RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Are You Most Excited To See In The Stafford SRX Series Event In July

Eight drivers have been revealed over the last two days that will compete in the SRX Series event at Stafford Speedway on July 2. So which driver are you most excited to see at the event? Vote below.


  1. The winner of the Sizzler and it will be Hirschman.

  2. You have to enter first before you can win

  3. Doug you are obsessed with Matt H. dont get me wrong he is def a winner but STAFFORD is not one of HIS tracks, yes he did ok in the Tri Track 2 yrs ago but i think he will be a longshot to win the Sizzler

  4. MH has zero chance at winning the ’22 Sizzler.

  5. Guilty as charged.
    Maybe if anyone is interested, including the gentleman to my north, they can weigh in and say who they think may be a real favorite and worthy of a spot in the SRX race.
    I think Hirschman is the favorite if Pee Dee is the car and worthy as the preeminent modified driver but it could be two separate drivers.

  6. Not sure I would consider him a long shot in any race he enters , but he has to enter first to be considered

  7. i think being 80 laps, and with guys like Coby, Silk, Mckennedy, Santos, Goodale, M Christopher, Rocco, Preece, Pitkat,, Dowling and even guys like Owen , Galko, Ronnie Willanms and the new Hotshoe Teddy Hodgson, it is wide open!!!!!!!!!

  8. Stuart A Fearn says

    simply the winner of the Sizzler whomever that may be.
    Certainly if Hirshman enters, which he most certainly will if he’s Money Matt, he would be a top 5 or three contenders for sure. I would not say THE favorite.
    Does Matt ever race anything besides the PeeDee car?

  9. Unless something has changed, the red 60 he runs on Tri Track with an open engine is a car he owns.

    The PeeDee car he drives on the WMT with a spec engine he does not own.


  10. Ryan Newman……..

  11. Stuart A Fearn says

    you could be right Earl, i really have no idea to be honest. I don’t follow modified stuff that closely

  12. Can’t say a poll is wrong it is what it is, I’m just flummoxed by it.
    Midwest roots, Quarter Midget Hall of Fame, USAC, Silver Crown Series and on up to CUP with top team success. Has dabbled with modifieds for a long time. Initial success accompanied by the memorable disqualification a long time ago. Recently not such notable success. He’s been associated with other rules infractions as well.
    Pretty typical CUP A list wealth. Beautiful wife and family. At least up to the divorce. Rescue Ranch his charity, car collection, American Pickers. Newman as far as CUP series goes is an established star with a bulging resume.
    So why is he on the tip of most index fingers as they click their vote in this poll. Is it his life changing crash and rehabilitation that brought him back from an invalid to racing?

    7/21/18 after NWMT race at NHMS

    “Newman was then asked if he feels a personal responsibility to help support grass roots racing.

    “I don’t feel a personally responsibility, I want to come here and win races and put on a good show,” Newman said. “Today, it’s sad to say, but it’s fun when you don’t win and you race like that. It’s still fun. But I’m here to win. I don’t get in the race car and put my helmet on because I feel a responsibility to grassroots racing, but I want to know that I’m doing my best and it makes a difference for grassroots racing. That makes me feel a little bit better, but that’s not my goal. My goal is to win.”

    Well that’s not very racy is it? Even if you don’t feel a responsibility to grass roots racing you’re there. Why not dial back your personal motivations and do a little unabashed promotion for the locals you just raced against.
    53% for the Midwest Cup driver and the 4 time Indy winner 15%?
    53% more then everyone else combined!

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