Whelen Modified Tour Director Jimmy Wilson Denies Rumors Of Possible Move From Position

Jimmy Wilson (Photo: Fran Lawlor/RaceDayCT)

In the motorsports world “silly season” is a terms that defintes that time of year when speculation and rumors of possible driver changes or team position movement takes over all the inside chatter.

When it comes the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, the hottest of silly season rumors of 2021 doesn’t involve any possible drivers moving to new teams or crew chief defections.

The blazing inferno of the rumor of late involves longtime Whelen Modified Tour series director Jimmy Wilson.

Speculation has swirled for weeks that Wilson will depart his position as the Whelen Modified Tour director before the 2022 season.

Asked recently if there was any truth to rumors that he would not be the Whelen Modified Tour series director after this season Wilson said: “That is news to me.”

Wilson was named Whelen Modified Tour series director in January 2013 when former series director Chad Little was promoted to the series director position for the Camping World Truck Series. Wilson, an Orlando, Fla. native, had previously served as the series director for the former Whelen Southern Modified Tour. Wilson’s name has come up in racing circles as a possible candidate for a management position at New Smyrna Speedway in New Smyrna, Fla.

Accompanying the rumors of Wilson’s possible departure are also rumors of his possible successor. Speculation has been rampant that former Thompson Speedway general manager Josh Vanada could be in line to replace Wilson as Whelen Modified Tour series director.

Vanada is serving as promoter for the three Whelen Modified Tour events in 2021. He was the promoter of the Jennerstown Salutes 150 at Jennerstown (Pa.) Speedway on May 29 and the Steel Palace 150 at Oswego (N.Y.) Speedway on June 12. He is also the promoter for the Rumble at the Ridge 200 on Aug. 21 at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Me.

Asked if there was any truth to speculation that he could take on a management role with the Whelen Modified Tour in the near future Vanada said: “No truth to that.”

Vanada had previously served as general manager of Thompson Speedway, leaving that position in August of 2018. In December 2018 Vanada announced plans for the Bullring Bash, a three-event Tour Type Modified series with two events scheduled for White Mountain Motorsports Park in North Woodstock, N.H. and one event scheduled for Thunder Road International Speedbowl in Barre, Vt. Anthony Nocella topped an 11-car field in the first series event at White Mountain in Aug. 2019. The other two events for the series were ultimately cancelled.


  1. First of all, if any of this was true, then of course Jimmy Wilson and Josh Vanada will have to deny it, until the official announcement.

    Just remember this thread when the announcement is made that Jimmy Wilson is leaving the position as NWMT Director and Josh Vanada is taking over.

    But if Vanada does take over, that is the end of the NWMT. We saw how a promoter couldn’t run a country, there is no way a promoter can run the NWMT.

  2. Josh Vanada would be a perfect choice. He has the ability to communicate very effectively to Racers, because He comes from a Racing Family. He started as a Flagman at Seekonk, worked His way up to
    Management at Thompson and was excellent in His Position. The owner’s made the move to the Road course and cut the schedule and the rest is History as they say….. His Father was crew chief and Jake his brother was a Driver in Pro Stocks and now in Trucks …. Coming from a Racing Family, He understands what the Owner’s & Drivers need to be successful. Hopefully He could bring Thompson back into the Tour Schedule along with Seekonk , Lee and Star … See what happens in 2021….

  3. It will never happen at Star,if this does happen it’ll be the nail in the coffin for the NWMT.

  4. Pretty much agree Suitcase Jake. Hopefully bring back the tour to Thompson. Thompson needs the tour and the tour needs Thompson IMHO. I’m not too sure Dave Sapienza would be happy with Vanada in control?????????????

  5. Young Buck says

    Both need to go.

  6. Young Buck says

    SAP would not be happy. Little needs to go also, all OPEN shows are much better racing.

  7. Sharpie Fan says

    Pretty much scraping the barrel there.

  8. I have no idea if Vanada would be an upgrade were it to happen but I tend to believe Suitcase Jake.
    Regardless Vanada stepped in, took the risk and made three races happen that weren’t going to if it were left up to the tracks. Sounds like being proactive to me a quality of good management.
    How’s promoting NWMT races qualify him to be trashed?
    The question is why would anyone want the job with so many out for blood?

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