Stafford Postpones Friday Racing Card; Midstate Site Development Street Stock Special Moved To July 16

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

Stafford Speedway has postponed its Midstate Site Development Street Stock 30 Weekly Racing event scheduled for Friday, July 2 due to forecasted rain.  The entire race program, as well as the fireworks that were scheduled, will all move to Friday, July 16. 

Any tickets sold for the July 2 event will be honored on July 16.  The Kids Night event with the Big Wheel race originally scheduled for July 16 will move to July 30.

Stafford Speedway will return to racing action next Friday night, July 9 with the Bud Light Open 80 program featuring Open Modifieds as well as Stafford’s SK Modified®, Late Model, SK Light, Limited Late Model, and Street Stock divisions.  

Tickets for the July 9th Bud Light 80 are available now online at and tickets are priced at $30.00 for adult general admission tickets, $10.00 for kids 6-14, and free for kids 5 & under. 

Reserved seating is priced at $35.00 for all ages and paddock passes are priced at $45.00 with a 2021 Stafford Competition License and $50.00 without a 2021 Stafford Competition License.

For more information, visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. smart move considering the weather forecast, lack of tire inventory (they did change the tire rule ) and lack of money the competitors have (car counts going down)

  2. WHAT???

    All these big macho men are afraid of a few raindrops?

    How can that be???

  3. Wait does that mean Rocco, Williams, and Narducci are out next week since they couldnt serve the penalty this week or are they out 16th or do they not serve any penalty? I know when Reen served a penalty in the late models they said he couldnt race the SK either. So precedent would indicate they arent racing tour types. I was planning on going to the open 80 but will probably skip it if they arent going to be racing that night. Lose three big players in the SK’s and a couple in the tour types. So much for leaving the basement once hockey season ended. Guess it wasnt meant to be.

  4. CSG,
    It was posted before in the comments here. Keith Rocco and Ronnie Williams will be allowed to compete in the Open Modified 80 on July 9 but will not be allowed to compete in the SK Modified feature.


    Go to the Speedbowl Saturday if it doesn’t rain it’s going to be an interesting night

  6. I do not agree w the suspension of any of the drivers (I was involved in an altercation similar to Ronnie Wiilliams/Rocco) and there was no suspensions. but were they suspended for one week or one event? If it’s one event do the get to choose which one? If it was one week, suspension has been served….

  7. Well Shawn, you answered the question I was going to ask. What I don’t understand is how they will be allowed to compete in the open show while being under suspension. Could it be that both Rocco and Williams are a crowd draw, and they don’t want to lose that extra revenue? Or is it that the open modifiers are not part of the weekly racing card, and therefore their suspension does not apply? A very interesting situation indeed.

  8. Steve,
    Suspended for next SK Modified event.

  9. Thanks for clarifying that Shaun. I must have missed the prior comments. Does seem like Stafford is enforcing the rules a little differently for some of their fan favorite drivers compared to the Glenn Reen suspension awhile ago. Is that because they are no longer associated with Nascar now. Why the change? If I was Reen I would be shaking my head wondering what the difference is. I think his major issue with the suspension back then was that he should be able to compete with the SK’s as the suspension was due to an issue in the late models. I believe it was an ontrack issue in the late models with Reen which furthers his argument that he should have been allowed to run the SKs while the Rocco Williams Narducci incident was an off track out of car fight in the pits. I would think the out of car fight is warranting more of a complete all division facility ban rather than an in car incident more targeted specific divisional ban. I would be interested in Glenn Reens thoughts on the whole issue. Perhaps its not worth picking at old wounds and digging up controversy. What is Reen up to now anyway? He was running a couple of divisions a few years ago now I dont think he is running anything weekly. He was very competitive and entertaining. Also I dont think I have seen Dan Avery much this year. Did he retire?

  10. GP, was this postponement a conspiracy? Who did it? What secretive forces are at play? It’s all about control, they are controlling you.

    This is your cover song:

  11. Let’s see if I can help catch you up to speed Rob p.
    “Suspended from next completed Stafford Speedway SK Modified® feature event.”
    That’s the wording used for all three parties in the penalty notices. It’s clear exactly what they were to apply to at the time right after an SK race. Moreover at the time they were set the rain out today was not known and one may assume the open race next week did not enter into the calculations in any regard.
    While we’re at I can catch you up on the 2017 Pennink/Christopher dust up and penalty you referred to in a previous thread in which you sighted the affects on crowd size. They were not suspended for a week and the crowd was not smaller the following week as you recalled. In fact there was elevated excitement seeing the two come from the rear which saw Christopher winning the race and Pennink coming in third.

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