RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Should The Whelen Mod Tour Have An Event At Bowman Gray Stadium?

The schedule for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour has seen the addition of a number of events recently being added outside of the Northeast. Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, N.C. stands as one of the most well known outposts for weekly Tour Type Modified racing south of New Jersey. Should Bowman Gray Stadium be added to the Whelen Modified Tour schedule? Vote below.


  1. Will NEVER happen, they get 17,000 most weeks for whatever payout they have, so Why would they pay a 75 k or more purse? Drawing JBON, Silk, Coby Emerling, would not draw any more people to the track to make the payout worth it, Now would it be fun to see whether u like the track or Not, Hell Yea!!!!!!!

  2. No. Not if the Southern mod teams aren’t traveling north. Why make the North guys put on so many shows in the South? Need more of a balance there.

  3. wmass01013,
    Not discounting the fact that Bowman Gray outdraws most short tracks across the country on a regular basis, but the “They get 17,000 most weeks” is a myth. Yes they sell out their bigger events, but most weeks are actually not sellouts. … And who’s to say that Bowman Gray wouldn’t lease the facility for the event if it reached that point? You may have noticed quite a few events on the Whelen Modified Tour schedule in 2021 and for 2022 are situations where the track owner is leasing the facility to an outside promoter.

  4. Some sort of Allstar race would be cool .

  5. Looking to bring the Whalen Modified tour to a different track?
    Looking for another track south of the Mason Dixon line?
    Dominion!! New facility, great track, easy access off 95, plenty of camping area, hotels in walking distance. That place is where the North South Shootout should be run and NASCAR should have not one, but TWO Whalen Tour races there!!

  6. Bill Boulay says

    Not mention they draw 17k for the bigger events but those people aren’t there to watch racing they come for the crashes and the fights only!! That’s why it’s known as the mad house!!

  7. Oh ANYTHING is possible as we see from all the things happening in TOUR MOD WORLD, again would i love to see it happen? Bigtime Yes

  8. Can you fit fullsize tires on that track? Be limited how many cars you can put out there, sounds like its already in the works

  9. Honestly, never been impressed by the style racing on a track that small. That said, Nascar is better off axing Arca East and reinstating Whelen Mod South if they keep inching south bounds.

  10. Frank Watson says

    No they don’t need to come to Bowman Gray. Best track in North Carolina for modifieds would be Orange county speedway. That want happen because of the thugs that run Bowman Gray. Nascar’s pet track in the south. Amazing how a track can dictate a region and division. Tour has been to South Carolina and Virginia but no North Carolina. Be nice for somebody to ask Nascar why that is. They owe the southern teams for about 35 years of a southern tour. You can run before Bowman Gray and after Bowman Gray but not during there season. That has went own for years plus they made there season longer there. That place sucks and has been catered to enough.

  11. David Fisher says

    BIg tires at BGS, yes. The Southern tour did it when they ran there, and put on some pretty good racing. LW Miller was pretty good there in tour races!


  12. Which track would you like to see a Tri Track race scheduled for? Stafford won going away at 33% and now there is a Tri Track race scheduled there.

    Would you like to see the NWMT return to Monadnock? 65% say yes and Monadnock is indeed on the schedule.

    Would you buy pay-per-view broadcasts of races at Stafford? Yes at 51% and yes Speedsport came soon after then FloRacing the following season.

    Should the NWMT race at Bowman Gray? Yes at 55%.

    Whether by coincidence or by plan the connection between the existence of a RaceDayCt poll and the topic being tested happening is very strong. Strong voter response as well. You’d have to rate the odds of this happening significantly higher then 50% based solely on the existence of the poll.

  13. Some say why should they have a race at Bowman Gray and I’d ask why on earth would they not rush to have a race there..
    It’s a Nascar sanctioned track so there’s that.
    I don’t know if Wikipedia is accurate but they say they average 12 to 15 thousand fans during the race season. I don’t know if the $75,000 cost for a NWMT race is accurate but if it is that’s only 2500 additional fans at $30 a ticket.
    This notion about the racing at Bowman Gray being more of a brawl and sub standard gets a lot of attention. I can see why teams wouldn’t want to race at a place that is a potential demo derby but they may also love the idea of racing before a huge crowd.
    Is the NWMT above the style of racing at Bowman Gray? Perhaps but racing there would be honoring tradition as well. That being that modified racing became popular in the first place because it was wall to wall excitement including the potential for big wrecks.
    Why wouldn’t everyone from the teams, to fans to sponsors and everyone associated with the NWMT not want to have the visual of exciting racing in front of the biggest crowd in forever and selling subscriptions to whatever streaming service that may be signed on for the racing in 2022?
    I don’t know about Orange County Speedway but Dominion is simple magnificent. See here’s the thing. Those tracks aren’t modified tracks and Bowman Gray is. The audience there would be out of their minds to see the big boys come to their track so their home boys could beat the pants off of them.

    Lets see, races at Richmond and Martinsville with a sketchy, unengaged crowd in attendance vs the Bowman Gray madhouse.
    My adult diaper is getting a little moist just thinking about a NWMT race at Bowman Gray. Why wouldn’t they have a race there it would be almost surely an instant winner.

  14. HELL NO!

    This is pure lunacy. The Southern tour struggled for years and years… finally taken off life support. The southern cars refused to travel up north. So now NASCAR is scheduling races down south, and providing a bonus program to incentivize teams to travel. Do you realize that this bonus program is COSTLY???? NASCAR didn’t want to negotiate with northern tracks, so they go south and tender a costly bonus program to get cars to partake.

    Pure idiocy. Stupid is as stupid does.

  15. Rich Gourley says

    If they were to do it, do it sooner rather than later. The track will be completely repaved for the 2022 season. I heard that they were thinking of putting in a little banking in the turns, do not know if that actually occurred.

  16. No!!!

  17. Fred Wilcox says

    Absolutely yes! The racing is not so good. Actually, it’s terrible most nights in the modified division. But the entertainment value can’t be beat.

  18. Definitely not, just as I would say nix to a Daytona or Talladega show. What’s next a figure 8 show? . There are courses for horses but Bowman Gray or the afore mentioned super speedways aren’t conducive to Tour Mod racing.

    More and more Tour car owners are dropping out primarily because of the extra costs involved in long tows and housing and feeding crews not to mention the skyrocketing cost of remaining competitive.

    Come on NASCAR don’t try to remake the Tour simply for the almighty dollar. Ten heavily financed Tour cars supplemented by anywhere from 10 to 16 locals masquerading as Tour cars does not equal bring ’em back racing!.

  19. I would rather see a Tour race at Five Flags during Snowball Derby weekend


    BGS is such a unique facility. Running tour mods there would be a little better than what we witnessed on Daytona’s backstretch a few years back, a novelty race. BGS has survived without the tour and may outlive it. The tour is not worth the detour but if I’m near BGS I’d go because the carolina dogs are delicious and the place is just so cool. Suggestion for tour how about Citrus County, 417, Auburndale, racey bullrings the mods would be wild on. All near lotsa snowbirds. New Smyrna and 2 of the aforementioned. 3 races. Feb 13th is dark at New Smyrna and Volusia. 100 lappers on the bullrings. A NASCAR Florida tour champion. Nothing else they have dreamed up has worked. Living in Florida has nothing to do with this choice. . .

  21. Does any track really need the NWMT? It’s more about promoters, tracks and sanctioning groups putting on interesting events that people will pay to see with everyone making some money on the deal.
    Why wouldn’t the promoters renting the facility want a NWMT race? It’s one additional race to make money on. Nascar would want the race since the place is huge and unlike a lot of their other events would have very high odds of being a money maker. It’s win-win.
    Familiarity breeds contempt and the BGS regulars have loads of both. The track is so narrow and flat passing on the outside virtually impossible unless one car is vastly superior. So they have their own unique style. Using the horn, rutting and grinding in the corners like full bodied cars. You’re fast enough to catch a car hit hit him all you like, get him out of shape and dart under it’s all fair game. Spin him and at best you go to the rear and at worst all hell break loose.
    The guys on the NWMT are not BGS regulars and would not likely race the way the regulars do. The race could end up a boring affair with drivers not willing to routinely use their horn to pass. Unless that is a number of BGS regulars are entered and race like they usually do. No worries because that would make the race all the more interesting.
    It looks like they are resurfacing the track If they give it a little banking and change the configuration at all that could change everything and make a NWMT race there more compelling.
    It’s just so dadgum impressive seeing all those people at the races there without a bad seat in the house and everyone engaged. Why not have a race there that has the potential for being completely different from the usual fare?
    As polls go that was a huge response and the yea’s won by a good margin. Fingers crossed it happens, hopefully in 2022 and hopefully in one of the “to be announced” slots.

  22. If the NWMT runs at Bowman Gray, then this country is definitely turning into a Third World nation.

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