Justin Bonsignore Leads Whelen Modified Tour To Lancaster Speedway

(Press release from Souza Media)

Justin Bonsignore (Photo: NASCAR)

Two-time NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour champion Justin Bonsignore leads the series to another new track this weekend as the points leader. The driver of the Kenneth Massa Motorsports, Phoenix Communications No. 51 leads the point standings by 10 points over Patrick Emerling — as the series rolls to New York International (Lancaster) Speedway on Saturday, July 31 for the Nu-Way Auto Parts 150.

The visit to the half-mile New York oval may fit right into Bonsignore’s wheelhouse. The team often performs well on new tracks, and is coming off a strong second-place finish at New Hampshire Motor Speedway last time out. The Lancaster event begins a crucial second half of the season stretch for Bonsignore in his chase for a third Whelen Modified Tour championship. Just six days after Lancaster, the tour will be back on track at Stafford Motor Speedway on August 6.

“I’m excited to get to another new race track in a great part of the country in upstate and western New York,” Bonsignore said. “They have a lot of great fans out there. I always love the challenge of a new race track and we typically run well at them. It’s gonna be a tough learning curve and a tough battle. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going on the Whelen Modified Tour.”

Saturday’s race day schedule includes one practice session from 2-3:15 p.m., with Mayhew Tools pole qualifying set for 5 p.m. The green flag for the Nu-Way Auto Parts 150 is set to drop at 8 p.m., and the race will air live on TrackPass on NBC Sports Gold. It will also be on TV, tape-delayed on NBCSN on Wednesday, August 11, at 2 p.m.

For more information on Justin Bonsignore, visit JustinBonsignore.com and follow his Athlete page on Facebook. For more information on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, visit NASCAR.com.


  1. Well, Dug Kobe is probably going to show up with a brand fresh motor, so it will be extra fast.

    Go Dug Kobe, GO!!!!

  2. Ryan Stone will get the 51 running just fine.

  3. I do hope NASCAR and the track are watching the weather… the window of opportunity has gotten smaller and earlier. Moving the race up is highly advisable.

  4. Has NASCAR given up completely?

    The NWMT website is so out of touch. Things like the Pit Box and Race Center.

    The July 31 race Pit Box page is presenting the Riverhead race in the audio option.

    The Race Center links are not updated in time, such as the entry list. NASCAR isn’t even trying anymore.

  5. Dareal;
    While the fat lady ain’t sung yet, sure sounds like she is warming up her vocal pipes.
    I’ve always been an advocate of nascar mods. I’ve always thought they have set the standard for modified racing bar none, and while expensive and not very flexible, have had best purses, point funds, and benefits over the long term. I’m old, and have been following nascar mods since 1965. Seen ups, downs. Never seen it this close to demise. Even during lean economic times. Different dynamics this time around.
    And while I understand that racers want to race, and nascar is expensive, I believe in racing, as in life in general, you get what you pay for. For the most part, our beloved race car drivers, have benefitted from modern safety innovations from $$$nascar, , but that too, costs.
    I’m not sure what will happen here with the tour.
    These are changing times.
    People can blame nascar for being inflexible, and their added “premium series” cost.
    People can blame “times are a changing” and other series are making in roads. People can blame “lack of new fans” apathy, and old timers hanging on to a golden era of racing, for this unseeing inevitable demise. People can blame Covid. Or it’s just the times. Btw, No knock on other series. I love tri track, mrs.
    Streaming. No one at the track to buy beers and hot dogs, souvenirs. How profitable, sustainable? Who knows? But I know that can’t help matters. And, I know, nascar wants their own streaming dog in that fight. Another issue, right?
    I for one will shed a tear, (sorry for drama, and no, a person did not die) if the tour ends.
    I like competition. I like that there is tri track, mrs, and the tour. They all make each other better.
    You take away any, the others don’t have to try as hard. Slow but sure, product will suffer without competition from other sanctioning bodies IMO.
    It don’t look good. See Shawn’s piece on nh.
    And while we have beat this topic to death, I really feel that this is a defining crossroad moment for nascar tour modifieds at this particular time.
    Yeah Dareal, nascar ain’t trying. No argument. And I ( like I think you) have to question why. Always good press releases, and lineup publications, well before a tour race. Now, not so much. I think sapienza wasn’t given enough credit, and was sounding a warning shot, and not “whining” over nothing, IMO.
    And I for one will cherish the last nascar modified tour race I witnessed at Thompson. No one brought that place alive all those years, anything near, like those guys did. Will there ever be another?
    Man, I hope I’m wrong, but I’ve been looking for positive signs from that tour and local tracks, and don’t see much of anything positive with regards to future and the tour. What a shame, even if you are on the side of a nascar hater.
    Dareal, I voted “0” on the amount of tour races in conn next year. Don’t hate me for that. But realistically, Waterford banned by nascar, Thompson run by a “sanction” that is not nascar, and stafford dropping sanction because they wanted to control their own tv streaming rights, which they have a right to do. (Among other reasons) I may not be a genius, but the numbers just did not add up in my mind. Sad realization for this long time dedicated nascar modified fan. Putting on my big boy pants here dareal, and do not disagree that nascar ain’t trying, as you said. Why? Well, I guess we all seemingly can connect the dots, even though I don’t wanna connect Those dots…… hate it. Jmo.

  6. “I voted “0” on the amount of tour races in conn next year.”
    That’s a keeper we’re putting a pin in.
    Shawn Courchesne has mentioned there may be some kind of article coming out in the foreseeable future that addresses races at Connecticut tracks in some fashion.
    In a Bottom Shot podcast Mark Arute mentioned that 4 opens feels like the right number. It was a while back so we’ll see if that has changed.
    Something is brewing. In my view there is zero chance Stafford will not have a NWMT race next year.
    The backward, unyielding approach of the NWMT and predictions of it’s immanent failure have gone on for years. This just another episode in my view with yet another twist or turn but not THE END.
    What’s the saying, it takes a village? Kinda fits the situation with tour type modifieds. All the choices teams have with options having different strengths and weaknesses adds up to a season of opportunity for teams and fans. Why would anyone want that to change?
    Seeing the field of cars at a NWMT race in the 80’s, 90’s and into the new century with all those iconic names was a special time. This time right now is better in my view with the smörgåsbord of disparate choices with different strengths and accessibility virtually unlimited to any fan of any age. Coverage not limited to days old print but in real time on social media and right here on RaceDayCt complete with fan reaction in real time.

  7. Bobf, I hear ya.

    NASCAR has completely disrespected the NWMT owners and core NWMT tracks, such as Stafford and Thompson, while they tried to peddle the NWMT around the country, far away from the home regional market. It didn’t work. The southern mods collapsed so NASCAR figured they’d replace that failure with more of the same. The perv at the shore is out, Thompson bailed, Stafford told NASCAR to stick it.

    It’s strange to read what they (NWMT) might be planning, because of the extreme stupidity, but I’m thinking it’s either gonna be really bad or really good.

    Remember General Schwarzkopf from the Iraq invasion days? Well, he gave a press conference telling how early on the Coalition kept making the wrong moves against Iraq. He explained that as warfighters, they hold their opponents in high esteem and also as expert warfighters. He then went on to say that after a couple of these misfires, they realized that Iraq always made the dumbest moves. Once the Coalition realized that, it was lights out.

    Similarly, I try to figure out what the NWMT brain 🧠 trust is planning, but it is a divergent future depending on which path are they going… expert or idiot.

  8. I too will be sad to see the History of the TOUR end, But as I have stated many many times it’s the IRON FIST of sadcar that dug their OWN GRAVE in NEW ENGLAND ,,, I have been to HUNDREDS of TOUR RACES , So I am a long time supporter of the TOUR… YANKEE ALL STARS ,,, …. CUT DOWNS,,, Modifieds up and down the Coast …. But sadcar did themselves in plain and Simple…. We LOve HEAT RACES, Green Flag LAPS here in NEW ENGLAND… Race your way in, non of BORING TIME TRIALS one car at a TIME , BORING SLEEP HERE MOMENT”S . Yellow flags robbing US of Competitive Full out Racing, They don’t care about you in DAYTONA,, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ??? they just want “THEIR” MONEY , your MONEY for Licence and Pay your HIGH upfront FEES to get OUR SANCTION, THey wouldn’t bend for COVID, They wanted ALL THEIR MONEY no exception’s , So really are you SURPRISED Stafford , Thompson, Seekonk, Lee, Star , Manadnock said good bye???? They dug their OWN GRAVE now lie down in it , ENOUGH SAID

  9. You know I would never want to cross swords with you Suitcase Jake but your diatribe on everything wrong with the NWMT may be a little ill timed.
    Lancaster was a rousing success at every level and may prove to be the best event of the season combining every element of what it takes to hold a modified race event.

  10. wmass01013 says

    YEAH THOSE PACKED STANDS LAST NIGHT HATED TIME TRIALS AND CAUTION LAPS, why does EVERY SERIES HAVE TO BE THE SAME to make u clowns happy, dammmmm JUST ENJOY, it was a fun race last night, the 3 heats at the STAFFORD OPEN ON FRIDAY DIDNT do ANYTHING TO make the open 80 any better, the FEATURE RACING AND TEAMS DO

  11. Believe me I do ENJOY the MODIFIED TOUR RACES.!! LOVE the TOUR … It’s Nascar’s lack of RESPECT over the years that has got me discouraged with they way they treated US over the years ….I wrote in another thread that I was Happy to see the Fans flocking to the Grandstands when the gate opened to SECURE their seats .. Happy to see people Excited about the TOUR coming to TOWN… And I am sure they will have another RACE maybe 2 … Heat races provide more racing for your dollar, Adds DRAMA for the Consi or Feature . I LOVE all RACING, Can’t get enough.. I hope the TOUR does survive along with all the HISTORY of the TOUR TOO… I have been Supporting the MODS since the late 60’s Early 70’s , Yankee All Stars, Cut Downs and all the Open Competition shows in NEW England . We attended the Martinsville Mod Tour Race this year and really enjoyed Goodale getting the Grandfather Clock … Just don’t like how Daytona looks down on the Tour, Doesn’t promote it properly in my Opinion…

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