Longview RV Becomes Official Sponsor Of Stafford Speedway Camping Area, Joins Contingency Program

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

Stafford Speedway is proud to announce a new partnership with Longview RV of Windsor Locks, CT. In a multi-year agreement, Longview RV will serve as the official sponsor of the Stafford Speedway camping area and also provide a $100 contingency bonus for the 3rd place finisher in each SK Modified® feature.

“We are excited to be the official RV dealer and campground sponsor for Stafford Motor Speedway,” noted Longview RV General Manager Todd Emerson. “The Longview RV Family can’t wait for the racing season to start and we look forward to having the fans be able to camp in the Longview RV camping area.”

Family owned and operated since its founding in 1959, Longview RV offers one of the largest selections of new and used RVs in the Northeast. In addition to RV sales, Longview also offers an extensive service department as well as RV rentals. Visit longviewrv.com to search the current inventory of RVs available on the lot in Windsor Locks.

“Camping at Stafford Speedway is a longstanding tradition,” explained Stafford Speedway CEO Mark Arute. “We take pride in being able to partner with great local businesses like Longview RV who, similar to Stafford Speedway, is a multi-generation family run business. In recent years we’ve begun to improve the camping area and we are very excited about partnering with Longview RV to continue those improvements.”

Race fans have had the opportunity to camp in the Stafford Speedway parking lot for over 5 decades with many tales of Richie Evans or Bugsy Stevens hanging out with fans after a long night at the races. The tradition continues to this day with hundreds of fans packing the Longview RV area for Stafford Speedway racing events. 

In addition to the camping area, Longview RV becomes the newest member of the Stafford Speedway contingency program posting a $100 bonus for the 3rd place finisher in each SK Modified® feature. 

For more information on Longview RV and to see their current inventory, visit longviewrv.com. For more information on Stafford Speedway visit staffordspeedway.com, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.


  1. In these days of high inflation and $5 per gallon gasoline it’s great to see companies stepping up to become contingency sponsors. Thank you Longview RV, and all of the other contingency sponsors.

  2. A question; Is a TFR car just another way of saying TROYER? Or is a TFR car its own animal?

  3. It was great while it lasted, but apparently camping is no longer free.

  4. I second that question. As well as the one on engines in another thread.
    Chassis matter and so do engines. How we don’t really have a clue on the big picture in regard to tech? A weakness of the sport and a missed opportunity in my view.
    Rob Fuller is the big dog yet we know so little about the blurred lines from Troyer to LFR at this stage. All the other former players from Chassis Dynamics to Raceworks doing repairs on SK Lights near as I can figure so good for them but why do we have to guess on that.?
    We care about the drivers that win but the power and components not so much apparently. Problem is they’re more important then the drivers.
    Engines same deal. Who’s building what and why? Three pivotal players T/A and Bob’s Auto Machine out of Bristol and Billy the Kid in Torrington all Connecticut based and all critical to the sport yet not promoted as local success stories in the sport. Come on man it’s our state, they’re success stories. The Dodge/Dowling 9Ct, both the Pee Dee and Hirschman cars as well as the 7ny trust Connecticut power to drive their cars but no one knows it.
    Got it Stafford RAD is critical and your go to as far as engines go and it’s been a winner. However the Sizzler is big, engines and chassis are big so consider exploiting that competition as well.

  5. Just Me - The Original says

    Troyer TA1 – Original Troyer chassis design
    Troyer TA2 – Original Troyer chassis design
    Troyer TA3 – Original Troyer chassis design
    Troyer TA4 – Combination of Troyer & LFR design
    LFR Gen 1 (2014-2019 Production Years)
    LFR Gen 2 (2020+ Production Year)

  6. carl block says

    There charging for camping ! Don’t they take in to consideration we travel 2 to 4 hour’s to attend these show’s ?

  7. carl block says

    NO FREE CAMPING ? Better be over 50 cars there to make the trek worth my while

  8. carl block says

    What is camping going to cost me ?

  9. getoveryourself says

    Not much is free in this life Carl

  10. Very envious of those with campers it just seems like you get multiple times the experience being at the track full time for the weekend.
    So how’s it work anyway? It’s $50 for the Sizzler and SRX weekend that includes the Friday open race. Not as good as free but considering everything, how big the Sizzler and SRX events are $50 is well worth it isn’t it? What’s it amount to for Stafford or Longview at the end of the weekend a few thousand dollars. Isn’t there a cleanup when everyone leaves to pay for?
    So for $50 you don’t have to commute back and forth and you get to socialize with a lot of folks, rehashing the days events over some nice cold drinks with no need to designate a sober driver. Cook some food up get a good nights sleep then you get to see everything develop on race day from the comfort of your own patio. Then stole over and walk in.
    So what’s the problem?

  11. Suitcase Jake says

    Camping is the BEST way to enjoy the RACES to the maximum.. I have been Camping for free down at Thompson for 20 plus years for the BIG Shows. When they put in the ROAD COURSE the ROOM for Camping was cut way down, and they started charging for Camping… You can enjoy the steak dinner at the clubhouse or cook your own …. You can eat the breakfast buffet or cook breakfast yourself…. Have a campfire ,sit around with friends with your favorite beverage without having to drive anywhere.. if it’s cold you could get a stamp out the gate ( I think they stopped this practice at several tracks) and go warm up and eat some more food and relax until the next race you wanna see begins to roll out the back gate… At night you can walk around and visits different camp fires and meet fellow racers and fellow fans you may know or not know…. But you are always welcomed with a friendly Hello and an offer of food , soup, coffee or Adult Beverage .. You cannot believe the amount of people you meet over the years that return year after year and start camping closer to each other each year and pretty soon you have quite a good group of people you know and enjoy each others company every year… No Traffic to play with.. Roll out Monday morning or later Sunday Night when most are long gone….Most Campers clean their own areas put trash where it belongs or take it home with them…

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