Viral Video: Watch Travis Pastrana Set New Mount Washington Hill Climb Record

When it comes to speed and death defying bravery on wheels, few have more experience than Travis Pastrana.

Pastrana’s exploits in motorsports run the gamut from Motocross to NASCAR to Rally Racing.

Sunday in New Hampshire Pastrana made history in setting a new speed record at the Mount Washington Climb to the Clouds event.

Check out the video below to ride along with Pastrana, and be ready to cringe numerous times.


  1. The Atomic Punk says

    Pastrana and the late Dave Mira. Two former XGames guys that were really good racers. Fearless.

  2. knuckles mahoney says

    One of the fastest and most naturally talented motocross racers in history. Won the 2000 AMA 125cc motocross championship. Kept getting hurt, so it shortened his career greatly. Moved on to cars with again tremendous success. Sick bastard jumped out of a plane without a parachute.

  3. The video doesn’t do that road justce. I drove up it about 5 years ago, it’s very narrow and bumpy once you get about 1/4 the way up. Travis was up over 100 mph most of the way. That takes 2 things, talent and balls, really really big ones. Great to see him set the record, and knowing him, he left some on the table.

  4. The Atomic Punk says

    It was a safe jump knuckles. He jumped while drinking a Redbull.

  5. If I used the solve for speed calculator correctly the average MPH was around 83 and change.
    862-horsepower WRX STI Subaru. There is no substitute!

  6. Dr Robert Neville says

    Everyone there Sunday had the feeling something historic was going the happen. The perfect combination of preparation, skill, perfect weather conditions, and luck may not happen again for a long time so this record may stand awhile even if the road gets more paving. Due to incredible bureaucracy and logistics requirements the hill climb is once every three years at best. Travis has this unique combination of situational awareness, ability to simultaneously process multiple inputs, and personality. I asked some of the guys at VSC if it was all an act he can turn off and on they said no he’s like this all the time.

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