Broken Shifter On Pace Laps Sets Doug Coby Back In Whelen Mod Tour Nu-Way Auto Parts 150 At Lancaster

(Press release from Doug Coby Racing)

Doug Coby (Photo: Shawn Courchesne/RaceDayCT)

Doug Coby’s chances of winning at New York International (Lancaster) Speedway ended before they even got started on Saturday, July 31.

Coby — after qualifying the No. 10 Mayhew Tools Modified in sixth position — suffered a broken shifter on the pace laps of the Nu-Way Auto Parts 150, the inaugural race for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour at the New York oval. 

When Coby pulled down pit road, the race went green, and Coby pulled back on the track one lap later. NASCAR deemed that Coby had lost two laps. He was able to get one lucky dog early in the race, but wasn’t able to fully regain positioning and finished the race in ninth, the only car one lap down.

“The shifter handle came off on the pace laps and it kinda just snowballed from there,” Coby said. “I didn’t think I was going to be able to shift, but there was just enough of the nub there left for me to make it work. We disagreed with NASCAR’s positioning for us and still do. That kept us off the lead lap. We had a slight mistake on the pit stop and we just didn’t have a good night — but I had a car that was definitely finishing first, second or third with the way it was driving if we didn’t have the issues. Thank you to Mayhew Tools, all of our sponsors, and my entire crew for working their tail off today.”

The top-10 finish at Lancaster was the 154th of Coby’s career and his fifth of the season in six tour starts.

Doug Coby will return to competition on Friday, August 6, in the ninth Whelen Modified Tour event of the season at Stafford Motor Speedway. For more information on Doug Coby and Doug Coby Racing, visit and follow the team on Facebook.


  1. Can’t catch a break.

  2. Still Got 9th!! Hell , Fiefield was lapped on lap 4!!!!!!

  3. I’m shocked at how often shifters break. I mean, it’s a friggin 2-speed tranny, c’mon. Amazing to see how often a pair of ViseGrip pliers become an emergency shifter. It’s happens often, just so happens it occurred at the start of a race which caught attention.

    He was driving possessed after that.

  4. The 01 listed “handling” as status. That is almost always the reason for leaving the race. You’d think after all these races they’d get a handle on how to setup a car.

    They can use those tires at Stafford.

  5. girl power gender neutral fan says

    LOL da real.. yup that’s NASCAR . look at the cup stats….cars list ” handling” too as a reason for withdrawal. do you want to ask the cup guys if they can set up a car ?? perhaps you the great one should reach out to the 01 team and could improve their performance ? as much as it behooves me she has a right to be out there . I am sure several people have offered advice. its top notch equipment with a quality driver and set up person would likely be a top 10 car . lets be honest she doesn’t have it as a driver PERIOD ! . great girl ,nice family but lets be dareal… totally allowed to run their car as long as NASCAR says no safety problem they can do whatever they want ! we gonna pick on any of the men that show up every week that finish in the rear ??

  6. This happened on the pace laps, so he had cautions to make it up and get the lucky dog. How and why that never happened is shrouded in deep, conspiratorial mystery. There were 4 cautions and he clearly coulda-shoulda been a Lucky Dog at some point, if he ever was.

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