Sources: Beech Ridge Motor Speedway To Likely Operate As Track In 2022

On September 11 Beech Ridge Motor Speedway owner Andy Cusack announced to competitors, fans and employees at the historic facility that he had reached an agreement to sell the track property to a land developer.

It proved devastating news to supporters of the Scarborough, Maine track, which has been in business since 1949.

Cusack has been publicly mum concerning the particulars of the sale agreement and the timetable for development by prospective owners. On Sept. 12 Cusack hinted in his announcement that the possibility still existed for the facility to operate as a track in 2022.

Sunday the track hosted its last racing event scheduled for the 2021 season, and what could have been the last racing event on the property ever.

Or possibly not?

Multiple sources close to the track have said this week that it’s highly likely that the track will operate as a racing facility in 2022, and could possibly operate for 2-3 more years as a track.

“The developers are far behind on other development they’re doing close by and aren’t expecting to even take steps on the Beech Ridge property for at least a couple years,” said one source close to track management.

Cusack was not available for comment Wednesday. Cusack told the Portland Press Herald recently that due to a non-disclosure agreement in place he can’t legally reveal any information about the buyer.

Sources said there also exists the possibility that the track could continue to operate under a new management group in coming years through a lease from the development group purchasing the property.


  1. Great to hear there is the possibility for some more time at Beech Ridge. Beech Ridge has become my home track in recent years and I’ve grown quite attached to it. The amount of development occurring in Scarborough is incredible, not to mention that I was trying to escape all that in my life shift from Connecticut back to my home state of Maine. If it happens to be the same developer in town, no surprise they are behind. Good news and I appreciate seeing there may be hope!

  2. What is going on here? Could operate for the next 2-3 years? What a fiasco this has been, and no comment from the owner. Why is it so difficult to have an open line of communication with competitors and race fans? All the tributes for what? Hope it reinvigorates the racing community in Southern Maine if nothing else.

  3. Louise salley says

    This is the best news we’ve heard since we found out it was over for beechridge.this is one of the best tracks we have been to.its a family track and you feel like family they give the most respect to the drivers and fans that I’ve seen in a long time at a track.its just a awsome track,great people and fun track to be was very heartbreaking to hear that it was sold and wasn’t going to be a home racetrack any more,you could see the hurt from every driver the night Andy announced to everyone.i saw tears from some of the workers that night,and it’s because that was HOME and as I said everyone made you feel like you was family and you was home to race.just the year my son has raced there we love this track more then any track he’s raced at and he’s been to alot of tracks,but this was the best.hope they keep it open for the sake of everyone who loves beechridge and there is alot of people who do.

  4. Laurie Colello says

    I grew up on Holmes Road. The track is a piece of my history. I remember going as a wee little one with my parents and my brother when it was a dirt track. When I was a kid and at home, the sounds of the track would lull me to sleep at night. It’s a part of history and is so sad to think it will be sold off! I can’t imagine Scarborough without it! It’s like selling off a piece of your heart or your childhood home! Family, friends and good times are all being left behind. Very sad.

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