Motoring On: Ron Silk Scores Dominant Win In Whelen Mod Tour Toyota Mod Classic 150 At Oswego

Team owner Kevin Stuart (left) congratulates driver Ron Silk (right) following victory in the Whelen Modified Tour Toyota Mod Classic 150 Saturday at Oswego Speedway (Image: NBC TrackPass)

Breakups happen in racing.

Sometimes those breakups can be ugly, and sometimes not.

Earlier this week Ron Silk made it publicly known that he would be leaving the Kevin Stuart Motorsports Whelen Modified Tour team at the conclusion of the 2021 season.

Both Silk and team owner Kevin Stuart insisted last Monday that it was an amicable breakup and all parties involved hoped to make the most of the final four events of the 2021 Whelen Modified Tour season.

Saturday at Oswego Silk and the team showed that no matter the impending divorce, winning as a team is still priority number one.

Silk scored a dominating victory in winning the Whelen Modified Tour Toyota Mod Classic 150 Saturday at Oswego (N.Y.) Speedway.

It was the second consecutive series victory for Silk, of Norwalk, who won at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine on Aug. 21.

Silk, who started on the pole and led the majority of the event, beat second place Matt Hirschman to the checkered by 2.9 seconds.

“It was just a fantastic job by my guys,” Silk said. “The car was spot on. I’m just real excited for my team to get back to victory lane.”

Hirschman of Northampton, Pa. furiously rallied from a lap 43 wreck to grab the runner-up spot.

“We just had to overcame a lot,” Hirschman said. “I wish we didn’t have to. We came up with a strong second at the end.”

Justin Bonsignore of Holtsville, N.Y. was third and extended his lead at the top of the series standings. Bonsignore, the reigning series champion – who is looking for his third series title in four years – went from holding an eight-point lead over second place Patrick Emerling coming into the event to a 20-point lead over Emerling, who was 15th Saturday.

“It was a good night for us,” Bonsignore said. “It’s getting down to crunch time as far as points are concerned. Gives us a little bit of breathing room, but we still have to race hard the next three [races].”

Bonsignore went by Silk for the lead on lap five. Silk went back to the front on lap 15.

The first caution of the event flew on lap 37 for the spinning car of Mike Leaty. The race restarted on lap 43 with Silk fending off Bonsignore on the restart.

But the red flag was shown on lap 44 for a huge wreck. The melee began with Hirschman and Doug Coby battling for fourth place. Hirschman looked under Coby but Coby closed the door on him and contact from sixth place running Anthony Nocella sent Hirschman spinning. The wreck collected a number of cars, including Bobby Santos III, Woody Pitkat, Tommy Catalano, Gary Putnam and Leaty.

“I was thinking it wasn’t looking to good,” Hirschman said. “[Coby] hacked us and it spun us around there. We got clipped and a bunch of other cars got wrecked there. We didn’t need that to happen.”

The race went back to green on lap 49 with Bonsignore going back to the front by Silk, but it was a short-lived stretch. Caution flew once again on lap 55 when Austin Beers ended up in the wall.

The race went back to green on lap 62 with Bonsignore continuing to fend off the stalking Silk in second.

On lap 78 Silk found the way by Bonsignore to regain the lead, and he was quickly able to open some breathing room on second place.

“I knew if it was a longer run that I would be able to drive back by him,” Silk said. “My car took a few laps to fire off on restarts.”

With a long green flag stretch Silk was able to check out from Bonsignore, opening up a 2.6 second lead by lap 120. By lap 127 Silk had opened that lead to 3.3 seconds, but heavy traffic slowed Silk by lap 130. On lap 132 Bonsignore had cut the lead back to 1.9 seconds. By lap 134 Bonsignore closed the gap to 1.1 seconds behind Silk.

Silk was able to clear the heavy traffic issues and quickly opened his lead back to 2.8 seconds by lap 138.

“I went pretty hard there like halfway through the race and I said ‘I’m sure there will be a caution and we’ll end up taking tires.’” Silk said. “With 20 to go I was getting a little nervous wondering ‘Did I save enough?’

Hirschman got by Coby for third with nine laps remaining and then went by Bonsignore for second with seven to go. Hirschman was 3.4 seconds behind Silk when he got to second, and at one point cut Silk’s lead to about two seconds, but Silk pulled away over the final two laps.

Said Hirschman: “We made a charge. … Congrats to [Silk], he went the whole way and still was driving away from the rest of us. He had a very good car.”


  1. Pick-em results for the NWMT race at Oswego 9/5


    Mbus.. 60,51,10,07,85,……..…0+4+0
    Liz C….60,10,07,7ny,51………0+3+0
    Bobf…60,85,10,51,82…………0+5+2 WINNER!

    Bobf takes down his third Pick-em win and now leads the unofficial standings with 3 wins in 8 races picked. The key to this win much like his Seekonk win being the only person to pick Nocella in the top 5.

  2. Congratulations Bobf, Nailed the Top 5.. All 5 … WOW plus the 2 points for most cars in the TOP 5…. Great fun … McKennedy was a non factor that 7NY car is up & Down in it’s performances….. To bad Santos got caught up in the wreck also I believe… Boy Silk and the 85 team are Hitting on all cylinder’s now the are Hot as anyone … Crazy that this operation will part ways with this kind of Effort & Performance…. Is their any way they may reconsider and stay together ????? Tough to walk away from a GREAT CAR , a WINNING CAR and CREW that gets the job done ???? thanks Doug for tallying up the Point’s ….Have Fun = Be Happy….

  3. Low drama Ron Silk is a bit of enigma isn’t he? No social media presence he keeps his own council as much as he can at all times. Moves around from ride to ride but is so well respected that he doesn’t leave hard feelings in it’s wake. In this race you might think he or the Stuart team might be a little off their game under the circumstances but they excelled. The guy has been around forever but he still seems under rated in my view.
    Hirschman says it’s difficult to get to more of the NWMT races because he depends on crewman that are spread all over to come together for his events. What happened last night that produced the second was the crew who kept tweaking the 60 after the early dust up. Hirschman always gets the credit for being the great driver he is which is as it should be but he’s also assembled an incredibly talented group to help him.
    Justin Bonsignor still my favorite. Hirschman was scowling on the podium clearly disappointed the opportunity to win the big money was taken away. Justin Bonsignor smiling and gracious as always whether he wins or in this case comes in third.

  4. All picks from everybody that played were good. I just got lucky is all. It’s the way it fell. But thanks suitcase, and thanks Doug, for keeping all organized and easy to follow. Greatfully appreciated!

  5. Congrats on the win Bobf…..

  6. That’s two consecutive WMT races that Silk has beaten the great one. You think Silk has his number?

    What I like about Silk is he is a quiet, low keyed, down to earth guy that doesn’t get excited and just goes out and does his job. Watch his interviews, cool, calm, collected.

  7. Liz Cherokee says

    Congratulations 🎊 to BobF! This Bud 🍻 is for you!

  8. Well TBR better step up its game if wants to take over the Modified Chassis market, that performance was blah, week prior they were saying the car was greatest thing since sliced bread

  9. Maybe we should call Silk “COOL HAND SILK” how’s that sound Earl ????

  10. Silk has been a top Modified driver for quite awhile, and his two most recent wins were impressive. It looks like he’s going to end the season in style, after making some uncharacteristic mistakes earlier in the year.

  11. Thank you earl and liz.
    But honestly, lucky guesses and “gut” feels.
    But that is what makes this fun. Nice to have this friendly competition. I’m sure I will be congratulating some one else on the next go around, and it will be my pleasure to do so! Keep playing guys! Good stuff!

  12. Nice ring to it Jake! 👍

  13. Funny. I think we all have the same feelings/observations about silk.
    Cool, calm, collected. Goes about his business. But I get the feeling he doesn’t cow-tow to anybody. Is is own man, calls his own shots. Gets restless, moves on. Sees a greener pasture.
    For me, my respect meter for silk went up double digits, when he got cleaned out by hirschman on the tri track race at seekonk 2 years ago.
    Regardless of anybody’s opinion on what really transpired, when the microphone was in silks face after that, for the most part, he took the high road. That stuck with me as to my opinion of him.
    Class act. Wish him well.

  14. Do you people really trust Doug doing arithmetic?


  15. Let me tell you Bobf, your luck and gut sure works better than mine! Congrats! Thanks again to Suitcase, Doug, & Shawn for this! I always thought it was either “Silky Smooth” or “Smooth as Silk” but “Cool Hand Silk” sounds good as well. Oswego was too far for me, although still on my “bucket list.” I was watching 40 big block dirt mods race for $27,500 at Lebanon Valley. The Dirt Mod version of the “Outlaws vs. PA Posse” , you had the “LVS regulars vs. the Super Dirt Invaders”. This year’s track champion beat all the hitters with Andy Bachetti holding off Matt Sheppard and Stu Friesen.

  16. WeldingWonders says

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    552 Blame the car? (Melissa Fifield)Still after 8 years and daddy was a mechanic?
    553 She (Melissa Fified)is terrified of the style of racing known as Tour Modified asphalt oval track.
    554 She (Mellissa Fifield) better hope the potential sponsors don’t look her up on racing reference.
    555 So Doug, the guy with numerous screen names on these forums, the guy that regularly calls people scumbags, has weighted in and judged the posts of others. Isn’t he special?
    556 Doug, the guy that runs numerous anonymous screen names on these forums is worried about being perceived as spineless?
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    560 Atomic , all you have to do is not agree with Doug, or his many other screen names, and he whips out the victim card. I find it very entertaining. He’s a drama queen.
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  17. Bobf isn’t lucky, he’s a giant sage.

  18. Doug, thanks again for publicizing your depravity and idiocy.

  19. I can’t believe Silk hasn’t been tapped for at LEAST a Truck ride.

  20. The 01 jumped up in the points standings, and will do so again after the next race, and it doesn’t even have to be competitive. Just show up, run a few laps, and PRESTO!!!!!

  21. I never claimed to be good at ciphers or stats I simply enjoy working with them. It’s all public information and anyone can check anything any time they like.
    Suitcase Jake tasked me we a job and I’m doing it to the best of my ability.
    You’ve chosen to sit on the sidelines Darealgoodfella after the first couple Pick-ems. Consider taking a break from the standard of perfection you like to project, be one of the gang for this fun activity and have some fun.

  22. I can’t believe Silk hasn’t been tapped for at LEAST a Truck ride.
    For someone who claims to be so SMART you say the DUMBEST things, as has been said before to get a RIDE in any top 3 series u have to be young or bring $$$$ which While a very good quality driver Silk doesn’t fit that bill, a gypsy in Modifieds and yes A Champion but age and Big Bucks not on his side, AND what is wrong with just being HAPPY driving a Modified, why does everyone have to be tapped for a top 3 series ride for which few quality seats open up.

  23. Wmass, I totally agree with you. I think if Silk had wanted to land a ride in the “big3” it would have had to be many years ago, and he’d had to have shown up with allot of money. Who knows, maybe he was offered a ride and turned it down, being content to run modified a. Look at Ryan Preece for example. He spent allot of money to land a field filler Xfinity ride. He rode it out for a season and came back to the mods. Then, spent a huge amount of money to land a 4 race deal with Gibbs, where he won a race and had good showings in the remaining races, which led to his cup ride at JTG. 3 years in, he’s out of a ride, and who knows what 2022 will bring. Had Preece landed in a top tier ride, he’d most likely have at least a win by now. I think his journey proves that 25 is too old for cup, and marginal for Xfinity. I think most of your winning modified drivers in their late 20’s are content to run mods and win, rather than being a field filler in the “big3”

  24. While we’re on the “big3”. What is with Kyle Larson’s nickname;
    “Yung Money”? Given Kyles Asian roots wouldn’t that be considered Racial? What happened to NASCAR’S
    Racial sensitivity? Actually I thought is was spelled “Young” until I saw it spelled the other way on national TV. Kind of screwed up given Kyle was suspended for a racial incident.

  25. I like that sentiment as well. Make what you enjoy part of your life, not your whole life.
    I like to know a little about what drivers do for their day job. Ron Silk is so buttoned up you’re going to get racing from him and precious little of that unless he wins.
    If this is the Ron Silk of Silk Plumbing and Heating in Norwalk, Ct listed as a sponsor in his earlier days of racing his day job has outpaced his driving career in terms of success and demands.
    A family owed, multi generational business probably doing a lot of high end work on the Connecticut gold coast the Ron Silk listed is now an officer in the company.
    We fans tend to define drivers we like in terms of racing success looking for them to take the next step like Preece but Ryan is the exception. Ron Silk is the rule. If my dot connecting is anywhere near correct Silk has pigeon holed racing in a slot in his life as recreation that is secondary to the means by which he makes a living. Might even be a contributing reason he’s reluctant to range so far and wide for NWMT races with the Stuart team as he takes on more responsibility in his business.
    Sounds like a guy maturing in business and life that has his priorities pretty well sorted.
    It would be nice for Ron to come on an Unmuffled and explain his reasons for leaving Kevin Stuart Motorsports and prioritizing HYR but it’s Ron Silk so it’s highly unlikely.



  27. It could be as simple as being able to race more races. The Stuart team only runs NWMT events while HYR runs Tri Track, and other open events, who knows maybe they’ll even run some NWMT events as well.

  28. I bet there is more news coming from HYR , maybe a new crew chief !

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