicles must not be altered or adjusted in any manner during the cool-down lap or on pit road prior to reporting to the inspection area(s).

    By removing the valve stem cap which by the rule is required at all times during competition, isn’t that altering the vehicle prior to reporting to the inspection area?

    Wilson states; “ We’ve always let them check tire pressures”. So NASCAR writes the rules then allows the competitors to break the rules? Rules that could potentially result in a DQ or fine?

    Talk about operating on a slippery slope.

  24. Leave it to Earl to ruin the arguments with facts…

    FWIW, the cap is the primary seal on a Schrader valve, not the valve internals. Once upon a time, I thought the cap was simply to keep the valve clean, but an engineer shared some Schrader docs at a Fox Racing shock seminar I attended years ago showing the cap being far more than a dirt shield.

  25. Jimmy King says


    It suddenly got quite in here!

  26. The Atomic Punk says

    Built engine Wins….When Matt said “it seems like I was passing the same car every 3 laps”… Its because he was. Wonder if he could hear her go “WEEEEEEEEEEEE” as he went by?

  27. Doug wrote, “Is it a rule to have caps? Tried to find it in the rules and couldn’t but bottom line don’t even really care.”

    Doug, you are an idiot. It’s in the rules. It’s easy to find. Also, it’s was in Earl’s post right above yours. You were spoon fed.





  30. Go back and roll that tape of VL… you can clearly see crew working at the wheels.

    Bad, no good.

    Rules????? Nah, we don’t need no stinking rules!!!!!!

    Hidden deep in the cap of a Schrader valve is supposed to be a gasket.

  31. Again Earl hit the nail on the head. Yes, there are no adjustments or altering the vehicle post race, which is why they don’t allow jacks and just stagger boards. Remove caps and check air pressure and stagger on stagger boards, which is what the 60 did, just like everyone else who has won these races for years have done. You can’t penalize the winner for doing the best job that day by not letting him check that while the other 20-30 cars in the race roll to their pit stall or trailer and get that crucial info. its funny how the same folks who harp Matt can’t win on the WMT because of their iron clad inspections and tough tech have now flipped the switch to Matt cheated and NASCAR missed it and did a terrible job, even though what happened was right in front of their faces? You can’t cater every situation to fit your own agenda. In dareals example, sure, people still speed on the interstate, but do they knowingly go 90 in a 55 in front of several cop cars with radars, speed trap cameras, while being patrolled by helicopters which is what you are accusing Matt of? No one is that stupid.

  32. “We’ve always let them check tire pressures,” Wilson said.

    To check the function of the bleeder valves?

  33. Southern speed says

    Seriously he was so fast he made most of the top teams look bad and that is the issue. A guy that runs 3 races a year blowing off the regulars never sits well.
    I doubt just tire pressure was the winning formula!
    He flat out wheeled that car and his moves in lapped traffic could not have been accomplished by many of the regulars.

  34. “I was wondering what the 60 team was doing, working on the car as soon as it stopped in VL”

    “Who the hell uses valve caps?????????


    “It is standard operating procedure to adjust tire pressures during pit stops. Time critical pit stops when fractions of a second matter. There is no time during a pitstop to remove and replace valve caps”

    “I don’t think I’ve ever seen valve caps used. They must “fall off” all the time. I also don’t go looking for valve caps all the time. But watching pitstops when a team is adjusting tire pressures, they clearly are not removing and replacing valve caps when they adjust tire pressures.”

    Says the guy in this very thread who calls Doug an idiot for asking a question while arguing against himself. Doug’s an idiot for asking a question if caps are a rule while he argues he’s never seen anyone use caps even though everyone does since they are mandatory. Welcome to the internet yet again!

  35. Pretty ballsy to infer that TC was a cheater. But back to Matt. Seems every time he wins he must be cheating. GET OVER IT. Matt has what many drivers don’t…talent.

  36. Rob p wrote, “Pretty ballsy to infer that TC was a cheater.”

    Rob p, please, TC was no angel. 😇 The cars he drove were nabbed numerous times. Do a simple Google search.

    One of the more entertaining was in New Smyrna, he was challenged and instead of allowing the inspection, he packed up and went home.

    Do the Google search.

  37. So I saw all the comments about never seeing valve caps used including Earl who said the teams he worked on didn’t use them and went right to the rule book like I did when Sapienza got penalized. I copied and pasted the rules then and was looking forward to doing it again in part because I wanted to bust Earl’s chops. Bottom line I busted my own chops. To Earl’s credit even after saying it was his experience not to use them he looked it up anyway. You either get-er-done or you don’t and while everyone else was spinning their wheels including me Earl got-er-done.
    I suppose if you’re so invested in a conspiracy and the type of person that is never wrong you could continue to say cheating was afoot. You’d have to ignore the comments of Wilson and XRacer’s observations and the rules as printed that you failed to look up before making your accusations. Cheating is still possible isn’t it????????
    Come on man, no it isn’t. Time to move on.

  38. knuckles mahoney says

    Dareal is being made to look like an idiot at every corner here. Keep digging the hole dareal while xracer throws the dirt on top of ya. I’m LMAO over here. He accomplished in one thread what most have been seeing for years.

  39. I’ve never heard of a racecar running valve stem caps. Also though, if you can’t see exactly *what* the crew member took off the wheels, there’s no way to prove it later, maybe the crew member had valve caps in his pocket in case he got caught. Either way, nascar would lookbad either way, they don’t see exactly what happened, now Matt’s cheating. If they go ask the crew member he could say anything. The only way to fix that is no one touches that car until tech and I’m sure as he said, tech will be all over that car the next races they run and I’d bet *if* he is running bleeders they won’t be on for those next few races.

  40. You can post the rulebook all you want, but rules are just rules. Teams do whatever they can get away with, and this is quite dubious. 🤨 I was watching and wondering what was going on. Never saw so much work being done in VL like that. Must have been real important.

  41. Well, Matt had better be running valve stem caps for now on. And his pit stops to adjust tire pressures are going to suffer greatly as a result. Gotta take the cap off, adjust pressure, put the cap back on.


    When I watch tire pressure adjustments, the gauge goes right on the stem, no cap was ever there to be removed. 😝😝😝😝😝

  42. I think in all fairness to everyone NASCAR needs to release an interim TSB stating a clarification on tire pressure checking in VL since it has become a potential issue.

    The rule clearly states “Vehicles must not be altered or adjusted in any manner during the cool-down lap or on pit road prior to reporting to the inspection area(s)”. By allowing the practice of checking tire pressures in VL, per Wilson, which requires removal of the valve stem cap, a clear violation of the black & white rule, NASCAR/Wilson created a grey area and in my opinion that creates confusion.

    Clarify the rule in writing, eliminate the confusion and finger pointing.

  43. If it’s illegal, but everyone does it, is it still illegal? People are bitching because they got beat by someone who spends way less than they do. Those 3 un-named car owners should let their names be known, or shut their mouth. Matt puts in the work, and reaps the rewards. It seems like every time Matt wins a tour race contraversy follows. Put up or shut up.

  44. MH is a bullring specialist, Oswego is a bullring. It’s one big left turn, no real straights. This result was not unexpected. Furthermore, MH has run at Oswego far more than the rest of the field, he’s got tons of experience there. He better do well there.

    MH won’t show up on the NWMT at Stafford and NHMS because he favors bullrings and does not do well on tracks that are not bullrings. Yes, he gets lucky once in a while, but not like he does on bullrings.

  45. Any driver that wins consistently is going to be accused of cheating. If drivers are spending more money and are consistently losing to a lesser funded team it has to be due to cheating. It cant be talent, has to be illegal cheater parts. I don’t know everything about Hirschman’s program but he finds himself in victory lane quite often. With that comes increased scrutiny in tech. I haven’t heard of them catching him illegal yet. There is no doubt Hirschman knows the rules and uses the rules in his favor but that isn’t cheating. I know people often complained about him running half throttle saving the tires then pass everyone within the last 20 laps. There was another incident where he just relied on a provisional instead of racing his way in to many competitors complaints. Smart strategy but not cheating. People love a good conspiracy theory and that is all this is. I like his attitude about it. He cant control what people say or think. Just go about your business winning races.

  46. Watched him race at Evergreen Speedway PA. a few weeks ago. Had caps on the valve stems ?

  47. The Atomic Punk says

    ….Rumor has it Matt owns a Tom Brady jersey.

  48. Just Me - The Original says

    As a tire guy, Nascar has only mandated caps at New Hampshire but highly recommends at all tracks. Personally, I only use(d) at Thompson, Richmond & New Hampshire. There is no rule for tire pressure so why would they let air out. We’ve always been allowed to check pressure and stagger using boards. If we waited till after VL, the data would be flawed. Checking pressure and stagger is not altering or adjusting anything

  49. Who Cares says

    I am with Rob P , he hit the nail right on the head, shut your mouths an drive your million dollar race cars you babies, Maybe nascar can Change the name from WMT to the Cry Baby Tour 🍭

  50. Well, MH will be running valve stem caps at all NWMT rules events from now on.


    Hope he doesn’t have to do a tire pressure adjustment under race conditions.


  51. Sorry JM Original, the rule is very clear about valve stem caps; “C. Valve stem caps must be installed at all times during competition”. States nothing about only recommend at certain tracks.

    I believe the reason valve stem caps are not enforced is they are looking for bigger items to catch that are less obvious. Since it has now been questioned I guess NASCAR/Wilson need to address it or take the ostrich approach. Either enforce or don’t but, please put it in black and white so it is crystal clear.

  52. Another good one dareal, the more you talk the deeper you dig your own hole. Again, for someone as smart as you act to be, a little bit of research goes a long way. “Matt is a bullring specialist, and Oswego is a bullring”, but is the fastest track other than Loudon the Tour goes to. Richmond will be up there as well. Oswego is 5/8 mile, and the pole was a 17.56, or 128.074 mph. The tracks Matt is not good at, because they are so fast and not a bullring, Stafford (1/2 mile) pole was an 18.00 or 99.95mph. Thompson , another 5/8 mile, same as Oswego, pole was 19.22 or 116.98 mph, pretty much 1 3/4 second slower on the same size track, while Stafford a half second slower and a smaller track. I’d say, and pretty sure the drivers would agree, that Oswego is a bad fast and intimidating “bullring”. Matt also fared pretty well at other “bullrings” such as Concord, New Smyrna, Lancaster, Richmond, etc. And the only reason Matt wins at Oswego but can’t cut it at places like Stafford is because he has more laps there running 2 or so RoC races there a year in the past, boy, I can’t wait to see your outrage when the guys who grew up racing at Stafford in the SKs 20 or so times a year, year after year after year, take down the Tour wins there. Big difference on racing a place once or twice a year versus racing a place weekly for a bunch of years, I’d venture to say the laps those guys have at a Stafford or Thompson outnumber Matts laps at Oswego by the thousands, so “they better do well there”. Again, just stating facts. Oh, and as far as Matt just picking to race at places he can do well at and skipping others, you should probably do the math on the amount of tracks he “cherry picks” racing at, because I’m certain he races at more different places a year than any other mod driver out there, and has won at more places than others have even raced at. So maybe it’s the others, not Matt, who need to spread their wings a little, no one has supported more series and tracks than him and he’s the only one who gets criticized for where he races.

  53. XRacer, nothing makes me happier to know I am under your skin and in your head. I clearly hit a nerve.


    The rulebook still contains content about the definition of the window openings, in that the window openings must remain OEM. Good section on the rear window specs. Couple years ago, there was still text in the rulebook about removing windows (the glass). The text was clearly from back in the ’50s and ’60s when street cars were modified. Laughable.

  54. Just Me - The Original says

    Earl, I know what the rule states, it’s one of the rules that they don’t spend a lot of time enforcing. You can’t check every rule at every track. If you did, tech would take the better part of the day.

  55. Here’s the thing that always grabs me… it doesn’t matter if it’s hockey, baseball, or motorsport…

    If it’s in the rule book, enforce it. If it’s not important enough to enforce, take it out of the rules. There’s nothing worse in any sport than uneven officiating. The best competitions are always fairly called by the officials to a published set of rules.

    That said, it’s claimed the crew member who approached the car first removed caps on one circuit around the car, then checked pressures on the second trip around the car. So… the car apparently was running “caps”, even if the comments here state nobody else does and NASCAR doesn’t check. But for some reason, said caps were immediately removed and taken away before checking any pressures.

    Why would an efficient mechanic remove all four caps before checking pressures, essentially making double work? The cap is the primary seal on a Schrader valve. If you bother to run caps in the first place, you probably either think they’re important, or you’re meeting the rulebook. You’d think an experienced mechanic with efficiency of motion would immediately check the pressure in that tire in case the internal valve leaks. If you’re concern is meeting the book, why take them off and not put them back on?

    So the question remains, why hurry to get all four caps off and out of view before legitimately checking pressures? Were they really caps?

  56. Since the rule is that caps are required, what would be the penalty for not running caps?

  57. It appears the NASCAR WMT rule book is 148 pages long. I wonder how long it has been since NASCAR has done a thorough review and revision of the rules.

    I agree with Barry’s statement “ If it’s in the rule book, enforce it. If it’s not important enough to enforce, take it out of the rules”.

  58. Dareal, if you think you got under my skin and in my head by acting like a genius while proving to everyone on here yet again how little you actually know about the sport, the rules, the tracks, that’s laughable. Just follow your flip flop posts on this thread alone. Every one of your posts either contradicts yourself or facts posted by another member who actually did some time to do some actual research. If you are in anyone’s head it’s your own since you are essentially arguing against yourself in most cases, the rest of us are simply pointing out all your inconsistencies with facts and your own opinions. Glad we don’t live in that alternate reality. But if that’s what gets you through life seeking attention on a message board, you do you. You claim to be a race fan who knows so much about the sport, got all Matts secrets figured out, but your posts prove to everyone just how little you actually know, so with every post you disprove your original point even more. So keep posting, because the more you do that Matt had something shady going on, the better it looks for him for anyone who has followed this whole thread, since every one of your comments has something incorrect in it as proven by me or someone else on here.

  59. Efficiency of motion is not the goal in taking tire pressures. Pressure is a function of heat among other variables. . You want to take all the tire pressures in the tightest window possible to limit the cooling distortion factor between tires.
    I have no idea if that’s right but it applied to durameter readings. Bet Just me would know.

  60. Yep. XRacer, you keep proving I’m under your skin and in your head. Especially when you post to blather I’m not under your skin and in your head. That’s as stupid as when people post to say they are not going to reply, but they did when they posted to say they weren’t going to. But I won’t point out your idiocy.


    You folks have to read the rulebook. There is so much nonsense in there that can not possibly be applicable today. As we were building cars, we’d have a rulebook in the shop, refer to it and laugh.

    I can’t believe that the 60 team has one guy to take caps off and another to take the pressure readings. They unionized?

  61. Who Cares says

    Who the freak cares, no one likes a winner specially when they invade their series, go check the rest of some of the tour guys, an I bet you’ll find someone cheating one way or another, an I can tell you it’s not valve stems either, do like the old days put up the money an have them tear em down, it’s funny the ones that cry the most probably CHEAT the most

  62. Doug 🤮: “Efficiency of motion is not the goal in taking tire pressures. Pressure is a function of heat among other variables. . You want to take all the tire pressures in the tightest window possible to limit the cooling distortion factor between tires.
    I have no idea if that’s right but it applied to durameter readings. Bet Just me would know.”

    If it is so important to take the pressure readings in the tightest window possible, isn’t efficiency of motion of utmost importance?

  63. Who cares? Clearly an idiot.

    Air pressure is crucial for maximum side bite on a bullring, since a bullring is nothing more than a big left turn. MH is most comfortable on bull rings. It’s all about side bite on bullrings, and air pressure is crucial in getting that side bite.

  64. I think the goal is to take the tire temps in the tightest window to make them more relevant to each other. If you’re taking caps off and pressure readings at the same time the time differential between the first reading and forth reading will be greater and thus the cooling differential greater between the first and forth tire.
    That’s my guess. It could very well be the guy just did it that way but he seemed very intent on a specific order. That and from what I’ve seen nothing Hirschman and his team do is inefficient Little help from actual tire experts would be appreciated.

  65. Well, the difference between temperatures when the car is hauling on the track vs. pulled into pit road are extremely different. A long time ago, a car was fitted with IR temperature thermometers to read and record tire temps when the car was running on the track. It was concluded that any other tire temperature measurement, such as pit road tire temperatures, was useless.

  66. If they freak out this bad when beat by an accomplished racer wins, what will they do when Melissa finally wins a race?

  67. Modified Fan says

    MH is the best modified driver out there at this time (even being underfunded comparted to many other teams). There is no doubt about it . It does not matter if he runs his red car, or black car, he is is always one of the two or three favorites to win, wherever he goes. I don’t think that can be said of anyone else. If MH was in a fully funded Whelen modified team, he would be the favorite to when the championship over any other driver. MH deserves to be considered for a promotion/trial in a higher up NASCAR series.

  68. Is MH really “underfunded”? He appears to use the best equipment available, and wins. I don’t think lack of funding is holding him back at all.

  69. I don’t think the entire field will never finish a race and leave the 01 the last car running.

  70. Cactus Earl from the sublime to the absurd. You deservedly won the accolades of the forum hitting a home run on the rule copy and paste and now picking the low fruit on Fifield? Say it ain’t so big guy.

  71. Stranger things have happened Earl.

  72. 🌈🦄2020 says

    What will they do when Missy finally wins a race?Rob P, comedy is not your strong suit. Better keep your day job.

  73. He cheated … get over it…

  74. I was at Thompson last night for the Outlaw Mod race. Didn’t see a single valve stem cap in the place.

    Valve stems caps… 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝

  75. This is just priceless… I’m still chuckling. 🤭

    This stink is gonna stick to him for a long time.

    He’s gonna get chided forever over this. He did it to himself.


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