Bradley Saucier And Charlie Sanborn III From The Black Flagged Podcast On The Latest Unmuffled

On Episode 116 of Unmuffled we take a deep dive in with Bradley Saucier and Charlie Sanborn III, the voices behind the wildly popular Black Flagged Podcast. We also go freestyle with some storytime action on my history in motorsports and some talk about my one feature win in short track racing. We also check in on some new things happening at one local track, some things not happening at another local track and plenty more.

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  1. Smart, edgy, funny with great voices for audio and good looking for video. The interview with Bonssa Tufa the best I’ve ever heard with him and most in depth. Young, more in sync with the fans the sport wants to attract if it’s to have a future.
    I get all that but really this is the best we can do?
    Bonssa Tuffa in a nutshell is everything you want as far as the future goes in local racing. Sophisticated with an advanced education, talented with a knack for marketing, promotion and great communicator. All this show did was demonstrate the power of reducing an educated well spoken person to the lowest common denominator. Sprinkling his commentary with foulness because after all when in Rome.
    Seriously I know I’m old and out of touch but is this really the type of show you think may be the future of local short track racing? These guys should get press credentials and be treated well by tracks to help get the word out? How depressing.
    They’ll get the word out alright and it will be eff this eff that used in what seems like most sentences with a lot of other foul language and references. They could make Sapienza blush. Not really but you get the idea.
    So that’s the future? Raunchy short track race media porn. The F word incessantly, references to drinking or being drunk all the time, eating, being obnoxious and in general just being some of the most stereotypical, foul mouthed, fans but on video for the entire world to see.
    Sure lets spread the word and see if we can get all the moms and children to watch it and see how great the new racing media types are.
    Salty references are a great communication tool as an exclamation point when using them sparingly. The Tony Steward A-hole reference ideal in that regard. When every bloody sentence and phrase has to include the F word as an adjective or adverb that can’t be what the future media looks like for the sport can it?

  2. Doug,
    I’ll address this comment on the next episode of Unmuffled.

  3. Doug, please, stop with the theatrics and playing the victim. You do not hesitate to call others scumbags, women “chicks”, and the list goes on and on. Not too far of a stretch to believe you use the f-bomb freely and loosely. For you to complain about hearing the f-bomb is laughable, you dickwad.

    For you to use the word “bloody” as you did was pure passive aggressive and diabolically evil hypocrisy, since the word “bloody” in that way is interchangeable with the f-bomb, you dickwad.

  4. WeldingWonders says




    1 Missy is looking at finishing the season in the top 5 in points.
    2 For you (Doug) to complain about hearing the f-bomb is laughable, you dickwad.


    TOTAL INSULTS FIRST 6 MONTHS OF 2021 ……..374 (2.06 PER DAY)


  5. Boy do I use the F bomb. If we’re talking about cars, pain and the eff word the installation of a 57 Chevy duel exhaust from scratch comes to mind. Pipes moving around, sparks in the face and even ears you betcha the F bomb is used. Not to be confused with being in mixed company or a public setting.
    Looking forward to Mr Courchesne’s commentary in the next Unmuffled regarding this topic. If the past is prologue and the theme similar to Barstool then surely not but we’ll see.
    I’m doing my homework. I’ve clocked the boys at anywhere from a eff every 19 to 43 seconds in their Tendy Tallies. Zero effs for the Speedbowl review go figure. The effs notwithstanding a great bit by the way. Can I link that as well as some of their other content to what is good and not good for short track racing going forward? Probably not if the future NEAR Hall of Famer is on the other side of the debate. But as Darealgoodfella has said more times then I can count I’m not that bright and might very well have a chance here to prove it.
    If anyone is interested the Tendy Tally came out like this.

    Each hosts rating.

    Stafford 7.7 /9.1
    Hudson 7.7/8.6
    Riverside 7.3/8.7
    Star 7.1/8.1
    Claremont 6.7/6.9
    Beech Ridge 6.4/5.9
    Oxford Plains 6.2/6.3
    Waterford 5.9/6.4
    White Mountain 2 5.2/4.8
    White Mountain 1 5.1/4.7
    NHMS 3.7/3.3
    Stafford wins………woo woo!

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