Are You Taking The Over Or The Under On The NAPA Spring Sizzler Entry List?

From competitors to fans,the 50th running of the NAPA Spring Sizzler in April at Stafford Speedway has captured the attention of the Tour Type Modified world. An early entry list of 17 teams has already been announced. We’re going to set the Vegas odds line for the event at 50 entries and you tell us, with that line are you betting on the over or the under? Vote below.


  1. With a potential of OVER 20K to the winner, I think this will draw a HUGE amount of cars.

  2. forget the counts,, hoping for a reasonably clean race..

  3. “With a potential of OVER 20K to the winner, I think this will draw a HUGE amount of cars.”

    Were the winners number a big deal the Thompson 300 would have had more then 25 cars. It’s about how the purse is structured not the top line number. Good money but two days with big expenses. The way it’s structured is a gamble.

    50 at the epic Tri Track event in 2020 so I’m going to say no way its over 50 in a normal year. In a normal year in a busy April loaded with events at the beginning of the season. 40ish would be outstanding.

    Matt Swanson in the Gary Casella 25 should be interesting. He’s been in it before in a limited roll but now the pressure is on. That’s a great car and a winner. Time for young Matt to produce.

    Who’s going to be in Ole Blue?

  4. If you guys were paying attention, alot of Sk teams have built Tourtype mods or are building one now, then you got freed up Wmt teams, and tri track teams. Here is my guesstimate

    10 Sk teams
    8 wmt teams
    25 Tri Track/MRS teams
    10 randoms from Ny,PA,NJ,Riverhead,NC

    53 is my #

    26 have already paid entry fee, pretty much half of my guess,

  5. 10 Sk teams……………….11,24,35,48,50,55,81
    8 wmt teams……………….7ny,58,88
    25 Tri Track/MRS teams…2,3,4,6,9,79,21,52,75
    10 randoms……………….. 0,1, 25,28,44

  6. Although it would be nice to see over 50 cars, I don’t think it will happen. I’m going to guess 39-42 cars show up.

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