Double Weekend Turkey Derby Ready To Kick Off At Wall Stadium

With COVID restrictions reeking havoc on operations in 2020, the management of Wall Stadium Speedway in Wall, N.J. made a tough decision to turn the traditional three-day Turkey Derby weekend on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving into a split event over two weekends.

That format remains the same for 2021 with track management using this year’s event to gauge how to move forward for the future.

“It’s something that I’m trying to again because COVID forced our hand to separate the two weekends,” Wall Stadium general manager Emily Krause told RaceDayCT. “It didn’t work out as well as I wanted it to. But I’m going to give it another chance. … The staff really likes the idea at this point.”

This year marks the 48th running of the Turkey Derby at the one-third mile bullring on the Jersey Shore.

“The Turkey Derby means a great deal to us,” Krause said. “It’s been running for 48 years. This will be our 48th year. It’s special to be a part of something that’s been running for so long. It does mean a great deal to us to be able to continue that tradition and to host as many cars as we get from all over the east coast … at our little track at the Jersey Shore. It’s definitely a special event and we look forward to it all year.”

The 2021 Turkey Derby kicks off on Saturday at Wall Stadium with a four-feature card headlined by a 100-lap feature for the Wall Stadium Modifieds (SK Modifieds).

Turkey Derby comes back to life the day after Thanksgiving – on Friday Nov. 26 – with a five event card that includes three racing features and two demolition derbies.

The final day of Turkey Derby for Saturday Nov. 27 features a six-feature card headlined by the $10,000 to win 150-lap Tour Type Modified feature.

“I like the idea of having two Modified Saturdays,” Krause said. “So we’re going to try it again and see how well received it is. And if it works very well and people like the new format then I’ll definitely look at continuing that in the future. If people get sentimental and they really do miss the three-day weekend as we used to run it then I have no problem going back to that.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen. The feedback I’ve gotten so far is that half of the people are mad. They’re telling me it’s a traditional three-day [event] and they like being there for all three days. And others are telling me ‘Wow, what an idea, two Modified Saturday’s, that’s so cool.’”


  1. Wait…
    They’re going to have two demolition derbys on a Friday night, get that track turned around and cleaned up in time for a 150-lap modified race on Saturday afternoon?!
    That’s a lot of faith in their track crew. Hoping the best for them!

  2. One thing I always liked about the Turkey Derby was they would run the modified tour type feature in the sunlight hours of the day. Unless I looked at it wrong, they have features starting on the 27th at 3 pm, and the tour type mods going off as the 4th feature.. This does not sound like a sunlight type of show. Hope I am wrong.

  3. Galileo Galilei says

    Sunset in Belmar NJ on November 28th is at 4:32pm so the lights will be on…

  4. There’s that C word again. Although things are much better than this time last year, covid is still a real threat. Get vaccinated, or boosted, and everyone have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. Gobble gobble.

  5. Nerfbarsmurf says

    The demo derbies don’t take place on the high banks. They use the all asphalt infield. Easy change over.

  6. I didnt realize they went to two weekends last year. I thought they cancelled the Tukey Derby last year then ran it in the Spring. I really liked going to the Derby iwhen the weather looked good. I hope they find some success with the new format. I can see some benefits and drawbacks to the change.

    Any Jersey fans know the status of the track going forward. I remember hearing about a housing developer interested in the track. Was that just a rumor or is that still a possibility? I imagine they are good for next year with the Whelen tour scheduled there in July.

  7. Throw your hood up over your head ! To hot ,to cold {covid concerns} worry’s of debri left on the track ? PLEASE ! Go out and support your local short track. And we wonder why short track racing is in trouble Hmmm .

  8. Nerfbarsmurf says

    Last year was postponed to March and split between two weekends. Car counts were deffenilty down. I only went to week one. Smaller crowd that it would have probably had been in October. Heading there today shortly. Township blocked any development for housing thank the good lord! Krause family already under lease to run the track in 2022. The heavy hitters are expected next week in “Big Money” Matt Hirshman and Berlin Connecticut’s Preece Lightning. I’m pretty sure of that. Some invaders that run at P.A buildings Mahoning Valley and Everygreen speedways. Two shows next Friday and Saturday!

  9. Man, I’d LOVE to have two more weeks of Modified racing! Wall Speedway is unfortunately beyond my travel boundaries at the moment, but the place is on my bucket list and this would be the first choice of events to see!

  10. Henry Lecomte says

    I never been there however watching racing there on you tube it’s now on my bucket list. Can anyone tell me if it will be streamed and if so by who

  11. Thanks for the info Nerf. Great to hear that Wall will be around for awhile. Enjoy the races.

  12. My guess is if it’s shown it will be on Racing American, formerly Speed51 and they will announce it with not much notice.

  13. Nerfbarsmurf says

    Last year streamed and was produced by DTD T.V Dirttrackdigest. Unfortunately nothing this year to my knowledge. Good turnout for today (cars and fans) IMO. Only New England invader runs at the Speedbowl Macdonald 4 cylinder class Saturn. We got that tour date next summer!


    It will be available on Dirt Track Digest. $37

  15. I know most of us will sit home and watch online, but does it really make sense to finally put up $10,000 to win for this race, and then push the starting time back to 3 pm for the first feature? And have the mods listed as the 4th feature??? I know the derby has always been about racing in the cold weather…. but seems like starting them so late in the day on a very cold day is a recipe for disaster… Here’s hoping they will adjust the schedule

  16. Fred Pucylowski says

    44* and breezy today. Have attended the Turkey derby for well over 40 years (Can’t really remember the first one) always 3 day weekend and from unseasonable warm to cold and windy just like today.

    The March makeup show was a total disaster, the Tour Mods which is always THE show with an embarrassingly small car count and a Money Matt tutorial on how to sweep the SK and Tour features. If this year mimics March this will be my last Turkey Derby! You just don’t f with tradition Emily!

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