Help Support The Continued Coverage Of Short Track Racing; Find Out What’s New In 2022 For The RaceDayCT Insider Program

Here’s the reality of local short track racing coverage. It’s going away. Daily newspapers don’t cover racing any longer. Trade papers have all but vanished, and what does remain only offers mostly stale track/series press releases concerning short track racing in Connecticut, arriving in a mailbox a week after most events have actually taken place.

RaceDayCT is the ONLY media outlet – print or electronic – offering regular live event coverage and feature coverage of the Connecticut short track racing scene and the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

If RaceDayCT ceases to exist there will no longer be ANY regular coverage of short track racing at Connecticut tracks and no regular coverage of events or news with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour.

We have a fantastic list of marketing partners – most of which are directly involved in local racing – and we can’t say enough about how much we appreciate the support they offer to RaceDayCT. But right now, even with those partners, we don’t have enough coming in to keep everything up and running the way it should be.

With our RaceDayCT Insiders program through Patreon readers can help ensure coverage of short track racing locally continues. Basically, Patreon is a way people can support what RaceDayCT is doing through small monthly pledges of their choice, and get rewards for that support. Patreon is a website that helps creators gain support from those who are most interested in what they do. It’s explained fully at the link below and there’s also an introduction video at the link.

Joining the RaceDayCT Insider program affords you full access to all episodes of the Unmuffled podcast – including all previous episodes – and access to all of our Unmuffled Quickcasts.

For a simple pledge of $5 a month (about 17 cents a day), you’ll get access to our podcasts, access to exclusive stories and videos and other exclusive rewards, and you’ll be helping to ensure that real coverage of local racing continues for years to come.

For 2022 we’ve introduced an all new format for the Unmuffled podcast. Along with our regular interviews of local and national racing personalities, we’ve also added a weekly segment overflowing with topics running the gamut, from opinion to controversy to good old stories and looks at the rumor mill. If you’d like to hear the new format for yourself with no commitment check out Unmuffled Episode 115 with Ben Dodge and Matt Swanson, which we’re offering with free access for a limited time.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you’ll take the time to look at our RaceDayCT Insider program Patreon page and consider supporting RaceDayCT.

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