Jacob Perry Tops Modified Racing Series At Riverside Speedway

Jacob Perry following Saturday’s Modified Racing Series event at Riverside Speedway (Photo: Courtesy Jacob Perry)

The Granite State has been good to Jacob Perry in 2021.

On June 5 the Pawcatuck driver scored his first career Modified Racing Series victory at Monadnock Speedway in Winchester, NH.

Saturday Perry got series win No. 2.

Perry won the 100-lap Modified Racing Series feature Saturday at Riverside Park Speedway in Groveton, NH.

“Super excited to get win No. 2 tonight,” Perry said. “Unloaded fast and immediately fell in love with the place. Was able to win the heat and get a good starting spot for the feature and never look back.

“Have to give a huge thank you to Jack Bateman, my dad, DJ, Kyle and Willy. Happy to get Driven Racing Oils and PFC Brakes in victory lane again. Would like to thank Groveton for having the MRS. Looking forward to Oxford [Plains Speedway].”

Brian Robie of Sunapee, NH was second and Anthony Bello of Newton third.


  1. wmass01013 says

    10 cars, where alll the short FIELD comments
    ROB P

  2. That’s too bad this rescheduled race was just a week after Wiscasset and could muster only 10 cars.
    When the schedule rolls around to the heart of MRS country at Clairemont, Star and Lee they should really hit their stride.

  3. I believe the MRS has lost the momentum it had from its inception many years back and Bateman has his work cut out for him if he’s going to survive. They are having trouble drawing the car counts that the TTOMS, Stafford opens and WMT are pulling. 10 cars is pretty bad.

  4. Fast Eddie says

    Relatively speaking, Riverside Speedway is a stone’s throw from the Canadian border. That’s an awful long tow for most modified teams, which I would guess also adds a “stay-over” to the expenses. It’s a 500 mile round trip from the Boston area. $2500 to win for that race (I think) vs. $5000 for Thompson on Wednesday.

  5. Great point Fast, when you’re traveling that distance for about 1/2 the money plus the added expenses it’s not worth it. We’ll see what happens when they get a little closer to home.

    However, great job Jacob!

  6. WMASS,it is a short field…..and?????Keep strutting around bragging about 23 car fields for a national touring series…..

  7. It’s pretty clear that a lot of fans have their own series favorite. Aside from the point, counter point on each series, sanctioning group or track doing their own in house opens what’s the view on where modified racing will be in two of three years.
    If you think the NWMT is dying and will be gone what will fill the void? 14 races is a lot of races to replace. Will they be replaced or will there just be fewer races?
    Will Tri Track expand, the MRS experience a resurgence and/or tracks increase their own brand of open to fill dates the NWMT formerly had.
    Will the teams that focus primarily on NWMT races for the structure, pomp and circumstance they provide transition to the new landscape or will they simply fold their tents?
    The folks that want to see the NWMT die or at least think they do never really address what modified racing would look like were it to really happen. What would it look like?

  8. wmass01013 says

    THANK YOU DOUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. No one wants to see the WMT die. I for one would like to flourish; higher car counts, more races and re-establish the lost venues in CT. And we all know that ain’t happening at Waterford until the ownership changes but there there is certainly a possibility at Thompson. However, there is nothing we the fans can do about it, it’s up to NASCAR to fix the problems.

    Why are the car counts diminishing and what is NASCAR & WMT officials doing about it? To me it seems nothing. They have lost teams, venues. What has NASCAR done about it? To me it seems nothing.

    Its not we the commenters or the fans that’s killing the series, it’s NASCAR & WMT that’s killing the series. Its time for a come to Jesus meeting with all involved including the competitors to figure out what to do to right the ship.

    For me, it’s the frustration that things seem to be status quo and no one is searching for the root cause of the issue in an attempt for the betterment of the series future. Not NASCAR, not WMT officiating. Again it’s frustration not hate!

  10. Thanks Doug!! True facts and probably the only one with knowledge speaking on this forum

  11. Thanks Doug and Earl!!! True facts and probably the only ones with knowledge speaking on this forum

  12. Fast Eddie says

    Earl, perfect description of the WMT and the frustrations of its fans! With all the changes and adjustments NASCAR has made to the top three divisions, they seem to think all is well with the WMT. Either that, or they know it’s not but aren’t interested in doing anything about it.

  13. Earl wrote, “Why are the car counts diminishing and what is NASCAR & WMT officials doing about it?”

    Hey idiots, there’s a global pandemic going on, and it has not gotten better to the point where it is safe to go about freely, like before the pandemic. 😷 There are still some 100 million or so idiots in the USA that refuse to vaccinate that are providing a rich food supply and are distributors for the pathogen 🦠. The longer the pathogen stays in widespread circulation, the more opportunity it has has to mutate, resist the current vaccines, and wreak havoc.

    And a new, more transmissible and lethal variant is here, the lambda variant. It has been monitored in northern South America for a couple months, and it is here.


    NASCAR can’t do anything about the idiot fanbase that refuses to get vaccinated. Although, it would be fantastic if NASCAR were to setup vaccination facilities at the tracks and allowed people in for free/discount if they get the shot. Just sayin’. It would be in NASCAR’s best interest to get their fan base vaccinated.


    Teams that were marginally funded can’t operate with potentially reduced purses, or increased operating costs due to the pandemic. Nobody is going to start up a team nowadays. Things can get shut down again at any moment. You wanna commit to a six or seven figure plan and then get shut down?


    Three places that are the most dangerous right now: Louisiana, Florida, and Botswana. If FL and LA were countries, they’d probably be on a travel prohibition list.

  14. The NWMT was dong well before the pandemic, cars counts climbing as we continued to recover from the Cheney/Bush depression. Recoveries can take a long time.

    Then the pandemic hit.

    Get vaccinated, make it safe to circulate, get fans in the stands.


    Problem solved.

  15. Idiots, idiots, idiots and idiots. That’s all I get from dadumbdumb’s post.

    I have said it before and I will say it again; look in the mirror dadumbdumb and you will see the real idiot.

  16. wmass01013 says

    OK AGAIN what dont you guys eee????????????
    THE 2021 WMT Schedule was made when Most IF NOT ALLL STATES were still in Lockdown or restrictions so being the MOST expensive series to bring in, tracks were hesitant , so Wilson had to do what he had to to get a decent schedule, Martinsville witth lights wanted a race, Lancaster as we saw with Mike Myers wanted a race badly, Richmond was a surprise return I ADMIT, VANADA MADE A DEAL TO GET his 3 races at J TOWN, BEECH RiDGE AND Oswego, yes alllll distance away races, they are losing teams because with opens and Tri track teams choose their schedule, what are they supposed to do, BEG teams to show up and dont forget u have the ROC in NY/PA and Riverhead running weekly, teams don’t run 50 races a yr anymore like Evans, Cook, Kent.
    I don’t know what Future holds for WMT but stop blaming NASCAR for EVERY damm thing, u know the world situation, are they too blame for Tire Shortage as well????????
    You say NASCAR driving teams away???????? HOW with calls, both 36 and 10 at Stafford,

  17. For my money there’s been some great commentary in this thread yours included Earl. Then the dumpster fire gets set and it’s hard to stay focused.
    With regard to the dumpster fire you may find a measure of solace after reading the motivations behind insult driven posts in this issue of Psychology Today.


    .” An insult can thus be interpreted as an attempt to reduce the social status of the recipient and raise the relative status of the insulter.”

    “If that logic is correct, we can assume that insults are often motivated by anger surrounding issues of status insecurity. ”

    “Social networks are replete with individuals who deliver stinging rebukes because they enjoy doing so and because they are mostly exempt from the reprisals that one might expect for real-world put-downs.”

    “The purpose of a put-down is to reduce someone else in the imaginary status hierarchy. ”

    “Another way of taking a person down is by questioning their intelligence or general mental competence; for insult purposes, recipients are invariably “stupid” or “crazy.”

    “For those who enjoy distributing insults, the internet is a perfect environment, one that can offer a shield of anonymity and an absence of consequences. ”

    Sound familiar???

  18. Hey Doug, great read and it definitely fits a certain individual who comments on this site to a “T”.

    Thanks for posting!

  19. Hey Doug, remember this?

    Doug wrote, “Common insults are rhetorical clubs wielded by unsophisticated thugs with limited vocabularies. The issuer seeking to establish some sort of superiority but as far as I’m concerned it simply shows a lack of education, training and upbringing.
    For those that take pride in the amount they use common insults you are welcome to having them all. I strive to scrupulously avoid them.”

    Just because you stopped calling people scumbags does not mean you are cured. You’re still the crazy idiot that advocated supporting an admitted and convicted sexual predator/pedophile to enrich him further. That sounds pretty idiotic. Your comment about striving to avoid insults is hilarious, given the way you deal out calling people scumbags. What makes you think that will not be brought up?

    What does your psych source say about multiple personality disorder, and your propensity to use numerous screen names? Coward? Narcissism? You beg for this very attention, then cry like a baby when you get it.


    wmass01013… chill out. They are idiots. They live by deliberate ignorance, or they really are stupid. Why they insist on making like the COVID-19 pandemic does not exist is just baffling. Why Doug thinks his idiocy will not be brought up after he does it is baffling. No tires because of supply chain disruptions because of the PANDEMIC, yet they make like it isn’t happening. I can’t get common items in the grocery store, the grocery store has signs up saying the COVID PANDEMIC has disrupted operations with the producers and supply chain. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO, these idiots make like none of that is happening. Like 80% of the world population is still on lockdown or severe restrictions. Materials for tires come from areas of the world hit very hard. The new variants are getting worse and worse.





  20. WeldingWonders says

    “ hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.
    “And just a reminder, I was right, again.”
    “See, I was right. Even Earl can finally get it.”
    “wmass01013, you were correct when you addressed me as “genius”.
    “Hey Doug, I was right again.”
    Doug… you see that???? Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I’m beautiful and smarter than you.



    533 Look at all those IDIOTS that did not pick Preece. I picked Preece, I was right again.
    534 Hey idiots(the forum audience in general), there’s a global pandemic going on, and it has not gotten better to the point where it is safe to go about freely, like before the pandemic.
    535 Idiots. (anyone not living in constant fear of Covid19)
    536 Idiots.(second time, anyone not living in constant fear of Covid19)
    537 Idiots. (a third time, anyone not living in constant fear of Covid19)
    538 You’re (Doug) still the crazy idiot
    539 What does your (Doug) psych source say about multiple personality disorder, and your propensity to use numerous screen names? Coward? Narcissism?
    540 wmass01013… chill out. They are idiots(people that don’t agree with Darealgoodfella)
    541 Why Doug thinks his idiocy will not be brought up after he does it is baffling.
    542 these idiots make like none of that is happening.(the pandemic and it’s affects)
    543 Idiots, Idiot, Idiots, Idiots (those that don’t treat the pandemic like Darealgoodfella)

    TOTAL INSULTS IN 2021 THROUGH DAY 222……………………………543

    NEW TRAUNCH OF INSULTS SINCE DAY 220……………….…………..11



  21. Doug is WeldingWonders, and uses several other screen names.

    Doug calls people scumbags.

    Doug supports pedophile sex offenders.

  22. Here’s Doug’s modus operandi…

    He posts something that is wrong 😑, gets called out for it and proven wrong, then he plays the victim card by claiming to be insulted, then relentlessly plays the victim card through his other screen name(s), WeldingWonders.

    Crazy, crazy, crazy.

    Hey Doug, remind everyone of all your other screen names. 😝

  23. Thought everyone might appreciate a little levity this morning;

    A senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he floored it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little gray hair he had left. Amazing, he thought as he flew down I-94, pushing the pedal even more.

    Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw a state trooper behind him, lights flashing and siren blaring. He floored it to 100 mph, then 110, then 120. Suddenly he thought, What am I doing? I’m too old for this, and pulled over to await the trooper’s arrival.

    Pulling in behind him, the trooper walked up to the Corvette, looked at his watch, and said, “Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes. Today is Friday. If you can give me a reason for speeding that I’ve never heard before, I’ll let you go.”

    The old gentleman paused. Then he said, “Years ago, my wife ran off with a state trooper. I thought you were bringing her back.”

    “Have a good day, sir,” replied the trooper.

    If not I tried.

  24. Good job Earl

  25. Fast Eddie says

    Earl, reading that was one of the best parts of my crazy workday today!

  26. Is this the retired Earl? The old Earl had his race chat one liners only occasionally getting wordy. Retired Earl seems more relaxed, diverse nd expansive.
    I really like retired Earl. That was good!

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