RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Had The Most Impressive Championship Season At Stafford In 2021?

Friday night Stafford Motor Speedway celebrated five weekly divisions champions for the 2021 season. Today’s daily poll question asks, who had the most impressive championship run in 2021 at Stafford? Vote below.


  1. 4 out of 5 doing it with class and a fast racecar , 1 hitting everyone and a fast racecar , pretty good percentage I guess

  2. Oh man this is really a tough one. If you take out the division hierarchy and just consider the races based on their merits there are only two contenders in my view the Late Models and Sk Lights.
    L’Etoile had a bit of breathing room after Meyer had to retire early in a race. Fearn was everything except the champ last year and had the field covered most of this year. Kopcik based on two bad decisions, one in a race the other deciding what to bolt to the car before the race pretty much took himself out of contention as they approached the finish line.
    It a tie for me between Bennett and Debbis. A new car of Bennett’s own creation, overcame some pretty questionable decision making and penalties and still eeked out championship in a tie breaker beating a guy for my money was the prohibitive favorite going into the season. Debbis fought like heck all year and it’s can be overstated that he beat two very good, experienced drivers in the last race to do it and passing them in the process.
    That’s from the fans perspective that wants to see points drama right to the end. You could also say Fearn’s win was the most impressive based on the fact the 12 team had the most space going into the final night.
    No matter where you land on it the fan’s won this season.

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