RaceDayCT Daily Poll: How Many Whelen Modified Tour Events Will There Be In Connecticut In 2022?

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour has three events in Connecticut in 2021, all at Stafford Speedway. There is much speculation that number could be changing for next season. How many Whelen Modified Tour events do you think there will be in Connecticut in 2022? Vote below.


  1. Not enough

  2. Good Riddance!!!!!!

  3. RIP to the good ole days where a tour race was the attraction and an all day event.

  4. I picked 2. I think that is more wishful thinking on my part though.

  5. That is a great poll question no one could possibly have an inkling of how it would turn out. The current thinking is a downtrend heading to zero I’d imagine. On the other hand neither does it seem outlandish to envision Stafford going to 2 and the NWMT returning to Thompson for the Icebreaker and World Series.

  6. What is the speculation? Source? The poll question leads me to believe Stafford is reducing their tour events in 2022. More twelve car non sanctioned races at Thompson isn’t going to cut it. Is the nutmeg state moving forward without any Tour or Tri- Track events in 2022? Say it isn’t so. I might have to find a new hobby.

  7. I’m not sure about this, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Would it be a β€œleap” to think that Mayberry would consider the tour at Thompson, as he leads the Pass series administration, which has its own Pass tour modifieds? Like I said, just a question.

  8. Stafford seems to be doing real well with the open shows especially when they are sponsored by outside sources. Why would they reach into their pockets to pay NASCAR to bring the tour into town?

    I voted 2 but that was a very shaky 2. Wishful thinking.

  9. Stafford tried substituting the SK’s in the Sizzler one year and it was a complete bust. Thompson has a short shelf life and can take it a year at a time. Stafford has a long history and hopefully a long future. They do things incrementally so I can see no way they go a year without the NWMT completely.
    Opinions by the moderator are tricky. He wouldn’t want to join in for the Pick-em polls. Drivers despite their absence here do read the comments and it you have to interview a driver you disrespected with a low or non pick in a poll you can bet they’d remind him of it.
    This is different. After an appropriate waiting period to let the poll results mature it would be nice if Shawn Courchesne weighed in. Numerous times in print and in Unmuffled episodes the question has been raised and most notably with Jimmy Wilson. Is the dearth of tracks signing on for NWMT races a function of Covid19 jitters at the time the schedules were put together or a symptom of a longer term decline in the NWMT for whatever reasons? I recall Wilson was not willing to write off Thompson at all in the future. Might be posturing or he may actually try to recruit them for next year. Between last year and this year it is possible that NASCAR will change their business model to get more in line with the changing times and popularity of the open format.
    Stafford has data on their GSPSS event, how it compared to the Sizzler with the NWMT included, all the data on their opens and how they’re trending and there will be more numbers to crunch for the remaining opens and NWMT events. They’ll view how other opens are fairing, talk to other tracks and none of it will crystalize until the fall. The biggest secret that no fan has a clue about is how do the FloRacing numbers look? It’s huge. If they’re gaining strength and Stafford can jettison NASCAR’s rights to their events for a race or two and keep a greater portion of the streaming money for their two biggest events then why wouldn’t they be inclined to do that if the opportunity was right? If it’s been more akin to having a good night selling beer but expensive and labor intensive then that could be a factor as well.
    Shawn Courchesne knows where all the bodies are buried, talks to every key player especially at Stafford, knows their inclinations and must be able to glean something on the topic. I’m sure he does not know what will happen mainly because the decision makers don’t know yet what conditions will exist at schedule time in the fall. However unlike most of us Mr. Courchesne would be able to render an informed opinion.
    It’s only mid season, the poll is here so it must be on your mind. Why not try to thread the needle with an opinion that’s not too controversial that gives us a snap shot of how things look at this particular point in time

  10. Jimmy King says

    I believe it is really up to NASCAR. If they are more willing to work with the tracks;( lowering costs for hosting a Tour race, etc) they might have more races in CT. If not; I don’t think there will be very many.

  11. Doug,
    All I can say right now is that you’ll almost certainly read a news story in the coming weeks that will tie-in to the subject matter of this poll.

  12. Honestly I was shocked when Stafford had the Nascar tour back this year. Especially with COVID restrictions kind of unknown at the time. I would be surprised if they had 3 Whelen shows next season. I would hope they have the Sizzler and Fall Final but they have kind of proven they can do it themselves. I wouldnt be surprised if those stotied race events became tour type opens. The Open shows attract a decent field and it doesnt cost nearly as much to run. The Nascar tour doesn’t bring with it the most talented field or the most cars anymore. I would rather go to a tri track show than a Whelen show these days. They can also broadcast their open races on their broadcasting partners site. Everything kind of points to Stafford going at it alone without Nascar,

    If Stafford doesnt have the Whelen tour next year. Does Whelen drop its sponsorship of the Nascar tour. When they started sponsorship there was probable 7 or 8 races within the geographic area of Whelens headquarters. Fast forward to 2022 there might not be any whelen tour races in the area. While they are a national company, if there are no races in the area to go to and bring customers too is it worth writing that check for sponsorship.

    There really hasnt been a noticeable difference in the weekly program without Nascar. In fact I would say the late models have been much better this year compared to prior years. Car counts have been pretty good in most divisions. i dont know if that is because it is cheaper to run without Nascar licensing or not but the car counts have been pretty good this year. They certainly didnt take a big dip from last season when Stafford ran under Nascar sanctioning. The Nascar National championship isnt what it used to be. I couldnt even find how much the National Champion gets these days. With only one track running SKs as their top tier Nascar division the local guys cant compete with the Nascar drivers down south. The hope of chasing a National championship points doesnt really benefit SK drivers anymore.

    Nascar should take a long look at itself in the mirror and realize it is their fault they are losing long standing member tracks.. Maybe try to come up with some ideas on how to better partner with member tracks and make it more affordable to partner with Nascar going forward. I doubt that will happen though.

  13. Fast Eddie says

    Jimmy King hit the nail on the head. Nascar needs to be a little more “track-friendly” to continue around here, particularly now that tracks are looking at alternatives. I’m guessing they’re now at Thompson this year because the deal was very different from WMMP’s deals last year. Stafford’s Opens are a nice alternative and I would guess they’re working financially for the track. Hopefully Thompson can make things work. Nascar had bargaining power and may have lost at least some of it due to tracks exploring other options with some success.

  14. Fast Eddie says

    Correction …NOT at Thampson…

  15. Asking Shawn to weigh in worked out pretty well. A news story in the next few weeks you say. A tie in to the subject the poll addressed you say. Something to anticipate. I like it.

  16. Folks, the pandemic has changed everything. The restrictions on gatherings, etc. has had an impact, and will continue until the unvaccinated get vaccinated to stop feeding the spread of the pathogen. 🦠

    The various entities such as the tracks, promoters, and series have to protect themselves, and when there are unpredictable and perhaps low numbers of cars and fans showing up, some entities might lose quite a bit of moolah πŸ’°. All they are doing is being careful.

    When it’s safe to go outside, things will get better. β€οΈβ€πŸ©Ή Happy days will be here again.

    I was just at the grocery store and there are bare shelves, and signs saying the supply chains are being disrupted by the pandemic and it is uncertain when products will be available.

    You can ignore the pandemic 😷 🦠 all you want, but it ain’t ignoring you.

  17. Chris Pasteryak will need to come in at least second tomorrow night to be near the money he got for12th at Star. I don’t know what Hirschman’s biggest pay day has been but I doubt it was over the $17,233 he got for winning the SBM X race. Silk got almost $9000.
    You have to understand your niche. Stafford has a nice niche with the 4 opens. The money is meh, the crowds are above average but not great and the field of cars is good but not great. Nobody has better support divisions for their show then Stafford so you put it altogether and it’s a terrific product for what it is. In season specials.
    Tri Track does what they do very well so why go talking about them filling the void if the NWMT goes belly up. Speaking of that were there no NWMT who’d fill the gigantic hole?
    Everything is really good now with all the different offerings, the different tracks and sanctioning groups filling their niches well the sum of which it outstanding modified racing. Why hope for the failure of one of the legs of a great season?
    We should be hoping that Stafford and Thompson for that matter find a way to support a NWMT event or events next year.

  18. Does anybody remember the ;::: TRI – TRACK Stafford Race…. You couldn’t move the pits were full , Tons of Modified’s ….. They CRUSHED the tour in every Category… Car Count ,, Purse,,, Fan INTEREST was amazing the BUZZ could be heard in all the NORTH EAST..:::: Jack Arute said it was like the EARLY SIZZLER DAYS ,,,, People were TALKING…. Then why would they give nascar a dime ???? Run TRI – TRACK Shows & Keep your Sizzler and Fall Final under your OWN BANNER !!!! Tracks finally realized that IRON FIST nascar has lost it’s luster ….. Who needs to pay their fees and Upfront purse money in advance to DAYTONA ????? Put the MONEY in the Drivers POCKETS,,, Get your TV Money …. OWNERS and DRIVERS get more money to run their TEAMS … People people it’s a no Brain er keep your money here not Daytona… EASY DECISION …

  19. πŸŒˆπŸ¦„2020 says

    Dafella better get his basement tidied up.

  20. Suitcase, I do recall that after the TTOMS race @ Stafford, it was concluded that TTOMS is a bullring track series, not a horsepower track series. Once that line is crossed, from bullring to horsepower, engine expenses go ⬆️ πŸ†™ and some, perhaps many, teams are left out.

  21. where is the payout for the Star TTOMS race..I’ll bet he won more$ than Preece did at NHMS

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