Wired: Wayne Coury Jr. Gets First Late Model Win Of 2021 At Stafford Speedway

Wayne Coury Jr. celebrates victory in the Late Model feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Wayne Coury Jr. was having some issues getting moving Friday night at Stafford. 

Like literally, the Shelton driver couldn’t get his Late Model started. 

When he did find a way to get his motor fired though there was no stopping him going to the front. 

Coury scored his first victory of the season in the 30-lap Late Model feature Friday at Stafford. 

“We had some electrical issues leaving the shop today,” Coury said. “We couldn’t get the car started. We were in the pits right before the feature, couldn’t get the car started. These guys scrambled, changed part of the distributor over, made it just in time and we’re in victory lane. I just have to hand it to these guys. It was awesome.” 

Michael Bennett of Willington was second and Michael Wray of Northford third. 

Coury passed Tom Fearn for the lead on  lap 18 and never trailed again, getting through multiple restarts over the final 10 laps to get his fourth career Late Model win at Stafford. 

“You think 30 laps is a short race, but the amount of focus that goes into it and just hitting your marks every time,” Coury said. “We’ve had a rough start to the year, the car just wasn’t right. We’ve worked on it pretty hard over the last few weeks.” 


  1. Never thought I’d say it but it’s hard to say if the Late Models or SK’s are more entertaining to watch. The Late Models have come so far in a few years it’s breathtaking. A lot of really good cars and tough drivers.
    Was missing Ryan Fearn and missed it. The guy that introduced the company that created the Double Hooked beer got double hooked by Stafford Speedway.

    “#12 Late Model, driver Ryan Fearn
    Infraction- Actions detrimental to the sport, unsportsmanlike conduct, reckless endangerment on pit road, post-feature
    Penalty- Suspended from competition at Stafford Speedway for the next two events, probation for remainder of 2021 season.”

    What the heck did you do Ryan? “Reckless endangerment”!!!! Pennink and Christopher didn’t get suspended two weeks for the shoving match in victory lane in 2017 for crying out loud?

  2. Congrats to Wayne and crew for the win. Good job.

  3. The LM’s certainly put on a GREAT show. I thought thta Fearn received his just desserts. Definitely rough driving of Coury. Almost spun him out. Wayne came right back I think Bennet had the best car, just had issues. Would have loved to seen Gray without his issues. A few years ago people were writing off the LM’s, now on any given Friday Night, they put on the best show like last night. A filed of cars that can win almost any night. 10-92-97-19-5-42…..

  4. Seriously no one is going to mention what Ryan Fearn did to get such a stern penalty? Soft soap it, sugar coat it, just a brief overview of what happened but something please. It’s so out of character. Get it out there and then we can move on but it’s not like it didn’t happen whatever it was.

  5. Doug,
    He was accused of directing his moving car toward a crew member on pit road.

  6. Thank you!

  7. And Wayne loads his winning car on an open trailer and heads home , couldn’t be any better

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