Mike Christopher Jr. Gets Third Win Of Season In SK Modifieds At Stafford

Mike Christopher Jr. celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – It’s been a long list of drivers visiting victory lane in SK Modifieds events in 2021 at Stafford Motor Speedway. 

But only one driver can say he’s done it three times in regular events this season. 

Mike Christopher Jr. held off the late lap charges of Todd Owen to win the 40-lap SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway. 

It was the third victory in 10 events this season for the Wolcott driver. 

“We’re in contention to win every time,” Christopher said. “Tonight it wasn’t perfect but not every race car is perfect. We held on there and somehow made it to victory lane. [Owen] obviously was right there but Todd is a real respectful driver. I like that about him. You race respectfully and you get race respectfully.” 

Christopher also won the exhibition TickMike.com SK Modified All-Star Shootout on June 12. 

Owen, of Somers, was second and Tyler Hines of North Haven third. 

Hines, with two victories, is the only other driver besides Christopher with multiple victories in the division this year. 

Owen came back from a hard wreck in his heat race. 

“I’ve just got a great bunch of guys around me,” Owen said. “They never say die. We came in after the heat race pretty tore up, but nobody ever skips a beat, they just went right to fixing it. I just can’t thank all them guys enough.”

Christopher used the outside lane on a lap 28 restart to go by Marcello Rufrano for the lead. Owen followed to second, but couldn’t find the lane by Christopher over the final seven laps. 


  1. I’m sure Mike Christopher Jr is a pretty good driver but I’m just so impressed with what Mike Sr has accomplished. They have been off a bit the past couple years but this year they’re completely on their game even as the competition gets stronger. Unless something changed that’s all Mike Sr with his do it all, anal retentive personality having to micro manage everything that goes into the 82.
    So did we miss Narducci, Rocco and Williams last night? Not me and not at all. The guys fighting for the championship were all there and doing their thing. Kopcik uncharacteristically a little too rough at times and it cost him but an acceptable points finish. The 22 on bad tires or something amiss cause Dowling had opportunities but didn’t have the car to take advantage. Owen playing hurt the surprise of the night for over coming adversity to deliver a second place. That might have been a first place were he not playing hurt nor the gentleman racer he is but that’s another story.
    Stafford please tell Christopher enough with the two bows deal. It was nice the first time but now it’s a bit over the top.


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  6. solsticeson says

    Apple didnt fall from the tree, Mike Sr. was always a better shoe,,,then lots of others,,,

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