Shake It Off: Andrew Molleur Wins SK Modified Feature At Stafford Speedway

Andrew Molleur celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – On May 31, 2019 Andrew Molleur scored his first career SK Modified victory at Stafford Speedway.

On Friday his two-year mission for win No. 2 finally was completed.

Molleur, of Shelton, drove away from the field over the final 15 laps to win the 40-lap SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford.

“It felt really good,” Molleur said. “We’ve just struggled so bad. It’s been kind of unfortunate. We’ve had some good runs and some bad runs and the good runs have been real good and the bad runs have just been bad. To be able to win and get the monkey off our back with this [Keith Rocco Racing] team, it’s been two years. Happy to get one and hopefully get some more.”

Molleur credited the arrival of new chief Ryan Bergenty in victory lane.

“I’ve got to thank my new crew chief Ryan Bergenty for setting this thing up and Keith Rocco Racing for the awesome fast race car as well,” Molleur said.

Noah Korner of Avon was second to score his first career podium finish in an SK Modified. Mike Christopher Jr. of Wolcott was third.

Korner averted near disaster on lap 29 when then second place running Tyler Hines slowed off of turn two. Korner made contact with the Hines car coming onto the backstretch, but he was able to shake off the damage.

“It was a scary little situation,” Korner said. “Fortunately we were able to have a quick reaction and get it under control and salvage a second place. I would have loved to have raced with Andrew. The car came alive in the last 20 laps, but he was checked out. He had a great piece tonight. Kudos to him.”

Division points leader Todd Owen of Somers was fourth and Bryan Narducci of Colchester was fifth.


  1. What the heck happened to that 35 team that made them so fast. It’s not that they had it easy they came from 9th then made the rest of the race a joke they were so good with the fastest lap times by far. Korner as well and a rookie to boot with elite speed visiting the top tier for the first time always good to see.
    The winners in the championship battle Owen coming from 14th just missing the podium. Beating his closest rival Kopcik and making his next closest rivals finish less productive from a points standpoint.
    Race within a race had to be Narducci and Owen. The former protégé making life miserable for Owen taking up a lot of track holding up Owen forever but that’s the point. “Taking up a lot of track” Jackie Arutes words not mine. Bottom line it’s another building block for Narducci. Starts 5th, finishes 5th while staying in a nice tight competitive window. Doesn’t sound that great but in this pool of piranha it’s a really solid, consistent finish.
    Hard luck award once again goes to 85 the only car that had anything for Moeller in this particular race. These are the best and worst of times for Tyler Hines. Once a journeyman now a multi time winner with a consistently fast car. Snake bit by a freakish take out on the cusp of another win and a mechanical woes.
    Pitkat 22 to 13 with meh lap times. Bet those were older tires while he earns his way into the handicap.
    Ronnie Williams is back so that was a pleasant surprise for many I should think. See here’s the deal. The Williams are Empower Retirement catering to the richest among us. Sorry Speedbowl fans but it’s not a good look for them to become a main stay at the track under the current circumstances.
    This year we’ve seen a lot of different winners but more importantly guys like Hines, Moeller, Narcucci, Arute, Korner and Vassar getting wins or podium finishes that in prior years simply didn’t happen. Meanwhile Owen who this fan would love to see in the record books as a champion is where you’d expect but Williams and Rocco completely out of the picture in the points battle. This the ideal season in my view.
    Outstanding race call with the chemistry between Dodge and Arute palpable. Dodge with his very Dodge like call with all the Dodgisms trying to create the perfect fantasyland of race world perfection even when it’s not. Jackie Arute with his mischievous nature at times taking Dodge out of his Dodgism and fantasyland rhythm with blunt truth telling. Will the “Rooster” stick for Bassette. He should hope it sticks he deserves his own nickname by now, being the rooster is a compliment and he fits it well.
    Dodge/Arute……….do it again.

  2. Doug I don’t think the Williams family is really worried about the image of their business. Have you seen some of what the team owner posts on social media about violence against politicians or other people that don’t agree with his views on politics? The Williams family doesn’t seem to worry about being associated with that stuff.

  3. robert duvall says

    tires wins races me thinks they had some newer rubber in their inventory…

  4. He was pretty quick in open80 also , then he had the pit problem and had to come back for a top ten , he hasn’t wrecked this year especially in the late model , Rob hasn’t had to put any new body panel s or clips on this year , probably doesn’t know what to do with his extra time, knock on wood

  5. I believe the Williams business entity is Empower Financial Advisory, not Empower Retirement (a giant with respect to 401K plans, etc.). I don’t think the two Empowers are affiliated, but someone who’s more knowledgeable may be able to clarify.

  6. That’s a really good point Qball. My anemic response is that one is a hard right position that the racing community is sympathetic to and perhaps the super rich like the Empower client base as well. The other concerns a convicted felon involved in a sex crime.

  7. Rafter Fan,
    You are correct. Different entities.

  8. What’s Billy Anderson’s (SK winner at the Bowl) background?

  9. Stafford Mod Fan says

    New tires, new crew chief he still drove to the front and won another SK race. The Open car was pretty good too. Drove from mid pack to 2nd and cruised for over 1/2 the race. Something happened in the pits but charged back to inside the top 10. With the right equipment kid can win races. Keep doing what your doing.

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