Jimmy Blewett, Tommy Baldwin Jr. Pairing Up For Islip 300 At Riverhead

Jimmy Blewett (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

Wednesday evening Jimmy Blewett put out the call on social media.

The Howell, N.J. driver wanted to find a ride for the Islip 300 at Riverhead Raceway on Nov. 13 to race in honor of his former team owner and Eddie Partridge, who passed away on Sept. 10. In addition to owning the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour that Blewett drove for previously, Patridge also owned Riverhead Raceway.

The message was basic from Blewett, like a fisherman throwing the bait in the water. Blewett posted on social media that he was looking for a ride for the Islip 300 and was ready to cover the expenses.

It took less than 24 hours for Blewett to find a seat for the big event at Riverhead.

And not just any seat.

Blewett will drive for team owner Tommy Baldwin Jr. at the Islip 300 at Riverhead.

“Tommy believes in me,” Blewett said. “We’re friends. Really good friends. But, he’s one of those guys that he wouldn’t put me in his car if he didn’t believe in me.”

Blewett will run as a teammate to Mike Christopher Jr. in the Tommy Baldwin Racing stable in the Nov. 13 event.

“Tommy reached out and asked me if I found anything,” Blewett said. “I had a couple people call me that wanted me to put a whole car together. I don’t have the time to do all of that. … Tommy reached and asked if I had anything yet. I said ‘Nope.’ And he said ‘I’ve got something for you.’”


  1. This is great news!!
    Go get em Jimmy!!

  2. Nerfbarsmurf says

    Love this as a Wall Stadium diehard. Maybe I’ll make the difficult trek from NJ.

  3. The actual post
    “Jimmy Showtime Blewett
    October 20 at 6:57 PM ·
    Looking for a ride for the 300 at Riverhead will pay all expenses”

    Is that not one of the most effective posts you will ever see of social media?

    Oh man. I know we have to put the sappy spin on this but really isn’t it a lot simpler. TBR and Blewett are racers and want to race in a huge event. They’re pooling resources to do it. All the stuff about racing for Eddie Partridge and Baldwin believing in Blewett nice back stories but this is really about money, opportunity and doing what is necessary to make the race.
    The race will be more interesting with this “WILD” card entry.
    Can Blewett be the patient, strategic racer he needs to be for a long race?

  4. Fred Pucylowski says

    NASCAR Tour director Jimmy Wilsom I believe will have the Mod Tour a thing of the past within 2 more years if he continues to lead it. Look at the attrition just this season as owners seem to be through spending dollars and getting back pennies if they don’t win. Meanwhile the France family and their hangers on are living large.

    Remember NASCAR, you can’t run a show if you don’t have the players!

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