Penalties Likely For Stafford SK Modified Division Champs After Altercation Friday Following NAPA SK 5K

Keith Rocco (left, Photo: Fran Lawlor) and Ronnie Williams (right, Photo: Jim DuPont)

An altercation in the pits late Friday night at Stafford Speedway will likely result in penalties for two SK Modified division champions.  

Police ended up involved after a physical altercation between four-time and reigning Stafford SK Modified champion Keith Rocco and two-time division champion Ronnie Williams following the conclusion of the NAPA SK 5K Friday at Stafford Speedway. 

In the late stages of the NAPA SK 5K Bryan Narducci and Williams ended up battling for position on the track. Narducci was making his second start of the season driving for Keith Rocco Racing. He won his first career SK Modified feature in his debut with the team on June 19 at Stafford. 

Narducci was sixth and Williams seventh for a lap 97 restart of the 100-lap event Friday. Williams ended up sixth in the final results and Narducci eighth. 

After the race when the cars went to the Stafford pit area Williams approached Narducci in Narducci’s pit stall. 

At some point Rocco approached Narducci and Williams and the incident got physical, with Rocco and Williams ultimately ending up on the ground fighting. 

Williams said Rocco punched him twice in the face during the altercation.

“I was talking to Narducci,” Williams said. “It had nothing to do with Keith. Keith made himself involved and put his hands on me first. He blindsided me.” 

Rocco said he was defending his space as the team owner of Narducci’s car. 

“I have about $100,000 of equipment sitting in that pit stall between a car, a truck and a trailer,” Rocco said. “I have the right to be in the pit stall. There’s two sides to every story, but at the end of the day, he was in a place he didn’t belong.” 

Tom Fox, director of racing operations at Stafford, said competitors are not supposed to enter the pit area of another competitor to confront them after an event. 

“The general application is that if an altercation happens, you’re at fault if you’re not in your area,” Fox said. “That is supposed to deter people from starting any issues. Obviously each situation is reviewed and the information we gather can modify that application. The managing group is still gathering information and will announce any penalties by Tuesday.” 

When asked if he punched Williams Rocco said: “There’s two sides to every story, and I ended up on the ground as well.”

Said Williams: “Him not admitting to what he did, it shows me his true character. … Keith doesn’t remember pushing me or hitting me. … I remember everything that happened and admitted to throwing him into the car and bringing him to the ground. Man up to what you did and move on. I have witnesses on my side that were there and saw it all happen. He pushed me. He punched me twice in the face.” 

After the altercation police got involved and collected information from the parties involved. Williams’ father Ron said his son was offered the option by police to press charges against Rocco and opted not to. Ron Williams said his son, Rocco and Fox spoke together as a group with a police officer for at least 10 minutes after the incident took place to “clear the air.”

Ronnie Williams visited an ambulance briefly. 

“I only went to the ambulance to get an ice pack,” Ronnie Williams said. “It’s funny because all the years I played hockey, it’s the first time I’ve ever been punched in the face. I got hit in the face twice. I didn’t need to be treated, just went for an ice pack.” 

Ronnie Williams is currently fifth in the SK Modified point standings at Stafford after eight events, 54 points behind standings leader Stephen Kopcik. Rocco is seventh, 78 points behind Kopcik. 

Fox said penalties are expected. 

“At the end of the day fighting is not tolerated and penalties will result,” Fox said. 


  1. wmass01013 says

    MADHOUSE NORTH?????????

  2. It’s “local” racing .. Have fun, be safe, no need to get “stupid”.. allowed their ego to get in the way, bottom line..big egos!

  3. Canned Carburetor says

    Not to be the barer of bad news, but Ronnie Williams and his team are known to be instigators. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seen an older woman, maybe his mother, start problems with someone else. Keith had the right to be in the stall, since he’s the one who’s renting the car out to Narducci, but word on the street is that Narducci was bent all out of shape and actually pushed Ronnie before Keith got in. Rocco wouldn’t just punch Ronnie out of no where, the story is empty from Williams side and does not add up. I mean, he must’ve gotten his ass kicked enough to be crying about it on here and bragging about hockey.

  4. kid mayweather vs logan paul williams says

    Williams went to confront someone. he got what he was looking for after trying to pick on a handicapped driver . glad Rocco came to his drivers defense. you enter another teams pit stall you can expect the worst .

  5. Stuart A Fearn says

    In my experience in dealing with this exact situation a number of times is when you go into someone else’s pit area everything is your fault and that’s the end of the story. Any retaliation or getting your ass kicked by someone else is on you for making the choice to go into someone else’s pit.
    I’d history Is any indication Williams will be thrown out for at least one if not two weeks and Rocco has zero fault in this. The track rule is essentially if someone comes into your pitch tall especially right after and on track incident the only reason would be to start a fight and you it’s game on after that.

  6. I wasn’t there so I don’t know what happened. There is a history between Rocco and Williams to begin with. Williams already had a run in with Dowling this year so I’m sure he’s frustrated. Rocco was acting like a child at Waterford after an altercation with Mike Jr and he’s not having the best year so I’m sure he’s frustrated. It’s nice to see people realizing Keith isn’t the golden person everyone thinks he is. All three are aggressive drivers.

  7. The Atomic Punk says

    That will happen at a track with 1 groove. Tempers flare when you get stuck behind another car. At Thompson they could’ve settled it by running side by side lap after lap…. But hey at least Stafford pays well …LOL

  8. Young Buck says

    Stuart, your saying assault is ok?

  9. What happened to NASCAR’s let the boys have at it?

    If you wonder into someone else’s pit area looking for trouble, be prepared to get lumped up. Don’t cry, just put your tail between your legs and walk away!

  10. Stuart A Fearn says

    Young buck- those are your words. What I’m saying is in my experience if you enter someone’s pit stall after an on track incident it’s game on and all the invaders fault. The racers pit stall who got intruded on can come back with a tire iron if need be. It’s essentially “stand your ground” law in the pits if you will.
    Just the facts, that’s the way it is. Don’t shoot the messenger lol

  11. Does the Williams/Rocco bad blood go back to the year (2016?) that Williams was going to “rent” a Rocco car to run at Thompson? As I recall, Williams bailed out and drive for another team at Thompson that year(?).

  12. Sharon says says

    I wouldn’t brag you say you have a $100,00 dollars of equipment and your racing at Stafford really, come, go play with the big boys down South.

  13. Sharon,
    You obviously don’t know a lot about the economics of racing with the “big boys down South”. $100k wouldn’t pay the hotel bill, meal tab and fuel bill for one race with the “big boys down south”.

  14. Who Cares says

    Yo Sharon; Shout your pie whole an go wash clothes or something. You have no clue

  15. Punk you really have to come up with a new tune. You really are turning into a “one hit wonder” I see side by side racing all the time at Stafford. I like the fact that Stafford is a relatively flat track. THAT put’s more emphasis on DRIVERS TALENT. I also, ask again. It is obvious that Rocco is having a very un-Rocco type of year.. COULD it be that he is stretched so thin by setting up 4-5 cars, maybe more who knows (saw him consulting with Fuller last week) that his on track performance is slipping. Also, could some of Rocco’s frustration last night be a carry over from last weeks heat race where Ronnie did DUMP him on the final lap of the heat race for the LAST preferred starting spot.

  16. Did Rocco cut in line to be first to punch Williams, just asking because nobody likes someone who cuts , I heard the line was getting long

  17. Robert Steele says

    Keith Rocco works hard for what he does in racing, Williams is a spoiled little mommy’s boy. Just to listen to him cry on here is a disgrace. ( He punched me in my face, tears)

  18. Who Cares says

    maybe he should’ve brought his hockey stick an helmet with him when he went into the other guys pit area, just saying, you don’t go in the other guys pit area, that’s a No’ No

  19. Stuart, I believe there needs to be some clarification on the Stafford “stand your ground” rule by the track before someone gets seriously injured. That may be the Stafford “rule” however, I believe that is not the exact interpretation the State of CT would take.

    The State of CT does have a Castle Doctrine however the State of CT does not observe a “stand your ground” law which refers to outside the home in public. All citizens have a duty to retreat if it can be done safely.

    As an old friend of mine who is a judge would say, aggravation is no grounds for assault.

  20. The Atomic Punk says

    Ken L…. Tell me about it. I am just so Disappointed when I go to Stafford in 2021 compared to watching Mods run there in the Mid to late 80s and first half of the 90s when there were 2 Great racing grooves. The repave in the late 90s changed that place,,,,Hate it. Your point has been noted for the record,

  21. What a contrast. The good sportsmanship in victory lane between Kopcik and Christopher and this mess.
    Well I tried to find it. The exemption in the Connecticut General Statutes in racing pits for assault and battery. Nothing for Stafford Speedway nor the Town of Stafford either. As surprising as it may seem the “racing code” means nothing as far as assault goes.
    Pit trespass is a Stafford rule not to be confused with laws against assault. There is no stand your ground laws in Connecticut that excuse assault and it’s ridiculous to even suggest such a thing.
    How about a blast from the past?

    “After the heat, Potter went to Donnelly’s pit area. The two were talking and a fight broke out”

    Bob Potter failing to honor the pit sanctum of another driver. Can you imagine?
    That’s right, as crazy as it seems in the past when the fists came out people did get arrested.
    Hey I’ve got an idea. If Stuart Fearn is feeling chatty with strong feelings on this episode perhaps he could fill we fans in on exactly why Ryan felt so strongly regarding his two week suspension to call out the Arutes in victory lane last night. The Fearn clan seems aggrieved that’s news as well and victory lane pretty public.
    “Williams went to confront someone. he got what he was looking for after trying to pick on a handicapped driver “
    Handicapped huh, how very last century of you. That observation is simply wrong on every level and insulting to Bryan. First of all his disability has nothing to do with his ability to defend himself in a verbal confrontation and that’s what it could have been. Two guys yelling at each other after the race. I know shocking right? Nor like any other person he is not expected to defend himself in a physical confrontation because…… I go again……it’s illegal. Here’s another shocker. You can admire Bryan for overcoming a disability but with regard to racing it is completely irrelevant once he passes through the pit gate to compete.
    One thing is for sure. Not one person here I’d bet knows exactly what happened. I’d bet the police and the officials at Stafford know pretty well what happened.
    What we have here is two unsympathetic long time stars at Stafford Speedway in Rocco and Williams so the supporters of each know the other is wrong. I don’t and I’d bet you don’t either.

  22. Stuart A Fearn says

    with all due respect, the state of CT does not own a racetrack and decide who races at it. As far as I can tell SMS is a private entity owned in it’s entirety by the Arute family. History shows the rules work pretty well if you ask me. With the knowledge you could get thrown out if trouble breaks out along with getting your ass kicked (no one really thinks that going in) but getting thrown out is a big deal. Most will stay away or yell from a distance and that’s the end of it.
    Let’s say they do nothing in this case and let it pass saying he just went over to talk and got attacked, likely story after the temper goes down and you realize your going to get bounced. Or the track throws both out, then next week someone’s going to walk over after every single feature into their rivals pit and instigate a fight trying to get him thrown out. Or send a surrogate or random to do the same. It will be complete chaos and anarchy within a month for sure.
    It’s pretty good the way it is now, for all the on track and crew tempers there are very very few fists flying in the pits

  23. Y’all need to think of this as if it happened on Main Street, Anytown, USA. If these clowns 🤡 did this on the street, would/could/should they be arrested and charged?

    Just because this happened at a track does not make it okay. Rules at Stafford are not laws of the State of Connecticut.

  24. Doug wrote, “One thing is for sure. Not one person here I’d bet knows exactly what happened. ”

    But yet you can go on and on about something you know nothing about. Over and over, time and time again..


  25. Remember a few years ago when those racing families used to fight all the time at Thompson? It was like hillbillies, Hatfields and McCoys. It was a hoot!!!!

  26. Dadope when there’s a fight at a ball game the league takes care of punishment not the state that they happen to be playing in , if it was Nascar maybe they would have a say but it’s not , so Stafford hands out the punishment , don’t need to get anyone else involved

  27. Then answer me this Stewart, why were the police involved? According to the article the police got involved and gathered formation from the parties involved. Why do you think that happened?

    Stafford Speedway is not the jurisdiction having authority, the Stafford PD and or the CSP are. Why are the police at the track every week? Why is there a DMV officer there every week? It makes no difference where the altercation took place, private property or public property.

    Are you telling me that if someone got their head split open with a tire iron, stabbed or shot just because it happened on private property owned by Stafford Speedway the individual can’t be prosecuted for any crime?

    State of CT criminal law and codes prevail no matter where the incident takes place. Stafford Speedway can make all the “rules” they want, rules don’t supersede State and or Federal laws.

  28. Earl,
    I don’t think there’s a DMV officer there anymore. The DMV hasn’t been involved in short track racing in Connecticut for quite a few years.

  29. Elect-idiot, there have been cases where pro athletes have been charged with crimes, then pled guilty or found guilty of those crimes committed during a game. Your ignorance prevents you from accessing those facts. It is rare, but it happens.

  30. Elect,
    Athletes in other professional pro sports have been charged criminally for incidents that took place during sporting events. Just because you’re participating in a regulated sporting event doesn’t mean regular criminal law goes out the window.

  31. I stand corrected Shawn about the DMV officer.

  32. Shawn it has happened but it’s a rare case

  33. Elect,
    Totally understand its rare, but it does happen.

  34. Canned Carburetor says

    Dude shut up and drop the alias. You bully and comment on every post behind the screen tough guy.

  35. Elect wrote, “Dadope when there’s a fight at a ball game the league takes care of punishment not the state that they happen to be playing in , if it was Nascar maybe they would have a say but it’s not , so Stafford hands out the punishment , don’t need to get anyone else involved”

    You clearly don’t realize that you are effectively saying that only crimes committed on public property are actionable, and crimes that happen on private property are to be left to private parties to remedy. The track gets put in a position of calling favorites.

  36. Sound’s like Rocco is in for it .

  37. There are three people providing multiple cars at Stafford on a typical Friday night that by the shear weight of their financial commitments are crucial to the race quality at Stafford. Those would be Keith Rocco and KRR, Todd Owen of Chassis Pro and Stuart Fearn of Fearn Motorsports. On any given race night in the four divisions in which they compete they have their hands in something like 15% plus of the total field in the four divisions. Unlike the typical competitor their pit is more akin to a small fiefdom and the buffer to competing teams far greater.
    In the last few weeks members of two of the three teams have been involved in serious confrontations that did or will result in serious penalties. The three teams in my view are pillars of the racing at Stafford however at some point you have to wonder if there is a sense of entitlement they may be staking out with their power.
    Ryan Fearn in victory lane:
    “A little open letter to the Arute family. You guys have a weird way of showing your appreciation for me but I’m going to still be racing for you guys so that’s fine.”
    That’s not a talented young driver talking, that’s an entitled member of a powerful team taking absolutely no responsibility for the behavior that resulted in the two week suspension.
    Even if you don’t like Rocco’s driving style it’s impossible not to admire his ability as a driver and the organization he’s created out of nothing affecting so many cars. He’s an exceptional talent and we’re lucky to have him.
    In the last few weeks he’s been seen running after Mike Christopher at Waterford and now this. At the very least in this situation he can be credited with escalating a confrontation that did not involve his driving decisions.
    Really isn’t it time for Rocco to reflect on what’s going on here and perhaps step back and take a breath. He’s everything I said to racing but more importantly a father and husband. He’s had a serious operation with artificial parts that has to last him a very long time. He shouldn’t be running around chasing other drivers or on the ground fighting with another driver for any reason regardless of illegalities or track rules. If you care about Rocco and what he means to racing in Connecticut maybe it would be a good idea to stop enabling his outbursts with some romantic macho notion of what real racers should be.
    If you want a good example of a highly competitive and successful driver and multiple race car owner who knows how to use his words to settle disputes look no further then Todd Owen. In the time he’s been responsible for multiple cars at Stafford I cannot recall him putting the management at Stafford in a situation where they are forced to enforce penalties on him they clearly would prefer not to have to do.
    Rocco is mid thirties, a family man and a future NEAR hall of famer. Act like it!

  38. Deep thought says

    Interesting thought about penalties…..if both parties are suspended, I feel like it could make fighting open season at stafford.
    Think of it like this..two championship contenders are close in points and there is an on track incident that takes one of them out the week before the fall final, all but insuring the championship for the other party.
    Normally there would be no benefit to running over and fighting someone.
    In a case where you can go in someone’s pit area looking for trouble and start a fight that gets you both suspended, you can ensure the other party doesn’t race the final or win the championship.

    Stafford should think long and hard about how they do this.
    Racers love grey areas

  39. Williams is a spoiled brat. He ran over to bully a handicap kid like a big tough hockey player. Self admitted threw Rocco to the ground and by the sounds of it got what he deserved. He started a fight and got his ass beat by all accounts I’ve heard, then he goes to the ambulance and he/mom calls the police. Very spoiled immature child.

    Usually this is a learning moment for punk kids who never got punched when they ran their mouth.

    The comments and this story couldn’t possibly make Williams look like a victim he claims he is. Why he would go on record with this story just shows how out of touch he is with the real world.

    You look bad kid, real bad.

  40. Self-regulation of illegal, deplorable actions doesn’t work. The theory that someone goes to another pit area is supposed to somehow conclude that person is looking for a fight is pure conjecture.

    Look at the Catholic Church and how well they don’t regulate themselves. They claim to be the supreme higher authority but they are an exclusive pedophilia club. Amazingly, they have been able to keep themselves largely out of the legal system. All while the Vatican burns and the church ⛪️ implodes.

  41. Was Ronnie Williams going over to the other pit area to destroy Rocco’s equipment?

    Doubt it… so Rocco’s excuse is lame.

  42. Doug, you are an expert on everything, most of which you know absolutely zero about. Ryan Fearn was suspended for supposedly driving towards / swerving at an official on pit road three weeks ago after the feature. The only witness to this purported act was Dave Secore, a former driver at the track, current employee / volunteer at the track and an accused (and charged) sex offender in the State of CT against a minor. The track was asked to review the video form with Ryans car that shows his hands on the wheel and obviously a very clear view out of the windshield. That video shows no swerving, no driving in an aggressive manner nor even another track official for the entire length of pit road. The track refused to even entertain the thought watching this video, instead relying on the word of Mr. Secore and nothing else.

    Regarding Ronnie Williams ill fated attempt to gain tough guy status, perhaps his Dad should have retained his old go to move at the track, that being pay someone else to do all of the dirty work. Pay for a ride, pay for tires, pay for a motor, maybe pay someone to act tough too. Poor planning on their part. And as to how the police became involved, that was a direct request from the Williams camp themselves, while he was getting an ice bag for his “injuries”. How he could march into another competitors pit area, scream like a five year old at a handicapped driver, then push Rocco over a tire onto the ground and jump on him only to claim victim status is beyond me. BTW…I’m referring to Bryan as handicapped only in the manner in which it would be quite easy to get him off balance and on the ground due to his leg issues, that’s just a fact. I really hope Ronnie gives his clients at Empower better advice to follow than his own hair brained scheme from Friday evening. Disgraceful.

    Now Doug, back to your Barcalounger as you say to come up with some more expert analysis from watching Flo racing rather than being actually on site at the track.

  43. Is it Brian Narducci pit stall, or is it Keith Rocco’s pit stall, the distinction matters.

  44. “Deep thought” reads like another one of Doug’s idiotic screen names.

  45. The SMS official used to remind people that the driver was responsible for the actions of their crew. I’d imagine this would include the car owners so should Narducci be punished for Rocco’s actions even though the initial blame is on Williams.

  46. We as spectator’s can’t really know what happened and why. What we can do is look back at the last couple seasons and see what fellow competitor’s have to say. Rocco garners much praise and respect from other driver’s, at times they are angry at him but in the end he is credited with being a talented driver, crew chief and car owner. He seems to be viewed as a hard worker who has earned everything he has. Williams has been called out by multiple drivers in multiple series and tracks as being a bit of a spoiled punk, the most extreme case probably being Dowling. Williams knows what to say publicly and rarely lets emotions take over in his statements, but the opinion of his fellow competitor’s paint a picture of a driver that isn’t really respected or liked by his peers. This says more than any of us really can.

  47. Please, don’t hate someone because of their wealth. Or lack thereof. If Ronnie Williams was driver scraping by, y’all would be loving this and cheering him on. Your jealousy is showing, your desire to be in a position that Ronnie Williams is in is glaring.

    So leave the money out of it.

  48. Gotta agree with dareal. Money shouldn’t be biased for or against a driver, they should be looked at regarding their talents. I remember an incident years ago where a driver went after another in victory lane. They’re punishment, they both sat out practice and had to start from the back the following week. I’m m still interested in knowing if the pit stall would be Narducci’s or not as it could prove for a different outcome penalty wise. Just have to wait and see.

  49. Like Stu Fearn said, as soon as Williams entered Narducci’s pit stall, he assumed blame, and as a long time car owner Stuart would be the one I trust information wise

  50. I get beat up for comparing this to a fight in other sports where the league hands out punishment , but this makes all the sense in the world to compare it to the Catholic church , holly crap and all this from the couch

  51. Elect-idiot, the issue is about self-policing privately, without State involvement, versus State involvement, with fights, attacks, assaults, etc. that may take place at a race track. It is a dicey issue, and the Catholic Church is a perfect example of how self-policing does not work. I mean, if the high and mighty all-judgmental Catholic Church can’t police itself, nothing and nobody else should be expected. Look at all the corruption and malfeaseance in law enforcement, they can’t police themselves.

    The track stands to be in a tough spot when/if it hands out discipline, for one side will be a favored by one set of fans, the other side favored by the other side. It’s a no-win situation for the track. If the law takes over, the track is out of it. The track should not have to play the role of warden, watching over basic civility.

    The track should put Williams and Narducci in adjacent pit stalls for now on. 😝😝😝😝

  52. Don’t think the police need to be involved for a few punches , a lot more thrown on a pitchers mound and no police , poor Jimmy Spencer wouldn’t have made it past his first week , let track take care of it and move on

  53. knuckles mahoney says

    What Dadope fails to realize, is the police were there. The officer has the discretion to arrest someone, or not, after looking into it. They chose not to, and that is the officers right to choose. That’s a separate issue from the track handing down penalties. Will see what they do. Bottom line for me, from what I can gather, and admit I could be wrong. Williams went to Narduccis stall not to have a beer. Rocco got involved, and Williams pushed him and he tripped over a tire. Rocco has a right to defend himself, and popped Williams a couple times. Williams went crying to the police, and they decided not to press charges. For Ronnie, if you can’t finish the deal it’s best not to go looking for trouble, you just might find it. And in Keith, he found it. It’s best not to mess with people, you might just find that one person you wish you never messed with. Time to move on.

  54. Who Cares says

    this is to some of you regular idiots that are on here and you know who you are, do you guys actually go to a race just curious, if you don’t get your hands dirty and work on the car I’m sorry you’re not a racer you’re probably still spoon fed by your mommy

  55. Drive shaft says

    Kieth and Bryan both need to get suspended. Good job,that’s how 3 year old act. Setting a bad example. If they dont,all the talk about SMS having favorites just might be true

  56. What the Neanderthals, troglodytes, and knuckle draggers fail to realize is that if authorities, whichever they may be, don’t do something about this, it will escalate. And when that happens, lots of expensive equipment gets wrecked and people can get hurt. This needs to get snuffed out.

  57. My understanding is that the police were on scene, not that they were called. When asked if he wanted to press charges Ronnie declined. The laws must be different in connecticut, because had it been Massachusetts, Keith would have automatically been arrested, and the town or state would have automatically pressed charges. It’s also amazing that more people weren’t involved. Stafford officials now have a tough task ahead in deciding what happens next. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  58. Do you think I know absolutely zero “who dat”? Could be. A little surprised you don’t agree with my favorable comments on Todd Owen. Nor do you agree that Rocco is a cornerstone of racing at Stafford , major talent and future NEAR hall of famer.
    You could be right. Ryan Fearn given a two week suspension based on superficial and incorrectly interpreted evidence. This Dave Secore the only witness you say sounds sketchy indeed. The only witness you say. That could be true And Stafford not willing to view video of the incident could be true.
    You sound informed about the Rocco incident as well. Contrary to the story you say that Williams pushed Rocco first and the sucker punch or punches never happened.. Interesting. And Narducci at risk as well because as you say he’s “handicapped” and could easily be upended by Williams.
    Na, who’s kidding who, just about everything you said defied logic and the reports that have been printed. All self serving bunk in my view crafted by a fan perhaps associated with one of the teams.
    Three people have used the word “handicapped” in this thread. This afternoon I talked to a person that has CP and asked he and his significant other what they thought of the use of that word for their disability. Essentially it was what are you gonna do. It’s used by ignorant, backward people that would include you “who dat” that don’t have the courtesy to use the proper term. Then you use it as leverage to build your fantasy about a threatening Williams that never happened. This particular guy with CP has a degree from UCONN and makes well over six figures so compared to him “who dat” you may very well be the person that is “handicapped”. Taking it to the next logical conclusion a whole lot of drivers that can’t hold a candle to Narducci may be “handicapped” as well. Oh yah and how about women? Are they handicapped as well because they don’t have the muscle mass to defend their pit from intruders. Or if a woman was an intruder would it be OK to clock her as well for violating the code of the pit? How about age is that an “handicap”. Mike Christopher in the third phase of the special SRX SK race veers into Todd Owen is that the result of an age “handicap”?
    Tell you what Stafford Speedway wants and I’m almost certain of it. They don’t mind rough housing on the track and are prepared to level penalties accordingly it’s part of racing. What they don’t want is this nonsense with stars getting involved in boneheaded confrontations that result in suspensions and their stars not being at the races they are trying to promote.
    Intuitively it makes no sense that Stafford Speedway would hastily suspend Ryan Fearn on superficial evidence and for two weeks. Forget he’s one of the most exciting drivers in the Late Models. Fearn Motorsports and Stuart Fearn are cornerstones of racing at Stafford. I’m pretty sure they brought in Broadbrook Brewery as a marketing partner. What reason is there for Stafford to be rash about a penalty leveled at Ryan Fearn?
    Anyone that cares anything about what I write knows I’m not a fan of Ronnie Williams nor Skowyra racing. I do know that everything you said “who dat” and everyone else for that matter about his dad, who pays for what, his lack of popularity is all completely irrelevant in this incident.
    We don’t have the final story but if it’s anything close to what has been reported Williams should get a penalty for violating the pit rule. Rocco another matter entirely.

  59. I wasnt there but read through the article and comments. I think I got a pretty good idea of what happened. All I want to say is Stafford is really in a tough spot here. Do you suspend all 3 for the altercation, two of them, just one or perhaps none. In doing so you may reduce your SK field to under 20 cars for whatever length of time you suspend them for. Also you would be loosing some of the more popular drivers in the division. Do the drivers come back after suspension having had the chance at the championship taken away from them by the decision. Does Rocco say to heck with Stafford and pull all his cars out of competition there? I can see a combination of suspensions, fines, penalties(no handicap=start at the rear) and probation issued by Stafford. Make the punishment higher based on where you asses more blame for the incident. Guaranteed. No matter what decisions are made. one side is going to say its too much. the other side is going to say its not enough. It is just an impossible situation Stafford finds themselves in. I would hate to have to make this decision. Definitely be tuned in to RaceDay to find out what happens.

    I am just happy no one was seriously hurt. There was an incident down FL where a race official died trying to break up a fight. There was an incident at Thompson several years ago involving some mini stock competitors that seriously injured one of the parties. This along with driver fatalities are the worst part of the sport. You hope it never happens but know there is always the possibility it could happen.

  60. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Nevermind the Catholic church. Next, dawokefella will be teaching all you idiots what #defundthepolice #abolishthepolice #abolishprisons
    really means. How many times has he brought up the Catholic church lately? Welding Wonders, do your thing.

  61. The Atomic Punk says

    Who cares… I’m not a chef either but I can tell the difference between a good meal and a bad one when I am eating it…. and I agree on one point you made… Yes, You are sorry.

  62. So anybody wanna take a shot at defining the degree of thuggery and the delineation test that determines what’s okay to be settled by track issued discipline and when State law enforcement needs to be involved?


  63. Who Cares says

    Can’t wait to hear what all you morons have to say once the penalties are delivered

  64. Jared Kushner says

    Can we talk about how the owner of the team Williams drives for is devoted to QAnon and thinks Trump is going back to the White House in six weeks? Having a car owner who lives life devoted to a fantasy cult probably doesn’t make for much mental stability or quality rational decision making within that camp.

  65. Jared Kushner, that is a great point, especially since you and Ivanka have split from following the QAnon idol, the big orange idiot, Donald Trump. I’m relieved to see that Ivanka has given up babysitting the big orange brat. But how can so many people be so stupid?

    I think maybe 6 or so QAnon idiots will show up in DC in mid-August, only to be disappointed again. How can so many people be so stupid?

  66. I would not be surprised if Stafford does nothing, and just lets this fade away. They are probably hoping they can pull a page out of the Trump University playbook and cause another big distraction to get the masses of stupid idiots to follow the next shiny object, and forget the Williams-Rocco incident.

  67. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.
    “And just a reminder, I was right, again.”
    “See, I was right. Even Earl can finally get it.”
    “wmass01013, you were correct when you addressed me as “genius”.
    “Hey Doug, I was right again.”



    357 But yet you (Doug) can go on and on about something you know nothing about. Over and over, time and time again. Idiot.
    358 “Deep thought” reads like another one of Doug’s idiotic screen names.
    359 they (Catholic church) are an exclusive pedophilia club.
    360 Elect-idiot, there have been cases where pro athletes
    361 Elect-idiot, the issue is about self-policing privately,
    362 if the high and mighty all-judgmental Catholic Church can’t police itself
    363 What the Neanderthals, troglodytes, and knuckle draggers fail to realize
    364 the big orange idiot, Donald Trump.
    365 Ivanka has given up babysitting the big orange brat
    366 I think maybe 6 or so QAnon idiots will show up in DC in mid-August
    367 How can so many people be so stupid?
    368 (Stafford Speedway) get the masses of stupid idiots to follow the next shiny object, and forget the Williams-Rocco incident.

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 179……………………………368

    NEW TRAUNCH OF INSULTS SINCE DAY 175……………….…………..12



  68. Just posted

    ! week off for all 3 Drivers

  69. Did I miss it? The track rule against fighting and this much repeated code of the pit. Can’t find it in the General Rules. Looks like they reserve a wide range of discretion for these matters and do whatever the hell they think is appropriate. Seems like they did the right thing here walking the line between meaningful penalties and avoiding season ending death sentences.
    There’s all kinds of details in the General Rules you’d never think of that are covered. Like no burn outs or donuts in celebrating a win. Sad to see Stafford is still stuck in the last century referring to people that are “handicapped” in the rules. Did you know it’s a rule that drivers must wear their fire suits without any stripping down in victory land to present a professional appearance. . 15 people made the podium Friday night and all but one followed the rule. I won’t mention her name.
    The code of the pit stall. Turns out it’s more like a guideline and not worth putting in print. And the zero tolerance on fighting. Nope, doesn’t exist as far as I can see. More like frowned on with the threat of penalties that are more inconvenient then anything.
    So Rocco gets a bit more of a penalty. I guess we can infer from that he was the first one to make it physical or at the least escalated the childishness beyond what was appropriate.
    Recess over, not it’s back to racing.

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