RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Was The Biggest CT Short Track Racing Related Story In The Last Six Days?

What was the biggest Connecticut short track racing related story over the last six days? Vote below.


  1. I’m voting all of the above plus I’d add one. Two races into the Tri Track season and Hirschman has a NWMT win before he has a Tri Track win.
    This is one of those seasons you hope for but is rare. Unexpected results everywhere you turn where past dominance has diminished value in predicting what will happen at the next race.

  2. Doug , I Agree……. The APPLE CART is definitely been upset… Rocco & Owen & Williams not hogging Victory Lane at Stafford …. Coby Slays the DRAGON [ RIVERHEAD } .. Preece racing every 4 days , Wins in first time in a TRUCK EVER , Narducci Gets REDEMPTION … He can Win he is a Winner …. Deegan puts on a top notch finish , all women drivers rejoice across the Country.. You go Girls …. Tyler Hines is a DISRUPTER : a person or thing that interrupts an event, activity, or process by causing a disturbance or problem for other competitors….I believe Hines will be the CHAMP at Stafford…Thanks Rocco for his speed SECRETS, Thank you Keith….. Build your Empire . Build your stable up to 8 cars available to lease rent , Rich beyond your wildest dreams. KRR lease the best , Proven Winners, First time Winners already proven track record … Call Keith if you wanna go fast at Thompson Waterford Stafford… !!!

  3. Fast Eddie says

    Doug & suitcase, I’m with you as well. Great stories and results everywhere for new england racers! And i would also call this poll as a dead heat!

  4. Now that’s a heck of a quake Jake. I have goose bumps and love the vibe.

  5. Gotta agree with Doug, Jake and eddie ( sounds like a country group) all of those stories listed get equal credit. They were all big news

  6. Billy Bear getting proven to be wrong yet again.

  7. Making people count six days back was just cruel for some.

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