Check Out Lane: Wayne Coury Jr. Scores Dominant Victory In Paradiso Insurance Late Model 50 At Stafford

Wayne Coury Jr. celebrates victory in the Late Model feature Friday at Stafford (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – It’s fair to say the Late Model division at Stafford Speedway in 2021 has been a rough division on many nights.

With a 50-lap feature scheduled for Friday many were expecting an event that could have gone off the rails.

What it turned out to be was Wayne Coury Jr. on rails to victory lane.

Coury led from lap 21 on to win the caution-free Paradiso Insurance Late Model 50 Friday at Stafford.

It was the second victory of the season for Coury, of Milford.

“I never expected this thing to go 50 green flag laps,” Coury said. “… That was awesome. We’ve had an up and down season. We’ve had a fast car. All these guys have stuck with me. … We’ve been having some issues the past few weeks. The car was just a little off. We were getting top-five’s, but it was just a little off. We brought [Bob Fill’s shop] this week and found a few things that really made the thing go.”

Adam Gray of Belchertown, Mass. was second and Kevin Gambacorta of Ellington third.

Coury moved past Paul Varricchio for second place on lap 16 and then hunted down leader Paul Arute. Coury got under Arute for the lead off of turn two on lap 21 and never trailed again.

Gray was able to cut Coury’s huge lead down late, but never got close enough to challenge over the closing laps.

“This car stayed really consistent,” Coury said. “I tried to save a little bit in the middle of the race there. We’re not on the freshest tires. I knew I had to turn it on a little bit at the end there. So I tried to save a little bit. But the car was just super consistent the whole run. I haven’t had a car like this in a while.”


  1. Bravo to Coury for making the moves that would turn out to be critical then being smart to seal the deal. Ironic in a division known for dust ups the one time they really could have used a caution to end the race with some real drama they were on their best behavior.
    Time for a review of the 08 P&T Enterprises “unique” car program that was designed to provide a competitive car for a rotating group of quality drivers. More specifically a Fearn Mortorsports backup car formerly flying the Ryan Fearn colors fielded by Tom Fearn and Kretschman.
    Lofty goals included having an SRX driver make an appearance in the car and Ryan Preece as well. The rotating group of drivers never really happened as the cars two main drivers were Mike O’Sullivan and Tyler Leary.
    Starting out the car was simply wretched for O’Sullivan coming in at the tail end of the first three events. Then Leary takes over and gets a 4th soon after. It’s been good for Leary and very competitive of late with frequent finishes in the top 10 in a very competitive field.
    I guess the question is did it become a rent-a-racecar at some point with a renewed focus and input from the Leary clan, successful old hands in Late Models. No matter how it happened Leary seems like a really good fit for the car. It would be nice to see him next year taking it to the next level.

  2. Did I see 16 cars for their biggest race of the year. I was surprised to see the short field as they seemed to be around 20 cars each week but they have been tearing them up lately. Not sure who was missing but hope they come back. Honestly, I fell asleep during the race. May or may not be a commentary on the race but I was quite tired and the couch is so comfy. Happy they ran the SK’s early in the program give fans the choice to leave early if they wanted to.

  3. Ryan Fearn has never sat in that mess of a car. His is sitting race ready at his fathers shop. Back to the Barcalounger…

  4. Well first of all I never left the Barkalounger so returning to it is unnecessary. And I’ll be in the Barkalounger tonight watching the NWMT race from Oswego and in it tomorrow night to watch the MRS race on Speed51. By my side a frosty Broadbrook Brewery Hopsillo that I learned of from none other then Ryan Fearn. Ironic isn’t it?
    I never said Ryan drove it I said it was flying Ryan’s colors and as the innards clearly show.
    Interesting choice of the words “hot mess”. Ryan would not drive the car a well respected driver is now driving prepared in part by Tom Fearn that is delivering solid finishes while Ryan is sidelined for conduct unbecoming.
    “It’s kind of a spare car for Ryan and I,” Tom Fearn said. “If we’re at the track and we’re having problems on a certain night the car will be there for us. But, we want to use it and have different names running it.”
    Seems that according to Tom Fearn were Ryan racing and were he to need a car he would in fact drive the “hot mess” if Tom Fearn is to be believed.
    You might consider getting yourself a Barkalounger Gallant to help you get up to speed.

  5. Ryan has kept himself busy selling Trump bumper stickers in the pits , door to door

  6. It was a boring race. We left after 30 laps and glad to see the 10 won it. The Street Stocks and SK’s were awesome, as they usually are. The lights were entertaining, but had too many wrecks. I have no idea about the 08, but, it does not have the soft shocks of Ryan’s car or some of the others. It is set up differently. It also has been basically totaled a few times this season. Seems quite improbable that it is a Fearn back-up car. An old Kretchman car is feasible, #48 I assume. Been a long time since they raced.

  7. Many people keep saying they are happy one of the good guys won, which I agree…but I think it’s just as much, if not more, that people are happy the 19 didn’t win. Would’ve been nice to see more of a show for the extra distance race, but it’s also nice to not have a wreck fest.

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