Thirsty For Wins: Chase Dowling Victorious In Bud Light Open Modified 80 At Stafford Speedway

Chase Dowling celebrates victory in the Bud Light Open Modified 80 Friday at Stafford (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – Chase Dowling is on the taste testing tour at Stafford Speedway in 2021.

On June 11 Dowling scored victory in the Twisted Tea Open Modified 80 at Stafford. Friday the Roxbury driver found a quenching second round at the historic half-mile.

Dowling drove away from the pack over the final 22 laps to win the Bud Light Open Modified 80 at Stafford.

“This thing was a Cadillac at the end,” Dowling said. “… This thing at the end was unbelievable. One of the best cars I’ve had here in a long time.

“I can’t thank these guys enough. We’re going to win some more races for [car owner Ben Dodge]. I’m just happy to do this for Ben Dodge as a car owner and me driving it and having a great team to keep winning races.”

Woody Pitkat of Stafford was second and Ronnie Williams of Tolland third.

It was the third of four Open Modified events at Stafford this year. Mike Christopher Jr. won the Call Before You Dig 81 on May 14.

Joey Cipriano III of Waterbury was fourth and Chris Pasteryak of Lisbon rounded out the top-five. NASCAR Cup Series driver and former Stafford regular Ryan Preece of Berlin was sixth.  

Preece started on the pole and took control at the start.

The second caution of the event flew on lap 39 with Preece leading, Williams in second and Dowling in third.

Under caution on lap 39 the entirety of the lead pack went to pit road. Preece led the way off of pit road followed by Dowling and Williams. Andrew Molleur was the lone car to stay on track under caution and led the field to green for the ensuing restart.

Molleur held off Preece on the restart for one lap, but on lap 40 it was Preece diving past Molleur to go back to the lead into turn one. Dowling followed to second and Williams to third.

Preece and Dowling quickly checked out from third place Williams with Dowling tattooed to Preece’s bumper as they moved further away from the rest of the competition.

Caution flew again on lap 51. On the restart it was Preece and Dowling battling side-by-side at the front, with Dowling leading from the outside lane to complete the lap. Dowling cleared Preece off of turn two on lap 52 to take over the lead.

“We were pretty good at the beginning,” Dowling said. “… Preece was just a little tight in the center [of the corners]. It was really hard to pass him when I was behind him because he was kind of taking away where I needed to get the drive off the corner to pass to him clean.”

Caution flew once again on lap 58 with Dowling leading Preece and Pitkat in third. On the restart it was Dowling quickly getting the jump with Pitkat moving past Preece to take over second.

“When I rolled into second there for a few laps I felt like I was beating [Dowling] into the middle [of the corners] and he was better center off [the corners],” Pitkat said. “I think with 10 laps to go he said ‘Alright, enough is enough, it’s time to go.’ This place here has been Chase is the place. Hats off to those guys, hats off to [Ben Dodge] for helping Chase. He’s a wheelman.”


  1. These are the results you would expect ,When you get extra seat time in a big block dirt modified on your off weekends . Congrats Chase and Ben Dodge .

  2. Robert, Robert, Robert. What the heck was that? Three spins bringing out cautions in an otherwise well mannered race. I think I sensed Melissa Fifield smiling. It’s almost like you were the designated competition sacrificial lamb.
    Ben Dodge owns the car and scrupulously avoids the fact that he owns it when announcing the race. I get why he does it but it seems like Rickey should identify who owns it at least once. It’s not like it’s a secret. Speaking of Rickey he’s a welcome change in the announcers booth bringing much needed youth. Buckler is outstanding in the infield interviewing drivers at their worst possible moments.
    No one cares about the CBYD driver bonus do they and that’s too bad. Dodge and Ricky didn’t even play it up. It’s turning into a contest between the Cup driver Preece returning enough to garner Stafford and Tri Track points and Williams using two rides to lead the points.
    One little tidbit was Dodge mentioning the 9 car was off the pace in practice while Dowling was spending most of his time working on the 22 SK ride. Was that an annoyance he was expressing with Dowling deprioritizing his car? Not to worry Dowling knows what he’s doing. Not only winning the race but maximizing the 22’s finish a car that struggles to stay with the top tier in the SK’s.
    Not Tri Track money but a tidy sum at $5500 so worth the effort. It’s just a shame poor tortured Chase can’t be happier even when winning poor kid. A victim of his own perfectionism.
    Was it a good race? Search me. Preece looked like greased lightning in the heat turning in a lap no one came close to but for some reason the car burns up tires on longer runs.
    Next up is the NWMT. Sure the boo birds can whine and complain about everything NASCAR does wrong and much of it is true but it’s just a fact. These races just have more energy and create a greater vibe then the opens as much as we love the opens.

  3. I don’t know if you can equate a big block dirt modified to an asphalt modified as they are two completely different animals. Seat time is seat time but it’s a stretch.

    It’s all about the owner, driver, crew and right now it’s working just fine at Stafford.

  4. wmass01013 says

    SOO for all the NASCAR HATERS which seems to be NO END HERE, while the Stafford Opens have been better car counts, yes that word!!!!!!!! Stafford gets a Boost from FRIDAYS!!!, TRACK HISTORY!!!!!!!! AND sk guys making a TOUR CAR, NO Rocco, MckENNEDY, 7NY last night, Thompson OPENS a huge MIDWEEK BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Tri Track has been good but can that be enough, MRS hanging on with s smaller group of lesser known teams, WILL THE DEMISE of the WMT make you alll HAPPY??? seems so but BE CAREFULLL WHAT u wish for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Great crowd, not sure why the open mods draw more people then a regular Friday night, the best race per lap was the SKL… the Open race was the loser as Chase stunk up the show… just imagine how boring it would have been if Robert was not there

  6. Up at Wiscasset they’re having a darn good race with about 18 cars with Swanson in the Casella 25 the only real top team in the field. The crowd is great, the track is perfect for modifieds, the weather perfect and it’s all on Speed51.
    You’re right Wmass there are far too many rabid haters of the NWMT here that don’t think much about the void that would be left if they went away. Thinking Tri Track would be expand their schedule but it’s not their business model and would only dilute the series if they wanted to do it which they most likely would not. But don’t look down at the MRS. 18 years sanctioning races and a perfect alternative for modifieds in the northern tier to compete and get a top finish.

  7. wmass01013 says

    Doug what a great NIGHT of racing, SEE THE CROWDS AT WISCASSET AND LANCASTER, GOOD ACTION, HARD RACING, WOW and all the haters want to BITCH about NASCAR, KEEP Alll options open and enjoy THE BEST RACING ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. But you know, some of us love having nascar. Some is us love having tritrac. Some is us love having mrs. and the competition of the different series that lifts all boats. It’s all ok and all good. I love them all, and the competition it brings. Makes all racing better I think. I hope they all survive. And when I say all, that includes nascar. But they sure all have challenges. I hope the new fans appreciate all that we have grown to cherish. Yup. Stupid sentiment old fool am I. But I won’t forget what I cut my teeth on. NASCAR mods. No knock on anybody. But at the end of the day, as an old time racing fan, I’m at a nascar tour race. Again. No knock on anybody. I’ve stated and think about the void that could be left if tour dried up due to lack of competition if that were to happen all the time. I can’t help but feel how bad IMO, that would be, for all modified racing.
    So agreed. Stated before, we need all series. Makes it all better. All fill a niche. Support a local track when possible. It all helps. HCH

  9. Amen. I was absolutely blown away about tonight’s race. The crowd, great racing action, the coverage and camera work were the best I’ve ever seen for a modified race and the announcers the best as well. That was all great but the fireworks in the background the perfect end.
    If that’s what NASCAR can do in far off places then the Connecticut issue is not important. That was the epitome of big time.
    I have not idea how you top that Stafford but it would be nice to see you give it the old college try.

  10. The Atomic Punk says

    Track gets worse by the week. Zero side by side racing.

  11. Punk you can fix that , stay home

  12. Fast Eddie says

    Atomic, you must have been at “Stafford in an alternate universe”. I was at Stafford and saw a lot of side by side racing during the evening, along with some three-wide moments, most notably the SKL finish. If you didn’t see some of that you’re definitely not paying attention. There is much more racing on the track than the battle for the lead!

  13. carl block wrote, “These are the results you would expect ,When you get extra seat time in a big block dirt modified on your off weekends . Congrats Chase and Ben Dodge .”

    Carl thinks he gets smart when he stays at a Holiday Inn Express.

  14. I think the pass for the lead was on a restart, Chase Dowling starting on the Outside. About 2 laps side by side. You are a one trick pony, and the trick is old. Mr. Punk, hopefully we will sit next to each other at Thompson. We can count the passes at Thompson from the inside lane. Clean passes only count. 1 hand for the 300. Guaranteed…

  15. I believe this was the first race where the 46 team ran a Keith Rocco (Junior Woods) car. Perhaps the team’s commitment to the Tour race at Lancaster the next night is the reason that it did not run its own car(?). By the way, after a number of wins and strong runs over the last couple of years, Lutz has not been nearly as competitive recently.

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