Big Cash: Format Details Revealed Format 50th Spring Sizzler At Stafford; More Than $130,000 In Prize Money

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

50th NAPA Spring Sizzler® Set to Pay $15,000 to win; NAPA Duel 1 and 2 to Pay $3,500 to win; Over $130,000 in Prize Money

byNovember 10, 2021

The historic 50th running of the NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® is set to take place at Stafford Speedway April 23 & 24,2022, featuring the Open Modifieds. Stafford Speedway officials have announced over $130,000 in prize money including $15,000 to win the 50th Spring Sizzler® and $3,500 to win each of the NAPA Duel qualifying events.

The 50th edition of the Spring Sizzler® will feature 32 starters with the field set by two 40 lap “Duel” races held Saturday April 23rd. The top 10 finishers in each duel will transfer to Sunday’s 100 lap NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler. Saturday’s NAPA Duel race lineups will be set by 8 lap heat races. All drivers not advancing from the Duel will compete in 1 of 2 Last Chance Qualifier events held on Sunday, with the top 5 in each transferring to the NAPA Spring Sizzler®.

“We want to make this event memorable,” explained Stafford Speedway CEO Mark Arute. “50 years of Spring Sizzler® history deserves a huge event. Each of the NAPA Duel races will pay $3,500 to win and will pay throughout the entire field. The 50th NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® will be 100 green flag laps, teams can change 2 tires, and will pay $15,000 to win. There will be lap money and multiple bonuses available to teams competing.”

The Open Modifieds will be joined by 7 other divisions over the course of two days marking a big weekend for short track racing in Connecticut. New for 2022, the PASS Super Late Model Series will make their return to Stafford Speedway to compete in a 75 lap race as part of Saturday’s action. Also on the card for Saturday will be Stafford’s Street Stocks, Limited Late Models, and the Vintage All-Stars®.

Sunday, April 24th will play host to the historic 50th running of the NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® which will headline the day with a 100 lap race distance. Two last chance qualifiers will also be held on Sunday along with Stafford’s SK Modified®, Late Model and SK Light Modified divisions. Tickets for each day will be separate with a two-day ticket option for Open Modified teams competing in the Spring Sizzler®.

“As a race fan you have to get excited about this event,” continued Arute. “Saturday will be a packed day of racing with two 40 lap Open Modified races in the NAPA Duel along with Street Stocks, Limited Late Models, and Vintage not to mention 30 of the best Super Late Model drivers in New England with the PASS series. Then we will come back Sunday with the Spring Sizzler®, Last Chance Races, SK Modified®, SK Light Modifieds, and Late Models. What else can you ask for as a race fan.”

More information regarding the 50th running of the NAPA Auto Parts Spring Sizzler® will be announced in the weeks and months leading up to the event including information regarding lap money, bonuses, tickets, and more. Registration for the event will begin Thursday, November 11th when the full 2022 Stafford Speedway schedule is released.

For more information, visit, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. Looks like someone is firing a shot across the WMT’s bow.

    This is a great format. The potential for $18,500 for winning a duel and Sizzler plus additional lap money and bonuses could make for a very profitable weekend.

    Can’t wait to see the entry list. It will certainly test loyalties!

  2. Stuart Fearn says

    Where is the home of the modifieds? I can assure you it’s not south of the CT border that’s for damn sure! This is some serious cash the Arute family is putting up and the place will be 100% at capacity and brimming with excitement. Only a fool would miss this opportunity to kick off the year with the biggest payday of their life most likely. Saturday + Sunday + lap money etc adds up to $20,000 plus by my math possible in one weekend.
    The winner will be remembered forever and instantly earn a top spot in the history of the famed Stafford Motor Speedway that is for certain!

  3. Doug hows that Langly thing lookin?

  4. I love the format.!!! This should make for a huge field $15K to win plus potential 3.5K for Dual, could pocket 18.5K That’s some serious cash. Only thing I hate, is that I am not sure I will be able to make it. DAMN

  5. WOW, nice job Stafford, sounds like a great event! Lets hope for great weather and a Big field of cars!!!! Now my Questions would be this! 1 Do teams have to run Sat. to race on Sunday? Or can teams have another driver run on Sat. and the Reg Driver run the car Sunday so that if any WMT want to do both????????

  6. Excellent Format , This Sizzler will be the start of the new ERA of Modifieds at Stafford ..!!! The PASS series will also add to the excitement …. The Duels 1 & 2 will be Great. Last Chance races will be fierce .. They really thought this through and came up with 2 Exciting Days of Racing !!!! 100 green flag laps & heat races are a Fans Favorite….. Great Job Stafford !!!!!

  7. Well, will that be worth potentially giving up a spot or two in the NWMT season standings?

  8. Sounds great, looking forward to going.

  9. I usually attend the SIzzler only on Sunday due to the travel length… BUT NOT ANYMORE!! I gotta plan to go both days! This will not only be “the greatest race in the history of spring”, it will be the greatest Modified race EVER!!

  10. 2 tires spin to win why not 1 tire

  11. Stuart A Fearn says

    you know what every WMT driver is saying right now? I kinda want to win a boat load of money and look even J Bon can win at Stafford now so why not? AND every weekly driver, including SKL guys are saying, hey look at Buddy Charette over there at the Thompson 300, he was only 1 spot away from cashing the $20k check! That could be me!
    Again let me say, this is going to be absolute mayhem! The pits are going to be overfilled and there will be history made that is for sure. Reserve the camper site now! Get that season ticket or subscribe to Flo in the very least.
    Silly season is in high gear now!

  12. Well done Stafford; I suspect they can free up this extra cash due to not paying NASCAR their cut – I have no idea what that cut is, but I’d be interested to know…

    I like the WMT and all, but at the end of the day I’m a Modified fan – as long as these open or tri track shows are well run (and properly officiated), with owners, racers and fans in mind, they have my support.

    The ‘77 Thompson 300 paid $10K to win – in this current day, proper purses are LONG overdue and if that means ditching the NASCAR overhead and banner, so be it.

  13. Time to set up more grandstands ….

  14. The world does not revolve around the NWMT.

  15. Question; for those that went to two or three days at the Thompson World Series what were you thinking on the drive home? That the 300 was as good or exceeded expectations or that you had a great time seeing all the racing over the three days of which the 300 was a part? 68 comments when the 300 was announced right here on RaceDayCt with big anticipation. The actual race with 25 cars not quite what most were hoping for but no doubt the weekend in total was outstanding.

    2022 Spring Sizzler
    Unlikely to attend: Emerling, Sapienza, Fortin, Silk, J. Bonsignor, Coby, McLaughlin, K. Bonsignor, Krause, McKennedy, Lutz, Solomito, Goodale, Lutz, Catalano, Rypkema and Hossfeld.
    On the bubble: Williams, Nocella, Ole Blue, Hirschman and Preece.

    If you’re saying the 2022 Sizzler tour modified event will be something special I’d respectfully disagree. I don’t see how it could be with so many top modified drivers elsewhere.
    If you’re saying the tour modified race will be a great finale to an entire weekend chock full of great racing then sign me up for that big time.
    I’ll leave the accolades for all the money ONE team could possibly make to others. I’m more interested in what the average team will make that won’t win the race or even make the top 10. For them they have to spend a lot of money and run a lot of laps over two days. How do you get the teams from the northern tier of New England to participate and get the car count you want and let’s be honest. The majority of top names are off the table so we’re going to want to see a lot of cars.
    Will this be the biggest event in 2022 in New England? Nope that honor will still go to the World Series in all likelihood. Will it be the biggest tour modified event for 2022? No again, New Smyrna with 6 races including the one NWMT will get that prize. Will it be a successful next step for Stafford seeking to find it’s way without a NWMT Sizzler… betcha.
    Hopefully by the time you’re riding home on Sunday night you’ll think back to all the great racing you saw. Those super late models are something honking around Stafford and the Pass event should have a lot of the biggest names. If the tour mod car count is robust and the twins competitive chalk up Saturday as a win if you just see that day alone.
    For we Stafford fans the queue will be over flowing. The first event of the season always interesting to see how the SK’s roll out and compete. In 2021 we saw the first indications of what would become a major change in the pecking order. The Late Models will be great as usual but I’ll be particularly interested to see if Alexandra Fearn moves up after the first successful race last year and if her brother is finally off the no fly list. No Frank L’Etoile in the Streets, he’ll be in the SK Lights. Meyer, Hydar and Hovey should be back battling in the first round and no doubt some other contender(s) will emerge like Hovey did in 2021. SK Lights will be loaded. Very strong teams returning. My initial focus will include L’Etoile and to see if Fuller can make a jump from her disappointing freshman year in a modified.
    Later today the Stafford schedule is coming out. I’m interested in seeing what is and not on it, how the Sizzler fits into it’s great theme and what it says about the direction Stafford goes in the future. And make not mistake whatever we see will be the direction of Stafford for the future.
    Yes-sir-re it will be a banner weekend but not specifically for the tour modified event. It will be special because Stafford designed not one dish but a menu of offerings to satisfy every palate of auto racing. Doing it their own unique way to see live or on the best produced stream cast in the region.

  16. With $130K, I would think the payout throughout the field would put the car count to at least 40. I wonder if a multi-car WMT team (maybe Goodale?) could run the WMT races and have a car at Stafford on Saturday but race their way in through a last chance race on Sunday to make the field. Or if some of the WMT drivers could do the same in an Open ride. They would start at the back but I’ve seen cars go from the back to the front before at Stafford if pit strategy plays out in their favor. The last chance races could have quite the lineup!

  17. No wonder they had to put up new ticket booths and a new score board and big screen, they’re going to need them

  18. Just Me - The Original says

    Need to see the rules if they’ll allow people that didn’t attempt to qualify on Saturday to run the last chance race on Sunday.

  19. Finally some real money going to these drivers, can’t wait!! way to go stafford!!!

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