Wheel Of Fortune: Keith Rocco Rallies Late To Win Thompson 300 At Sunoco World Series

Keith Rocco celebrates victory in the Thompson 300 Sunday at the Sunoco World Series at Thompson Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

THOMPSON – In the realm of Modified racing Keith Rocco carries the mantle as the reigning king of short track weekly type sprint events.

His critics have long been quick to say the Wallingford driver doesn’t have the patience to win long distance Tour Type Modified events.

Sunday at Thompson Speedway Rocco went far – 300 laps far – to quiet those critics.

With many of the best drivers of the Whelen Modified Tour in the house, it was Rocco – the SK Modified hero – scoring the Thompson Outlaw Modified victory in the return of the Thompson 300 at the Sunoco World Series at Thompson Speedway.

Rocco, who led the final 18 laps, earned a $20,000 first place purse.

Buddy Charette of Woodstock came from the laps down to score an improbable second place finish. Ron Silk of Norwalk was third.

“It’s awesome,” Rocco said. “All the top [Whelen Modified Tour teams] were here. [Justin] Bonsignore, [Doug] Coby, [Ron] Silk. They were all here. This is a pretty big deal. They all say ‘You’re not a Tour driver’, I don’t want to sound cocky or anything but we just beat all the Tour drivers. I’m sure they’re going to find something to say about me and throw me under the bus, but at the end of the day we got the trophy and we got the check.”

Rocco wasn’t wrong that someone would have something to say. That someone was Jon McKennedy, who dominated much of the race but was livid over Rocco’s actions.

Rocco was in 10th place, the last car on the lead lap, when he spun off of turn four on lap 273.

Rocco said he had a right rear tire going down that caused the spin. McKennedy said the spin was intentional to get new tires.

“Big thanks to everyone that put this race on, but in the future going forward, if you draw an intentional yellow it [should be] a one lap penalty,” said McKennedy, who led 167 of 300 laps. “You’ve got guys like Rocco and a few others the last 30 laps spinning themselves out and putting tires on. That’s just fucking bullshit. Shame on them. He won, great job. He should have won, he’s on 30-lap tires. Spun himself out with 30 [laps] to go with what, eight cars on the lead lap? Bogus. Should have been a called penalty. He’s been racing here since he was a baby, never left the state of Connecticut. You don’t just spin out on your own.”

Said Rocco: “We were a 10th place car at that point. But it fell in our favor. At the end of the day we had to stay on the lead lap and we had to have tires at the end and that’s what won us the race.”

Rocco got by Silk for second place on lap 280. On lap 282 Rocco got by McKennedy for the lead in turn three, but McKennedy crossed him back off turn four to regain the top spot. On lap 283 Rocco got under McKennedy got into turn three. The pair went side-by-side off turn four with Rocco leading at the line McKennedy continued to challenge Rocco for the lead, but on lap 291 McKennedy slowed off of turn two and stopped on the backstretch to bring out the final caution of the day.

“Really not sure,” McKennedy said of the issue. “It just bogged real bad off the corner and shut off. There’s still fuel. Not really sure if something broke internally. Very disappointing. We had the dominant car all race, we led a ton of laps. They knew we were here.”

Rocco checked out from the front-runners after the final restart on lap 291.

While McKennedy was hardly complimentary of the win, former Whelen Modified Tour champion Silk offered his respect to Rocco’s feat.

“I think Keith is a great racer.” Silk said. “I think he could race the Tour and be successful if he wanted to. I think he chooses not to. I think he’s as good as any of the best of the guys out here and he proved that tonight.”

Charette got back on the lead lap when Rocco spun on lap 273 and then made a furious charge to the front.

“At one point we were like three laps down … I was yelling at the guys on the radio that we should have taken tires,” said Charette, who also won the SK Light Modified feature Sunday at Thomspon. “The wheels were bouncing, I couldn’t see where I was going. I don’t know, it all came together there at the end and the car was pretty good. I was just trying not to burn the tires up. Holy crap this is the Thompson 300 and we came in second. I don’t even know what to say. It’s amazing.”

Charette made a dive bomb move to run Silk up through turns three and four on the final lap to take second place.

“I had to think, ‘Would he do it to me?’” Charette said. “And I know he would do it to me. I’ve seen him do it. It wasn’t for the win, but all these guys work so hard and they put so much faith in me to get everything out of it that I can. I knew I had a good shot at it if I shipped it down in there. Not the way I wanted to do it because I like Silk and everything. I’m sure he don’t like me after that, but at the end of the day we’re here to do the best we can and it was pretty crazy.”

Said Silk: “I did something similar to that to [Eric] Goodale earlier in the race and I got penalized for it. I guess as long as the guy that you do it to doesn’t crash it’s fine. Whatever, second, third, it doesn’t matter.”

Anthony Nocella of Woburn, Mass. ended up fourth and Matt Swanson of Acton, Mass. fifth.

Doug Coby, Andrew Krause, Tommy Barrett Jr., Chris Pasteryak and Justin Bonsignore rounded out the top-10 respectively. Ten of the 25 cars that started the race were running at the checkered.


  1. Cant help but think there would have been significantly more negativity on facebook if this was a nascar tour race. the initial car counts, how many finished and the god awful PPV coverage would have all lead to more “tour is dying” posts

  2. Harry Higgs says

    Haters gonna hate. I’m pretty sure the kid’s won about 200 plus features, so go kick rocks Mckennedy. He must have spun out in all of those and changed tires too. Maybe you should have driven for the Cup crew chief again today one last time and you could have thought of it first.

  3. Spin it to win it,didnt Danny Sullivan do the same in the Indy 500 and Kieth woud never spin out just to get new tires for a lousy 20,000 dollar purse.

  4. The 79 was DOMINANT. If that’s the team running for the Tour Championship in 2022 then good luck to the rest. Rocco won yes but in a shady fashion. That would never fly with NASCAR. If this series wants to stick around it needs to start limiting the BS. Tonight was BS. Shame in the entire series for letting it happen.

  5. Keith wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to pull that off , who’s going to make that judgement call if it was intentional or not we probably all know it was but still a tough call , congratulations to Keith he did what he had to and went home with the check. , only ten cars complete 300 laps , Ouch!!

  6. Sounds like a real snore fest only 10 cars finish boring.

  7. Only saw Keith put on a RF tire

  8. For those of us not there and didnt catch it online, thumbs up or thumbs down? From the article it sounds like there was some drama and some interesting strategy involved. Only 25 cars has to be a little disappointing but here were a lot of good drivers in the field, hopefully it was a good show. Be curious to see how the Seekonk race draws as they arent paying as much in a couple of weeks. How was the crowd? I hope it pick up a bit from yesterday but the weather really didnt look great. Yesterday some people were concerned about getting the entire race in.

  9. Speedbowl14 says

    The 300 was great…big thumbs up, IMO. 12 cautions which were heavy, and the longest stretch of green flag racing was the opening 60ish laps. I’m sure this would’ve been reduced with some warmer and dryer weather….there were 2 cautions for drizzle where I was sure they would lose the track if the mist had continued another 5 minutes but each time the lights came on for rain it would clear up. That said…moisture and temps in the 50s led to drivers being on ice skates. Lots of comers and goers. I think 15-20 lead changes? Strategies galore. Lots of bumping and banging going on. Really only the first 80ish laps were a “snooze”, I felt. The threat of rain kept people on their game (hence a lot of bonehead crashes the second half of the race). Yes only 9 cars finished but there were 20+ running at lap 100 and 15+ running at lap 200. Only in the final hundred laps did the attrition pick up. Rocco’s move was complete and utter BS. I’m so mad about it. Hope that $20k goes to a charity of his choosing or into a 2022 track point fund…he’s a thief for keeping that and he knows it. Good crowd even with the crummy weather. Fantastic World Series…photo finishes in Friday Open Street’s, Saturday SK’s, Saturday Street’s, and Sunday Mini Stocks. Next year I hope they continue what will be a new tradition of SK’s every night of the World Series. That was a hoot and the racing and car counts were good all three days. For next year the Sunday program should be Thompson 300, SK’s, and ACT (while they’re running the show, why not let them run on the spotlight day?). Run everything else Friday/Saturday. It was a very long day. The 300 started at 4:15 and ended at 7:00. I hope next year it can start by 3, have 30+ cars, and have fewer than 10 cautions. Starting at 4, having 25 cars, and having 12 cautions this year…it was still a FANTASTIC show, imo, but all of those numbers need to be worked on next year!

  10. Timmy you say it would never happen in nascar , I’m pretty sure Preese pulled the same move at Stafford a few years back , like I said could be tough to prove it was intentional , cash the check Keith!!

  11. Abuse of cautions is possible when there are a limited number of cars still running on the lead lap. I recall that Silk benefitted from a caution in which he was involved at the IceBreaker earlier this year (when relatively few cars were on the lead lap). The only remedies appear to be: 1) bigger and stronger fields of cars and/or 2) scoring a car involved in a caution (intentional or not) one lap down.


    This is not NASCAR You idiot it’s open outlaw McKennedy you should be ashamed of yourself for crying wolf you baby go get a lollipop suck on that


    Waterford 14 you’re a bigger idiot than the rest if I were you I’d punch myself in the face 57 times MORRON

  14. Brian’s Right , Sounded like a snooze fest ! Iconic race track , Iconic race with new promoter’s pumping out a large purse , and only 25 participant’s ? What happen to support your local race track you primadonna what to be ( Tour type driver’s ) You all should be Ashamed of yourself ‘s for letting your car’s sit in the garage this weekend . Somebody need’s to figure it all out before it becomes a late to fend for yourself and it turn’s into a full fender frenzy.

  15. Greece spun himself out at Thompson in a NASCAR tour race, won it. and no one bitched!

  16. Congratulations to Keith on the win, but Buddy Charette finishing 2nd is almost as shocking. Buddy mostly runs the SK Lights but has run the tour car at New Smyrna; he hung around 11-14 position most of the day and took care of his equipment and worked his way to 2nd! Great run!

  17. Doug coby and Anthony Norcella both spun themselves to bring out cautions for tires. Silk shouldn’t have Been Penalized for running Goodale up the track. Eric did it numerous times like he normally does to others. He did it to Andy J took 4-5 cars out of the race. If there going to do the lucky dog then do it like the always do and bring the car that’s getting it up to the pace car then go around like Pass normally does. No one knew who was on the lead lap and who wasn’t. Couldn’t believe Mckennedy crew never fixed his broken spoiler brace. Over all it was a great race. It was a typical pass type unprofessional calls throughout the weekend. 5 times they left drivers sitting on the bottom of the track while the field raced by when they had plenty of time for a caution. 4 times with the drivers door facing traffic. Typical Mayberry run show

  18. So Keith intentionally spins out, knowing they don’t count caution laps, and puts on tires which causes him to blow by everyone and win the race. Then he goes on talking about how people call him out saying he’s not a tour driver. Well guess what Keith, you still aren’t a tour driver. You win at your home track that you have more laps on than anyone. You still can’t win at a track that isn’t Thompson, Stafford, or Waterford where you race weekly. Get your nose out of the air.

  19. $50,000 to win at Oswego this past Sunday for 200 laps and 20 cars finished 200 laps , Mat Williamson in Buzz Chew car was the winner , another former modified tour owner who was driven away by Nascar bs

  20. Hmmm, now where did I see the same thing with Santos earlier in the year? About to go a lap down and he spins at just the right time. Oh well it will come to me.
    Other cars did it in this race as mentioned. The question is why would you not do it with big money on the line and literally nothing to lose.
    Nothing wrong with that move at all if it’s in the rules the fault is with the rules. It’s not like a very low number of cars at the end making conditions ripe for it was a surprise to anyone.
    Uncool Mr. McKennedy. Doesn’t make any difference if you’re correct you sound pathetic especially employing an F bomb. Now Silk has the right idea. Might be just as ticked about the spin or the pass by Charette but doesn’t lose control.
    To all the 300 aficionado’s clamoring for a 300 race did this one fill the void? Personally I think the 300’s time has passed and the Rocco deal shows the model is fundamentally flawed but for what it was it was good wasn’t it? A lot of movement at the front, cars strong, fading along with the tires, taking on tires, making adjustments then charging again. Buddy Charette for second?? Whoa didn’t see that one coming and it might be another reason the race model is fundamentally flawed. Almost 3 tens of a second slower then the winner of his heat. Not flawed if survival and luck are the point of the race but if the point is to see the best cars at the end competing for the win this format doesn’t cut it in my view.
    What I loved seeing was the steel head, built engine winning. Hopefully it was checked for compression those steel heads can pack an extra wallop if you’re not vigilant.. Bonsignor and Coby running one and two in the latter part of the race and I’m thinking here we go the big names with the specs are going to dominate but that didn’t happen.
    So what do you say modified nation do it again or not? The big names and cars were there but the length hobbled their relevance at the end. The car count surely didn’t indicate the buzz you’d want mainly because the purse at the back end couldn’t support the staggering expense. Then there’s the Rocco spin and Buddy Charette for second. Not exactly Christopher, T. Hirschman, Flemke Jr, Marquis, Stefanik the top five in the last 300 in 2005. Oh yes and 14 cars finished on the lead lap in that one and 37 cars started the race.
    My view that was fine for the sake of nostalgia but it’s time to get real. Whatever you decide I’ll respect your decision.

  21. This was absolutely a nostalgia race. My first trip to Thompson was for the 300 in 1994, and seven cars finished on the lead lap that year. I enjoyed this rendition quite a bit, and despite the caution policy and some questionable spins for tires at times the racing throughout the field was very good for most of the race.

    The quality of the cars that did turn out was really good. Sure I would have enjoyed seeing the 6, 60, 85, and a few others make the trek, but overall the top names showed up. The purse was top loaded, which surely kept some teams home. But a Rocco/Charette finish proved that more teams should have fielded cars.

    This format is a grind, and I think the World Series should return to a 150 next year to ensure a longer entry list. Retain the big purse and you will see participation build.

  22. I’d like to see if another 300 would build on yesterday’s event. But, I agree that yesterday left something(s) to be desired.

  23. Seems McKennedy isn’t the only driver that feels there were intentional spins. Coby posted this last night “We were fortunate to miss some wrecks and all of that rain that caused a bunch of lead lap cars to spin out throughout the race. It was real treacherous. We were lucky to miss that.”

  24. @csg – thumbs up. For the last twenty years or so, I go to Thompson once or twice a year (long ride) and most of the time IMHO it is like watching hot laps. Yesterday (and this years spring Sizzler) I had a great time. Maybe getting older and appreciate the pit strategy more.?. Not the worst weather, good food, good people in the stands, looking forward to next year.

  25. Just be glad that you didn’t go to Oswego for super dirt week. The track was in terrible condition making the races horrible. The 200 yesterday must’ve had 35 cautions for tires going Down or broken rear shocks. They couldn’t go 3 laps without a caution. People in the stands and walking out after the races said it was the worst thing they had to sit through in the lives. It was very disappointing because the atmosphere there is the best with all the top cars with over 300 in the pits.

  26. Using a sharper pencil after a second look.

    -52 to go, the 57 and 75 touch bringing out a caution. 51, 10 and 16 pit. 51 was leading and took on at least 3 new tires. Rocco stays out in 6th and drops like a rock after the restart.
    -28 to go the Rocco spin. Krause and Rocco pit. Charrette doesn’t.
    -22 to go the 92 just stops on the backstretch. Nice touch not repeating the Rocco feint. Nocella pushed in, Pasteryak, Krause pit as well and the 51 in for a tire pressure adjustment. Rocco up to third by then and clearly the fastest car on the track.
    -Rocco and McKennedy touch with 10 to go and not long after McKennedy’s car dies similar to Nocella. Slow push into the pit not to return. 51 pits yet again for adjustments.

    -McKennedy was running on some of the oldest tires when Rocco spun. Was it a bad call not to pit?
    -Looks like Nocella may have done the exact same thing as Rocco. It worked as well after he gets his mojo back and finishes in 4th. Nocella infinitely more popular then Rocco so not so much heat on him.
    -at the end the 51 came in three times for tires and adjustments and apparently just flat out missed the set up they were shooting for. That has to be a surprise.
    -Interesting that Charette did not take on tires when Rocco spun and yet he finished extremely strong like Rocco with the new rubber. That’s a set up coming in at just the perfect time isn’t it?
    -The announcers and camera folks must have been exhausted at the end so it’s understandable. They were all focused on Rocco by himself cruising to victory while missing Charette performing miracles in the closing lap or two. Missing what arguably could have been the most interesting thing in the entire race.

  27. So it didn’t occur to any of the teams left to pit for tires on that caution with 30 to go? Or the ensuing caution?
    Congrats to Keith. I’m glad he won 🏁

  28. It seems to me Rocco outsmarted everyone.It’s $20g’s to win.Win at all costs.Besides every competitor hates to lose.I really had respect for McKennedy,great driver but a poor sport.


    Blah Blah Blah that’s all I here, the 57 team had good pitstops fell back a couple times all the other guys spin out bring out the caution but nobody says anything Keith spins out it’s a big deal you guys are a bunch of babies grow up they won the race fair an square quit complaining you idiots 79 McKenedy should get some Balls

  30. I guess one way to prevent the feeling some have that Rocco’s spin was intentional is a simple tweak to the rule book. Unless there is something broken or a flat tire, if you bring out the caution on a one car spin you can pit but for fuel only no tires. I think most fans and competitors would think way more of Rocco’s win if an official could say ” Yes a flat tire came off that car”. Eliminate the questions of dirty pool so to speak.

  31. E. B. White says

    I’d like to congratulate Simple Simon on his near perfect ability to punctuate sentences. He’s a real man of genius!
    Can anyone figure out why the oaf called someone a Spanish pepper (morron)?

  32. Congrats to Keith! I have been watching Keith and Jon both for quite awhile. The officials should check the tires in this instance. If the tires is not going flat they should be penalized.
    However Keith is not the kind of driver to that. There were cautions after that. He could have put tires on then. The bottom line is he had tires to put on as well. Jon had the best call all day. But it broke down, who knows why? He ran that car hard all day. Keith Rode around, stayed on the lead lap, and didn’t use his car up. He put tires on when it mattered most. There was 22 laps to go when got tires. There was another 2 restarts after. With only 10 cars, he would got to the front either wAy rather quickly. Jon stalled anyway, and whether Keith caused a caution or not. I think eventually he would have got tires and got to the front. And as far as him being a tour driver, I think Keith can race anywhere. He’s crafty. I love Jon and was rooting for him. I picked him to win on Saturday. But he needs to let this one go. His car stalled and Keith help off Ron Silk and Justin and the end. Give him credit where credit is due. Just my 2 cents.

  33. Doug hit it no one is talking about the guy who came in second first loser who performed miracles on old tires

  34. I for one was disappointed at the car count. I really thought there were going to be 30-35 entries minimum.

    Some thoughts for future 300’s;

    1. 300 laps, cautions count. I think cautions counting add additional strategy.
    2. A pole and an outside pole qualifier during the regular 6 race season, two separate events.
    3. Separate the 300 from the World Series.

    Rocco’s spin intentional or not? He is only one that truly knows.

    Hello Jon McKennedy! The quiet one that methodically goes about his job and says very little. I guess he can get riled up!

  35. getserious says

    I agree, EB. Even though they are only 12 years old you would think they would have learned how to compose a sentence in the English language after spending the past 3 years in the 4th grade.

  36. Buddy you are the MAN !!! Great Job,,,!!!! Complete Chassis Solutions , I tip my hat to your set up ,,!!!!
    Loved the 300, Felt bad Jon didn’t Win, Had the best car all DAY …. It will get better next year as everything seems to do… Tweak it yes.. But keep 300 LAPS… When you buy 16 or so Modified Tires for Practice and the Race… That is Quite a SUM OF CASH $$$$ so maybe at the End of the YEAR the OWNERS were a little short on CASH to buy up that many TIRES for one RACE. Also having it EARLIER in the SUMMER the Engines are Fresher than the END of the SEASON, so some probably had TIRED
    ENGINES at the end of the year and didn’t want to freshen them up for one race, Many factors, But there are TWO BIG ones to Consider when Speaking about the CAR COUNTS …

  37. This race was never gonna draw huge car counts, 20 tires for this event dwarfed the back end of the purse ya it was 20k to win but it was peanuts to start for that amount of tires needed and fuel and crew pitt fees. 2nd its at Thompson where motors have a harder time surviving, also if you hit the wall at Thompson you need a new car if your lucky to have no injuries. Its just the nature of that place now. Put same race on at Stafford there woulda been 50 cars there no question about it.

  38. When you prepare for a race this long it takes hours of preparation. Anyone with experience would know that in the closing stages there are few cars on the track and the chance of a caution is slim so you set your car up and strategy plan on that platform. When you run 275 of 300 laps and a competitor with a ZERO percent chance to win legitimately spins and puts on new tire and wins its bad for everyone. The fans, competitors and the pathetic series that allows that practice. That being said congrats to Jon M on your performance. According to everyone there that was your race until the series officials decided to make a mockery of sportsmanship. There was none there that could come close to the 79 car. The 6 drivers (you know who you are) that cheated in effort to contend with the 79 knowing that they had no chance of beating him straight up. Shame on you. Karma is coming and when it does we will be watching.

  39. Love the concept of the Thompson 300, but they should have done the 300 in the middle of the show, way to long. As for Keith Rocco winning, he dared the officials to make a call on him and they didn’t, so the blame goes on the officials for not doing so. As for him racing with the tour guys and the slight that he beat them, that wasn’t necessary. We all know he’s a great driver and has talent, but be humble in victory and defeat.

  40. spin it to win it. stevie wonder race director says

    stop the Monday morning QB crap.. officials could have made the call in real time based on all info they had available at the time including chatter on the scanner?? they did NOT. Rocco gets the trophy and the check. not the first and not the last . add this to the divebomb, bottom shot, three tap ,caution for debris strategy from now on.. expect a good crowd and better car counts at Waterford for the finale. did anyone see Owen under Rocco with the 50 on the top. hey matt buckler “three wide Williams got fried” McKennedy faster than a Carlos Grey marriage ! the moniker “outlaw ” fits

  41. Eddie,
    No knock on Jon, he had a great day and was clearly the dominant car, but he also didn’t finish the race because he had a mechanical issue. That had nothing to do with anyone spinning.

  42. The caution that Rocco bought out with 30 to go not much different than the caution officials brought out with 30 to go at the fall final , both might have been a little bogus but Keith has the check and Jon should stop the whining it was a 300 not a290 lap race

  43. Buddy Charette way to represent the SK Light drivers, showed those tour superstars the difference between you and me is really nothing.

  44. Shawn, Jon ran out of fuel. He was 9 laps shy or almost 1 gallon. The 5 intentional cautions were 5-6 caution laps each extending the fuel mileage. If guys ran the race honestly and the 30 plus caution laps did not occur Jon would have finished.

  45. You’ve gotta remember when Kieth pitted for tires the others could have done the same. That being said, in the future if you cause a yellow,by yourself, should be put down a lap

  46. In addition, if you put with a flat, after bringing out the caution, you should only be allowed to change that particular tire, with a scuffed tire.

  47. I assume that many drivers had used all of their allotted tires before the late Rocco spin – correct? Buckler and co. didn’t report on remaining tires available, so it was tough to follow late race tire strategy.

  48. Eddie,
    Not looking for a debate here, but here’s the quote from Jon when he said they DID NOT run out of fuel.
    “Really not sure,” McKennedy said of the issue. “It just bogged real bad off the corner and shut off. There’s still fuel. Not really sure if something broke internally. Very disappointing. We had the dominant car all race, we led a ton of laps. They knew we were here.”
    I get your argument about “if” there weren’t so many cautions, but the fact is there were so it’s not a reality. You ever hear the saying: If my uncle had ovaries he’d be my aunt?

  49. Cool damp weather on a very cloudy day is not conducive to good traction. That being said, it was still odd to see so many single car spins. I think part of it seemed to be that they were racing for halfway. With the sporadic heavy misting taking place from time to time, it did not look like we were going to see 300 laps. I like Wow’s idea for a rulebook tweak; a single spin with no flat = no tires during caution. Surprised there were not more cars for the Open, ACT, and PASS races, although I’d bet the weather didn’t help that either. The ones that were there put on some great racing. If you were unhappy with the late stages of the 300 because of the low number of cars, you weren’t paying enough attention to the quality of the racing taking place, which I thought was really good. I was impressed with the car counts for the weekly categories. The midgets had decent car counts as well. Where have all the Pro4’s gone? Seven cars total for two classes in one of their more prestigious races; used to be 15-20.

  50. Maybe if every other team wasn’t putting on two or three new tires at each pit stop they would have had tires like Rocco did at the end of the race. Did no one here notice that he was literally the only car that was putting on just a right rear when he pitted so he saved tires for the end of the race? McKennedy should have just went home to cry on Gramma’s shoulder instead of whining like a baby. She’s given him a lot more than $20K that’s for sure.

  51. “OWNERS were a little short on CASH to buy up that many TIRES for one RACE.”
    Or perhaps they had more cash with the tire shortage.

    “Also having it EARLIER in the SUMMER the Engines are Fresher than the END of the SEASON”
    Or teams like the 10, 51 and others with far better chances in other opens would take a pass not wishing to use up a finite resource mid season.

    Teams are smart. The can do math and they have reasonable expectations knowing they will likely struggle to stay on the lead lap. The back end of the purse was unworkable and using up equipment not a wise choice at all. The back end of the Haunted Hundred purse is very workable and I’d guess we’ll see a banner turn out for the race.

    We’ll be able to judge at the end of the season what the best model is for tour modified racing. My guess is the 300 will end up being the biggest splash in the spring with an aura of tradition with the shortest legs going into the future.

  52. Tweak It But KEEP IT , LOVE the 300 laps , Drama , Stradegy , Rules , History, LOVE the 300 lap Challenge to Crew & Car … It’s part of OUR MODIFIED HISTORY !!! Lets focus on the Good Parts of
    it and make changes and keep it Going, Like everything else , We are all talking about it so it was effective
    on all Fronts. I agree, Great racing, Drama, Pit stops, Fuel questions, Tons of angles to appreciate..

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