Cashing In: Tim Jordan Wins Fast Five SK Modified Feature At Speedbowl

Tim Jordan celebrates victory Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl (Photo Mitch Bombard/TK Race Photos)

Reigning New London-Waterford Speedbowl champion Tim Jordan returned to victory lane Saturday and got some extra loot for doing it.

Jordan, of Plainfield, won the 50-lap Fast Five Series SK Modified feature Saturday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl to score the $4,000 payday for the special event.

Todd Owen of Somers was second and Rob Janovic Jr. of Waterford third.

Owen dominated the early stages of the race, but Jordan passed Owen for the lead with 18 laps remaining. Owen stalked Jordan the rest of the way, but couldn’t find a way back to the front.

“If there’s anyone I would like to race against, it’s Todd Owen,” Jordan said. “He’s old school. I almost threw the race away on one of those restarts, but I was able to hang in there. This was just a great race.”

Said Owen: “I guess I just led the wrong laps.”

RJ Marcotte of Millville, Mass. won the 49-lap Bubby Brouwer Memorial SK Light Modified feature.

Jason Chapman of Ellington was second and Billy Anderson of Wolcott third.

Ryan Morgan of North Franklin topped the field in the 30-lap Late Model feature.

Ray Christian III of Uncasville was second and Charlie Rose of Tiverton, R.I. third.

Ryan Waterman of Danielson scored victory in the 25-lap Street Stock feature.

Jon Porter of East Lyme was second and Al Stone III of Durham third.

John O’Sullivan of Salem topped the field in the 20-lap Legends feature.

Brody Monahan of Waterford was second and Scott Limkemann of Lisbon third.

50-lap SK Modified Fast 5: 1. Timmy Jordan, Plainfield; 2. Todd Owen, Somers; 3. Rob Janovic Jr, Waterford; 5. Matt Galko, Meridan; 5. Anthony Flannery, East Hampton; 6. Joe Gada, Uncasville; 7. Adam Gada, Bozrah; 8. Dennis Gada, Salem; 9. Keith Rocco, Berlin; 10. Matt Swanson, Acton, Mass.; 11. Andrew Molleur, Shelton; 12. Glenn Pressel III, Bozrah; 13. Jeff Malave, Manchester; 14. Jonathan Puleo, Branford,; 15. Bill Anderson, Wolcott; 16. John Bercham, West Greenwich, RI; 17. Rick Williams, East Hampton; 18. Wendell Dailey, Gales Ferry; 19. Paul Buzel, Trumbull; 20. Ed Flemke Jr, Southington; 21. Jacob Perry, Pawkatuck; 22. Dennis Charette, Southington; 23. Jeff Fialkovich, Shelton; 24. Dylan Izzo, Monroe,; 25. Chase Cook, Norwich; 26. Cory DiMatteo, Farmington.

49-lap SK Lite Bubby Brouwer Memorial: 1. RJ Marcotte, Millville, Mass.; 2. Jason Chapman, Ellington; 3. Bill Anderson, Wolcott; 4. Brian Sullivan, Tolland; 5. Anthony Bello, Newtown; 6. Paul Charette, Woodstock; 7. Corey Caddick, Richmond, RI; 8. Wayne Burroughs, Oakdale; 9. Ethan Durocher, Canterbury; 10. John O’Sullivan III, Salem; 11. Tom Abele Jr, Norwich; 12. Evan Bourgeois, East Haddam; 13. Tyler Alkas, Kensington; 14. Jonathan Puleo, Branford; 15. Michael McCarthy, North Oxford, Mass.; 16. Charlie McDougall, Naugatuck; 17. Nathan Pytko, Oxford, Mass.; 18. Tyler Barry. Griswold,; 19. Cole Kugler, Bradford, RI.

30-lap Late  Models: 1. Ryan Morgan, North Franklin; 2. Raymond Christian, Uncasville; 3. Charlie Rose, Tiverton, RI; 4. Jason Palmer, Berlin; 5. Rich Staskowski, Hope Valley, RI; 6. Michael Benevides, Westerly, RI; 7. Jason Williams, Lisbon; 8. Tony Macrino, Waterford,; 9. Isaiah Newcomb, Plymouth, Mass.; 10. Keith Scalia, North Branford; 11. Derryck Anderson Jr., Plainfield.

25-lap Street Stocks: 1. Ryan Waterman, Danielson; 2. Jon Porter, East Lyme; 3. Al Stone III    Durham; 4. Shawn Monahan, Waterford; 5. Douglas Curry, Groton; 6. Nickolas Hovey, Chaplin; 7. Christopher Douton, Niantic; 8. Eric Lutz, Miller Place, NY; 9. Aaron Plemons, Uncasville; 10. Tyler Trott, East Hartford; 11. Zach Meade, Putnam,; 12. Tyler Cinamella, Willimantic; 13. Ritt Shawn, Westerly, RI; 14. Michael DiFranco, West Warwick, RI; 15. Shawn Gaedeke, Groton; 16. Jason Chicolas, Sutton, Mass.; 17. Ronnie Oldham, Waterford’ 18. Timothy Poulin, Thompson; 19. Bo Norman, Clinton; 20. Ed Gertsch Jr, East Haven.

20-lap Legends: 1. John O’Sullivan III, Salem; 2. Brody Monahan, Waterford; 3. Scott Limkemann, Lebanon; 4. Joel Newcomb, Plymouth; 5. Scott Kinsman, Berlin; 6. Ron Miske, Shelton.

25-lap X-Cars: 1. 1 Sam Mesick, East Lyme; 2. Chuck McDonald, Groton,; 3. Eric Macy, Manchester; 4. Tim Burgess, Norwich; 5. Raymond Herman Sr., Groton; 6. Corey Caddick       Richmond, RI; 7. Rick Mollo, Seymour; 8. Wade Robbins, Pawcatuck; 9. Cameron Liebal, Oakdale; 10. Grant Spaulding, Westerly, RI; 11. William Lauber, West Haven; 12. Christian Herman, North Branford; 13. TJ Racicot, Quaker Hill.


  1. 🌈🦄2020 says

    Another awesome night at the speedbowl 30 SK modifieds. 19 SK lites. 20 street stocks. Great to see Ed Flemke Jr back again in the 11. Who would have guessed he’d be racing an SK at the bowl in 2021? Rocco’s rental fails to qualify. That Chapman kid can drive. He did all her could in the consi. Rocco with a mediocre 9th place finish after being penalized for wrecking Flemke. Big crowd. Beautiful night. Can we got a comment from our resident speedbowl hating clown please? 🤡

  2. knuckles mahoney says

    Damn, look at the car counts. Way to go Waterford.

  3. Dick Williams and the Fast Guys are the best in the business and thumbs up to the Speedbowl to host these races.

  4. Great turnout for the Bowl. Really happy that there are extra distance races that pay an increased purse for the SK’s and not just for the tour types.These guys put in a great show no matter what track they compete at and deserve the increased exposure and extra money. Hopefully this can happen again next season. Great job Dick Williams and the Fast Five team!

  5. Viva Race Fan says

    Great Hot Dogs in turn 1 by the pits.
    The big 1 in the Sk’s. Lites was also a show.
    The Shagging Wagon was ripping. Great weather and crowd . See you Saturday

  6. Another very entertaining SK race at the Bowl. Jordan’s last lap cross over pass of Owen reminded me of his late pass of Rocco in the Potter Memorial race last year. And, the Rocco/Flemke pinball action was interesting …

  7. Great racing AGAIN!! Great car counts, Great racing, every division, great passing for every position. Alot of talent in every division. Best racing in Ct.

  8. Bowl supporter says

    The racing guys need to hire there own separate staff of at least a race director scorer and a few support people for these SK races. Larry Moe and curly the three stooges that run the show there need to be cut out of the picture before they ruin a good thing. Between the tech debacle and terrible on track calls they will eventually chase the car count away.

  9. Bowl supporter supporter says

    AGREED…… the race director and the sk51 and the ss52 all go out for dinner after the races and laugh about the calls. Would love to see them have there own team of officials. It will definitely drive the racers away if it continues to be jaded

  10. Love podcasts and one of my regular stops is Making Laps with the Gleason brothers Usually over an hour and a half of race banter, half of which can seem like snarky hauler chat at the end of the night. The other half a structured review of racing at primarily the Connecticut tracks. Moderately successful Thompson Limited Sportsman driver Brent Gleason running point tries to keep the show on track and knows a lot about racing. He says he’ll be driving a Stafford LLM next year so that will make the show more relevant to Stafford fans if he decides to follow through and continue to do the show.
    9/12/2020 they had Speedbowl X car champ Chuck McDonald on the show. If you want an example of why true racing characters still exist at the Speedbowl you’re gonna want to watch this guy. Mocking the Covid19 vaccinations on Facebook as untested while puffing away on a smoke in other videos go figure. Lecturing on decorum and taking the high road on Facebook then telling his colorful story about taking a swing at a fellow competitor at the track and being carried away from the pit he shouldn’t have been and threatened with arrest. Arrest for what says Chuck when I swung at the guy I missed.
    On the rumor front Chuck has those as well. Star and Hudson fans just a heads up. Chuck says they may be closing do to “lack of profits”. Another that the Speedbowl is fining any competitor that says anything negative about the Speedbowl on social media. Personally none of what he says seems to be any more credible then his theories on the vaccine but for a guy thinking that social media is killing racing by spreading rumors he seems to be doing a pretty good job of that on video.
    The Speedbowl is not my home track but I can safely say it is the best track in Connecticut to watch races and has been since I first went there in the 80’s when the track was more like an obstacle course. There’s always good action in both lanes and you can see it all the time. We always thought we were hot stuff at Stafford but from Bob Potter to Jerry Pearl to Phil Rondeau to Jay Stuart they’d come up to Stafford and win championships.
    It’s great to read all the enthusiasm for the track from what I think is the best and most loyal fan base in Connecticut. Imagine what it could be and I think it will be once that albatross of an owner for whatever reason sells the facility to someone that doesn’t have his disreputable past holding it back.

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