RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Be The Next First Time Winner In The SK Modified Division At Stafford?

Friday at Stafford Bryan Narducci became the second driver in 2021 to record his first career victory in the SK Modified division. Tyler Hines also accomplished the feat earlier this year. So who will be the next first time winner in the division? Vote below.


  1. Marcello ….. He runs out of the Rocco Stable…… Most odds of Winning on His side… According to latest Vegas Sports book lines….

  2. Canned Carburetor says

    Damn right it’s gonna be rufrano

  3. I can’t recall Michael Gervais getting a win but I know he must have. Checked it out he did, a number of them actually. 2 in 2012 and one each in 2014 and 2015. Interesting that since he’s been driving the KRR car not even one win.
    Actually neither Moeller, Rufrano or Gervais has a win in a KRR car. Moeller’s win was before the switch to KRR. Here Narducci step’s into one and boom…….a win. Excepting that there is only one KRR car that consistently competes for wins and that’s the one the owner drives. Well that might not be true either because the Hines 85 is a KRR creation as well is it not? Hard to keep track of exactly what level of involvement crafty old Keith has in each one of these cars.
    John and Maina Rufrano are listed as the owners of the of the 68 but they are strong supporters of Rocco’s system so the KRR stable reference is apt. Marcello is a good driver and the Rufrano’s spare no expense and work tirelessly toward achieving good results. They have the one open win an occasion where their car was nothing short of dominant. The 68 not having a win at this stage has to be one of the major surprises since they moved up from the SK Lights.
    The poll seems to have nailed it overwhelmingly in my view. Still Teddy Hodgdon never stops learning or working. They’ve got the latest Troyer chassis and Pettit power and a driver every bit as talented as the 68. Put Teddy Hodgdon in the queue a little behind Rufrano but not quite as far as the poll differential would imply. That 55 is another car getting KRR help in some fashion is it not?

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