RaceDayCT Daily Poll: What Did You Think Of The Whelen Modified Tour Event At New Smyrna Speedway?

The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour kicked off its 2022 season Saturday with the division running for the first time at New Smyrna Speedway. Matt Hirschman came out victorious in the event. What were you thoughts about the race? Vote below.


  1. Nerfbarsmurf says

    Deffenilty an electric atmosphere in the crowd. Plenty of people from the Northeast that I mingled with. None wanted Hirshman to win lol. Gotta hand it to that cat he’s damm good. My ears are still ringing!!! Yeah all in all fun experience and well received by the sellout crowd that packed the stands. Can’t always have the photo finish but, stay tuned their racing down here all week long!

  2. I had expected a wreck-fest,, so,, was delighted with the way things turned out.. FLO broadcast had some “tech-issues” but got them cleaned up,, FLO broadcasters reminded me of old Riverside Park days (I guess that’s a good thing).. Congrats to NASCAR,Local Community, and Drivers for making it work so well..

    31 CARS
    1ST RACE normal wreck fest didn’t happen
    racing was good Not great
    i still don’t understand the safety of pit stops tires OR fuel when u have lead lap guys coming back on pit road 2nd time while lap down guys pitting normally toward the back to me causes a More Dangerous pit road
    Action was decent with some passing and pit strategy
    NO FIGHTS i am aware of
    SO i say BRAVO TO Jimmy Wilson and NASCAR

  4. I have a question about Flo TV….I see that it is $15 a month or $150 a year, can you just buy a few months or do you have to buy the whole year? Anyone know?

  5. Race Fan,
    I haven’t seen anywhere where there’s an option to purchase by month. I’ve seen it advertised as being $12.50 a month, but I think that’s just a deal where they break it down based on the $150 a year subscription.

  6. Flo Racing will charge you for an entire year.

  7. I just asked Flo this question and here is what I was told …. the advertised $12.50 number is to let you know what it breaks down to in cost per month, not an optional payment plan. It’s $150/yr. I was told that once you subscribe to the annual $150 plan, you can downgrade to a discontinued monthly plan that goes for $29.99/month.

  8. I thought it was an average Tour race. Who knows how good the finish could’ve been had Preece not made a mistake. His aggressiveness was entertaining though. To me the race was won in the pits, Hirschmans crew seemed much faster with tire changes. I thought McKennedy had the car to beat for awhile. Flo better get their kinks worked out for the rest of he year, no running order/lap count until half way was bogus. Probably an unpopular opinion but Ben Dodge is too over the top for me and very repetitive, they were both talking over each other for a bit. I’d rather they turn the announcers down and broadcasters up. Where is the pit road reporter?… no mention of JBs issue or interview.
    Side note, why does Matt not run the entire Tour? Has he ever run Loudon?
    Wondering where that #77 is?… thought maybe Newman or Max would have been there, also what’s Nocella up too?

  9. I made the same inquiry and this is the exact email I was sent.

    “Thanks for your inquiry. Currently, we offer an annual plan for $150.00 per year, billed in one upfront payment at the time of purchase or a monthly plan for $29.99 per month. Both plans automatically renew at the end of the billing term. If you decide that you do not want to renew your subscription, you can set it to cancel automatically within your account settings prior to the renewal date.

    A PRO subscription gives you access to the entire FloSports network on the web and through our mobile and TV apps. This includes access to all live events and exclusive original programming across 25+ sports.

    I hope this information was helpful. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    Thank You,
    Danny Sammy
    FloSports Customer Care”

    They may offer the monthly plan but they sure as heck don’t make it easy to select it. If you’re confused on how to do it just fill out one of their contact inquiries. They respond really quick.
    If you don’t want the yearly commitment you do have the power to just get a month at a time. You just have to make sure to cancel within the month you’re active or they’ll roll it over for another month.

    April could be a good month.

    1 (Fri) NWMT, Richmond, 150 laps (FloRacing)
    2 (Sat) SMART South Boston (FloRacing)
    10 (Sun) SMART Franklin (FloRacing)
    23 (Sat) Stafford, Twin 40’s, PASS Late Model 75 (FloRacing)
    24 (Sun) Stafford, Sizzler Open 100 Laps (FloRacing)

    Or September
    3 (Sat) NWMT, Oswego, 150 laps (FloRacing)
    3 (Sat) SMART Carteret (FloRacing)
    10 (Sat) SMART Orange County (FloRacing)
    17 (Sat) NWMT, Riverhead, 200 laps (FloRacing)
    17 (Sat) SMART Dominion (FloRacing)
    24 (Sat) Stafford Fall Final, TTOMS 80 Laps (FloRacing)

    Or go mid month to mid month depending on what you want to see.
    That’s a lot of value for $30 if you’re on a tight budget or want to test the waters. Then dive in for the year if you like it.
    If you are a race fan you’re gonna like it.

  10. A word of warning, one of these racing subscriptions offers a monthly sub but the month runs 4 weeks or 28days. So if you order it on Saturday Jan 1 you would actually renew on Saturday Jan 29th. It doesnt renew on the 1st of the month as I had expected. I remember I was trying to time it to get a a couple of big races and missed it by a day or two on the back end. It did say the renewal period when I looked into it after the fact. I am pretty sure it was either dirtvision or speed51 which did this because I have always done the yearly with flo. Not sure how Flo calculates a month. Flo you also get ECHL and some college hockey. There is a bunch of other sports mostly collegiate as well if you’re interested. Honestly Flo is the best money ever spent for a racing fan. They are still heavy on the dirt coverage but keep adding asphalt events to their coverage. During the summer months it is not uncommon to find 5 or 6 live broadcasts on a Saturday night on FLO. I have been subscribed a couple years now. No complaints here. I didnt realize smart is now on FLO. Not sure what Speed51 is going to have for coverage they covered SMART last season. I think they rebranded and havent checked out the new service website yet to see what they plan on covering this year.

  11. Jr. was star of the show. Matt H. More impressive if he made every show. Good to see ole blue aggressive contention but Swanson coulda brought it home top ten too. No woody p. Or nocella a disappointment. J. Bon behind 8 ball now will have to chase 16 & 79 for championship bid. All in all great track to kick start season with.

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