Matt Hirschman Wins ROC Mod Series Event At Chemung; Derek Griffith Tops Motor Mountain Masters At Jennerstown

Austin Beers (left), Matt Hirschman (center) and Ryan Preece (right) following the Race of Champions Modified Series event Saturday at Chemung (Photo: Courtesy Race of Champions Modified Series)

Matt Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. led the way Saturday night in winning the Race of Champions Modified Series “Night Before The Glen” Rod Spalding 75 at Chemung Speedrome in Chemung, N.Y.

Austin Beers of Northampton, Pa. was second. NASCAR Cup Series regular Ryan Preece of Berlin was third.

Preece was coming off a win in Friday’s Whelen Modified Tour event at Stafford Speedway.

Derek Griffith of Hudson, N.H. took home the $10,000 winner’s check at Saturday’s Fourth Annual Motor Mountain Masters Pro Late Model event at Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway.

Eddie MacDonald of Rowley, Mass. was second and Albert Francis of Painesville, Oh. third.

Cory Casagrande of Stafford was sixth.


  1. Troyer ,probably purple shocks and black tires too in VL

  2. I guess Preece just can’t get enough Racing in , He’s a Winner , Hopefully he can Land with Steward – Hauss … Derek Griffith will also get the ” BIG MONEY ” added to His name soon if HE continues to grab these BIG MONEY SHOWS he has Won in the LAST 3 Seasons… LEE, SEEKONK, THOMPSON , New Symnara Jennerstown, Pass Races, Granite State races, etc,etc…

  3. Matty did what the best modified driver on the planet does,he won the race!!

  4. This Preece story with modifieds is one that would be nice to explore this year being so different. No I’m not saying RaceDayCt should fill in the blanks it would just be nice if someone with a connection to the 6ny program could weigh it on what is different this year.
    2019 he had a win at Stafford in an open but for the most part his participation with modifieds was spotty and results less then what I’m sure he would like. 2020 kind of the same thing.
    This year they appear to have thrown a ton of money and effort to upgrade the program. New Fury chassis, a fresh spec, an open engine for Stafford. I’m guessing but a lot of stuff in any event. The results are like day and night and it’s anything but the old razzle dazzle. All his sponsors must be involved and the Partridges must have made a major commitment as well seeing as how the car or cars I should say are badged the 6ny. Morton Buildings putting up a new shop, his dad and Stephen Kopcik critical to the effort. Changing colors, CBYD, opens, the NWMT with enormous success then off to ROC country. The CUP guy with the busy schedule in the hunt for the CBYD combined Tri Track/Stafford bonus. How is that even possible?
    Preece doesn’t win simply because he’s a CUP guy and shows up. This year a huge effort has been made to end participating and start winning and it’s worked.
    The best two modified drivers are in that picture and the one that is the best would not be the Cup guy. The most successful by a mile Ryan Preece who has an amazing 100 Cup starts to his credit. Not bad for a guy who seems to perpetually on deaths door with regard to his Cup career.

  5. Racers gotta race!!!!!

  6. I thought all the SHR drivers had signed contract extension. Personally I think Ryan should follow Almindingers tracks and hook up with a top tier Xfinity team, I think he’d do better and have a better chance of wins and a championship. It’s certainly nice to see him running all these modified races though. I think if you put him in a top tier cup car and give him a little time, he’d win races, but those top rides are hard to get.

  7. Sharpie Fan says

    I hate it that 2 of Preece’s crew guys got poached because other teams lost members to Covid.

  8. Fast Eddie says

    I’m wondering if the upgrade to the Modified program is to have a solid “plan B” in case his Cup ride ends and there aren’t any good Xfinity or Truck offers to him. I hope I’m wrong and he remains in one of those series, but if not it looks like he’ll be the one everyone will be chasing in Modifieds next year.

  9. Were Preece forced to come back to Connecticut and race modifieds as his primary focus it would be a disaster for him career wise. He makes a great living now that no doubt helps fund the modifieds in part. A return would be going from a professional race car driver to an amateur requiring a day job.
    Preece has such an extensive network now in NASCAR circles not the least of whom is Kevin Harvick. I’d be shocked and saddened if he were to have to come back here and do local races only as fun as it would be to watch him.
    I’m going to take the fact that his new Morton Building shop is in North Carolina or at least I hope it is to mean there are no thoughts of retreat career wise on any level.
    The way it is now is perfect in my view. Big time returning to his roots to have funny dabbling in the cars he made his name in.

  10. Fast Eddie, Preece is proving he is a winner and a legit competitor. He is building his brand and value. He did well in Gibbs equipment, does great in the 6NY. He can’t make uncompetitive equipment better, there are limits. The JTG Dougherty operation is pretty much all sourced. It’s hard to have the best engines when the engine source runs their own teams. I doubt the 37 and 47 are getting the same top notch engines as the home team cars. The 37 and 47 never show signs of top speed like other cars.

  11. I don’t think there could be any “upgrade” to the Eddie and Connie Partridge modified program. It has always been top notch.

  12. I think preece is building a safety net. And that would be his roots.
    If it turns out he doesn’t need it next year, terrific! He can do next year, what he is doing this year, running all he can, if he is out of cup. He’s a Hard worker and has put a lot of resource this year to make all this happen. He, and all who support him, should be given a boatload of recognition.
    I think the handwriting is on the wall with jtg. Here is a guy that wants to succeed at this level, and certainly can. But just not with jtg. Add in that the cup cars go to a big investment with the new gen 5 cars next year, and teams have to have multiple$$, then it gets very tough. I don’t see jtg with deep enough pockets. Particularly with uncharted teams in their stable But I also understand that by running with jtg, he has been given a ton of exposure at the national level. Can’t buy enough of that if you are a driver. Time after time, I’ve read, “most underrated” or, “great driving skills, well mannered”, or “someone should pick this guy up”! ….. if only.
    Where will the quality rides be?
    Well, I don’t think with Stewart haas particularly after almirola won, and Smithfield is solidly behind him. Briscoe is on the up and “young” studs, and has haas support, as well as Custer, who they almost lost, but haas refused to lose.
    The only seat I see there is if harvick decides to hang it up and pushes him for the 4, as harvick represents preece, as Kevin also truly believes in him. But, a Big “what if”.
    Hendrick? No seats.
    Gibbs? No seats
    Roush? No seats (but really…)
    Childress, fire your grandson? Really? And I can’t argue with reddick. I see good things for him in that ride. Childress? Out. No seats unless adding another car.
    Ganassi? Gone. Now trackhouse. Suarez has one seat, chastain just announced for the other.
    23xi? We know they will win. Bubba has 1 seat, no threat to be out of that ride, and looks like curt busch has the best shot for 2 nd car they will add next year. But I’d love to see Ryan land there. That would work.
    With Matty d floating around now that the burton “bomb” was dropped for the 21, it’s tight. Marty d could beat Ryan out of a decent seat if there is one to be had. The garage loves that guy
    What’s left?
    Like the pondering here, maybe a quality Xfinity ride. Hopefully. While it may be early in silly season, looks like the quality rides for the new gen 5 cars are all filled at cup level, so…..
    While I’m sure that some here will take this as a negative opinion view of preece’s abilities and situation, it is not. I’m hoping (praying is more like it) he stays in cup. No sugarcoat about the situation though. Realistically IMO at this point, a quality Xfinity ride might be his best option.
    But, if all else fails, he has worked his butt off to have a stellar future at the local levels, for the interim if need be. He has really reconnected this year. Safety net. Smart big picture thinking guy IMO. A racer’s racer. Good luck Mr Preece, rooting for you wherever this takes you.

  13. Bobf, Great assessment of Ryan’s Future, A top Xfinity Ride such as Penske , Gibbs , JR motorsport’s He would Win Races And contend for Points Championships , Strong Showing would re-enforce His Ability’s for all the Cup Teams… There are plenty of ways to climb the ladder . Penske would be great , take over the Cindric Championship Team Car… He would Win plenty of Races…

  14. Agree suitcase. However, I will remain positive. I still think he could land in the 4 which would be great, if Kevin steps aside. It could happen.
    Like I said, he would be great in a second 23xi car. It’s a matter of time for them. I’m not sure if a second car to Haley in gms is a possibility as well. New startup team, not sure. Sstaying with jtg if that is the plan, while not ideal from this fan’s perspective, would keep him in national exposure spotlight, and in the cup garage every week. I’m sure Ryan has something figured out though, and we will just have to wait and see what that is. I’m looking forward to seeing him at Thompson this wednesday night though. Will be my first trip back since pre Covid. Can’t wait, no matter how big the field. It’s Thompson for goodness sake!!!!! Thx suitcase.

  15. There’s no visibility with trucks or xfinity. Seriously… who can name truck and xfinity drivers… besides the ones that WERE Cup drivers. Can’t see Harvick retiring yet, don’t see that seat opening, unless Stewart has other plans, like ownership plans going on…

    Bubba and Ryan seem like they could be good team mates. Get Bubba in a modified.

  16. wmass01013 says

    Cmon Bobf, know yur a big Preece fan but lets be realistic here, To get IN a JGR, Penske, Hendrick, SHR car YOU NEED $$$$$$$ AND a good resume if yur NOT A teenager, PREECE has been average CUP driver at BEST!! STOP dreaming HE GETTING a top 15 ride and hope he can land another 16-30 place car and continue.

  17. Wmass:
    Totally guilty as charged. I am a big preece fan.
    And yes, call me out on what I’ve stated in the past. I will not deny that I’ve said his window of time is closing, as (I can’t beleive I’m saying this) he is getting old! (But not to me). I’ve also stated, as good as I feel he is, and how competitive he is in good equipment (see Preece in the limited Gibbs Xfinity rides) that Preece would need to bring money or a sponsor to a top tier organization to get a top tier cup ride. “Hit the lottery” as it were.
    No question money changes everything. Also tough, is the very young drivers elevated from Xfinity.
    So, contradicting myself? Well, I guess anyone could make an argument from that I guess.
    But, I did learn something from a past conversation on this site. Someone once pointed out to me, that being in the cup garage week after week, builds exposure, and relationships. Work hard, and hopefully, you get a break or recognition. Or lucky!
    If Ryan’s tenure at jtg were to end today, I feel an Xfinity ride in a QUALITY organization, keeps him on a national exposure level. Keeps him in contact with some top tier teams. Top tier owners.
    Plus, he still gets seat time.
    In my opinion, that seat time has way more value than spending time in the seat beside his telephone, waiting for it to ring. Ideal? Maybe not. But 8 out of 10 times, good things happen to people that stay engaged in their craft, trying to improve, and carrying themselves correctly with good work ethic and personalities. Why would I want to put that in the back of the trailer, if a quality Xfinity opportunity were to arise?
    So, maybe my glasses are a shade of “rose” here, I’ll admit. But working hard, staying current, exposed, in my opinion will offer him more opportunities, rather than by walking away.
    There are limits though. I would never want him to sign with, let’s say, somebody like Rick Ware at the cup level. Nothing to gain, more to lose.
    Thanks for listening.

  18. Man it just blows my mind how much out of step I am. Near as I can reckon you either make money doing racing or you don’t. Modifieds not being a plan B but spending and losing money as an amateur. Cup in any ride making money and perhaps real good money.
    Open rides with top team is above my pay grade. I just hope whether it’s with JTG or anyone else he plies his trade as a professional and makes money. Enough to come back here, race modifieds and allow us to see that big smiling face of his in victory lane.

  19. Doug wrote, “Man it just blows my mind how much out of step I am. ”

    Why and how could you be surprised?

    It’s been said a few times that you are an idiot.

  20. wmass01013 says

    Bobf now i agree 1000% WITH YOUR LAST Comment, well said, i also think he would be content, Not happy but Content to run a Modified full time if he had too!

  21. While I appreciate that wmass, it’s just a feeling on my part, and at the end of the day, just an opinion. But as you said, I am a fan, and I really hope it all comes together for him, whatever Mr Preece thinks that should be. Thanks.

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