JDV Productions Announces Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup Bonus Program

Over $15,000 in Posted Bonuses Add To Impressive Purse Structure

JDV Productions announced today the addition of a Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup Bonus Program for teams who will compete in the three NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour New Hampshire races JDV will promote in 2022. 

The program includes over $15,000 in posted bonuses – on top of the regular purses offered for the events – headlined by a champion bonus for the team owner of the driver who earns the most points across the three races. NASCAR’s point system will be used to determine the champion of the three-race series – and the champion will be awarded $5,000. Second-place in the points will earn $2,000 and third will earn $1,000. 

This means a total of $8,000 alone will go towards this special points system for the three-race series. And that isn’t the only group of incentives on the line for teams to compete in all three events. If a driver can sweep all three races and end up with the race win in all of them, the team owner of that driver will also go home with an additional $5,000. 

The Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup Bonus Program includes events at Lee USA Speedway on May 21, Monadnock Speedway on June 18 and Claremont Motorsports Park on July 29. Based on current NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour purse offerings, the events will all pay lucrative purses to win and throughout the field, along with these special bonuses.

“Our partnership with Whelen has enabled us to tie our three New Hampshire races together under the Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup banner,” Josh Vanada, owner of JDV Productions, said. “In doing so, we are enticing and rewarding teams who commit to compete in all three of these events. Our bonus program stands tall – offering an additional $15,000 to NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour car owners and drivers who compete on New Hampshire’s short tracks. We’re very proud to pay premium purses to NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour teams and are grateful for Whelen Engineering and their support to add even more to the pot.”

Outside of points from each event, multiple bonuses are also on the line at each specific race. The Invader Bonus, Hard Charger Bonus, Lap Leader Bonus and Consistency Bonus will all be offered. Between the four of them, an additional $2,500 is on the line.

For $200 per race, the Challenger Bonus will be paid to the highest finishing driver in each event who has competed in less than 50% of the races on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour in the past two seasons. The Hard Charger Bonus, also for $200 per race, will be awarded to the driver who improves the most positions from their starting to finishing position. 

The Lap Leader Bonus will be set for $500, distributed to the driver who leads the most total laps over the three events. The Consistency Bonus, offered to the driver who scores the lowest average finish across the three races, will earn $800. Both the Lap Leader Bonus and the Consistency Bonus will be paid out following the final of the three races.

Overall, the bonus program will offer an additional $15,500 on top of the purses for each event.

“I’m excited to have the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour at my home tracks here in New Hampshire this year,” Cory Plummer, who will field a car for Steven Dickey at Lee, and a driver TBA in the other two events, said. “The bonus program that Josh and Whelen Engineering have put together really made the decision easy for us. It’s more financially feasible to enter a race in these circumstances.” 

JDV Productions kicks-off their 2022 season with the first of the Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup races at Lee USA Speedway for the Granite State Derby on Saturday, May 21. The NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour 175 will be joined by the Granite State Pro Stock Series and multiple of Lee’s house divisions. On Saturday, May 28, JDV celebrates Memorial Day weekend at Jennerstown Speedway with the Jennerstown Salutes 150 for the second straight year. New for this year, the Jennerstown Pro Stocks and Fast 4’s will be part of the lineup.

On Saturday, June 18, Monadnock Speedway will host the third JDV race of the year, the Duel at the Dog 200, also joined by the Granite State Pro Stock Series and select track house divisions. The final race of the season for JDV will be the Clash at Claremont Motorsports Park on Friday, July 29. This event will also include Claremont house divisions, and will serve as the crowning of the champion of the Whelen Granite State Short Track Cup.

For more information on JDV Productions, visit JDVProductions.com and follow on social media via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For more information on the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour, visit NASCAR.com.


  1. -I can appreciate the importance of Sapienza to modified racing. He’s a character that gets attention with his antics like the Islip 300 Hirschman challenge, the penalty incident and his JDV Productions race event boycott. What baffles me is when fans reflexively take his side and trash whomever he’s aimed his guns at.
    Josh Vanada was one of those targets and we can see in the longer run Vanada has proven to be much more important to the sport then Sapienza. This northern swing for the NWMT is starting to look a lot like the New Smyrna decision. It’s the home turf to a lot of MRS and TTOMS teams that are very comfortable on the smaller tracks. Jack Bateman is entering his car for Pete’s sake. May be an indication of good things to come and now with the bonus money in play it gets incrementally more attractive taking on an identity of it’s own.

    -all’s quiet of the Northeastern front as far as racing goes it would seem. No, not really. If you need an injection of modified excitement just turn it on today if you have FloRacing. 3:30 from North Carolina the SMART tour is back in action.

    -never can tell about Facebook entries but there was one mentioning Preece stating he was building a modified on a Sirius show. That begs all kinds of questions but no point getting worked up before it’s confirmed.

    – Bateman modified racing in NWMT events? NWMT events that are in MRS country? That’s an interesting twist isn’t it? You’re not in Kansas (aka the MRS) any more young Jacob so better cinch up those belts and plan on a rough ride.

    -37 cars registered for the Sizzler and as it stands it’s missing a couple elite pieces but on the whole perfectly fine as it stands. Missing the 51 an elite modified team but Bonsignor not necessarily an elite driver as his performance in the 00 proved. Hirschman is the puzzler. I’m clearly biased but if he doesn’t show up for this event that has most of the top tour modified teams combined with his no show in the Thompson 300 his reputation takes a big hit. Sometimes you have to show up and support the really big events even if you don’t think you can take the lions share of the money.

    -Tri Track still hasn’t deleted the Speedbowl event so one wonders why not if it is in fact deleted. A lot of Tri Track regulars were looking forward to that event even if it’s at creepy Bruce’s house of ill repute. Conveniently located and the perfect size.
    Time to confirm or move on. If the race is dropped the schedule is terrific even at the 6 remaining events. Considering the current economic challenges it may even be a blessing.

    Updated Tour Modified schedule along with results so far as follows:

    12 (Sat) NWMT, New Smyrna, >Hirschman,Goodale,Christopher (7ny) Lutz (82) , Blewett (7ny), Emerling Silk, Hirschman, Blewett (7ny)Hirschman, Blewett (7ny), Lutz (82)Hirschman, Blewett (7ny), Williams (50)Hirschman, Blewett (7ny), EmerlingHirschman, Heady (7ny), Ward<
    19 (Sat) SMART Southern National Motorsports Part, (FloRacing)
    26 (Sat) SMART Caraway (FloRacing)

    1 (Fri) NWMT, Richmond, 150 laps (FloRacing)
    2 (Sat) SMART South Boston (FloRacing)
    3 (Sun) Thompson IceBreaker 125, $10,000 to win (Racing America)
    10 (Sun) SMART Franklin (FloRacing)
    16 (Sat) MRS, Part of Northeast Classic at NHIS-50 Laps (Racing America)
    23 (Sat) Stafford, Twin 40’s, PASS Late Model 75 (FloRacing)
    24 (Sun) Stafford, Sizzler Open 100 Laps (FloRacing)
    30 (Sat) TTOMS, Monadnock $10,000 to win

    14 (Sat) NWMT, Riverhead, 200 laps (FloRacing)
    20 (Fri) Stafford, CBYD 81 (FloRacing)
    21 (Sat) NWMT, Lee USA, 175 Laps (JDV Productions event), 175 laps
    27 (Fri) Racing Guys Open Claremont ($15,000 to win)
    28 (Sat) NWMT, Jennerstown (JDV Productions event), 150 laps
    29 (Sun) TTOMS, Thunder Road (FloRacing)

    4 (Sat) MRS, White Mountain 75
    10 (Fri) Stafford, Bud Light Open Mod 80 (FloRacing)
    15 (Wed) Thompson Nutmeg State 75 (Racing America)
    18 (Sat) NWMT, Monadnock (JDV Productions event), 200 laps
    25 (Sat) NWMT, Riverhead, 200 laps (FloRacing)
    29 (Wed) TTOMS, Seekonk $10,000 to win (FloRacing)
    29 (Wed) SMART Caraway (FloRacing)

    1 (Fri) Stafford, GAF Roofing Open 80 (FloRacing)
    9 (Sat) NWMT, Wall, 150 laps (FloRacing)
    9 (Sat) MRS, Wiscasset 75
    13 (Wed), Thompson Midsummer 75 (Racing America)
    16 (Sat) NWMT, NHMS, 100 laps (FloRacing)
    23 (Sat) TTOMS, Star SBM 125
    29 (Fri) NWMT, Claremont (JDV Productions), 150 laps (FloRacing)

    6 (Sat) TTOMS, Waterford (in flux and questionable)
    17 (Wed) NWMT, Thompson, 150 laps (FloRacing)
    19 (Fri) Stafford, Lincoln Tech Open Mod 80 (FloRacing)
    27 (Sat) NWMT, Langley, 150 laps (FloRacin)g
    27 (Sat) MRS, Oxford 75

    3 (Sat) NWMT, Oswego, 150 laps (FloRacing)
    3 (Sat) SMART Carteret (FloRacing)
    10 (Sat) SMART Orange County (FloRacing)
    14 (Wed) Thompson, Tri Point Showdown 75 (Racing America)
    17 (Sat) NWMT, Riverhead, 200 laps (FloRacing)
    17 (Sat) SMART Dominion (FloRacing)
    18 (Sun) MRS, Star 100
    24 (Sat) Stafford Fall Final, TTOMS 80 Laps (FloRacing)

    1 (Sat) SMART Motor Mile (FloRacing)
    7 (Fri) MRS, Thompson World Series, 50 Laps (Racing America)
    8 (Sat) NWMT, Thompson World Series, 150 laps (Racing America)
    8 (Sat) SMART Hickory (FloRacing)
    9 (Sun) Thompson World Series 300 (Racing America)
    15 (Sat) SMART Tri County
    22 (Sat) TTOMS, Seekonk 10K
    27 (Thurs) NWMT, Martinsville, 200 laps (FloRacing)

  2. Nice job on the list doug.
    Copied and pasted! Ty!

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