Race Of Champions Mod Series And Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Continue To Strengthen Alliance

(Press release from Race Of Champions Modified Series)

Looking Ahead at the Future of the Sport Asphalt Modified Racing-

The Race of Champions Modified Series and Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series continue to build and strengthen their alliance despite geographic challenges.

Working together in regard to elements of planning like scheduling and rules is only the tip of the iceberg in regard to the passion these to entities have toward Modified racing, maintaining, strengthening and growing the sport.

“I enjoy the racing and support what goes on to the West of us with the Race of Champions Modified Series,” stated Ed Bennett, one of the ownership partners and manager of competition with the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series. “When I was a car owner, we supported the racing in that region of the country with our drivers. It is good racing and this is important for both series. We need to come together rather than drift apart for the benefit of the sport and to keep things going.”

While each Series operates differently in different geographic regions, each series management group is dedicated to the preservation and strength of the sport.

“It is different in Western New York than it is New England,” continued Bennett. “It is challenging all over. We just have to work through it.”

New England has provided the “hot bed” for Modified racing over the last two decades, as New York and Pennsylvania have seen several changes.

“It has been challenging in many aspects,” offered Joe Skotnicki, Race of Champions. “There have been many changing elements and not very many constants in our region and we have looked to form that stability. Our relationship with the Tri Track Series has been very beneficial. We are able to work together in regard to the schedule, which is paramount and continue bringing the rules closer together.”

Skotnicki continued, “We haven’t seen a great deal of cross over because of the distance between to the two regions and I do not expect a huge wave of that, but the opportunities exist for competitors and it’s something we will encourage and I am sure Monaco Modified Tri-Track will do the same in our regard without scheduling conflicts along with the fact that continue to look toward common ground to stand on for asphalt modified racing.”

Along with working together, the Race of Champions will be making the first six Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series events, qualifiers for the 72nd Lucas Oil Race of Champions 250 with the winner receiving a guaranteed starting position. The only other guaranteed starting position for the 72nd Lucas Oil Race of Champions will be awarded to the winner of the 50th Annual Spring Sizzler at the Stafford Motor Speedway. The winner of the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series “Haunted Hundred” will receive a starting position in the 73rd Annual Lucas Oil Race of Champions 250.


  1. Fred Wilcox says

    I’m confused. If RoC and Tri-Track are working together to benefit modified racing (and each other), then why is the Race of Champions 250 at Lake Erie Speedway (PA) scheduled for the day after the Tri-Track 80 at the Stafford Speedway (CT) Fall Final weekend? The scheduling of these two events on consecutive days doesn’t strike me as a cooperative arrangement between the two parties. Am I missing something?

  2. Fast Eddie says

    This relationship looks a little weird at first glance, but with more WMT teams from around here not committing to the full WMT schedule due to excessive travel, maybe some of the ROC races look like a better option with a shorter ride.

  3. It’s an ROC press release. The ROC has their hands full these days so if they can connect any dots it can’t hurt.
    Distance this year as opposed most year years will be more of a factor.
    I’m confused as well. I don’t see anything more in the article except a tepid effort to link events that are at best geographically challenged.
    ROC, TTOMS and Stafford good for them all. I really doubt guaranteed starting positions mean much these days given the expense to cash in on the spot but we’ll see won’t we?

  4. So who is the king of Tri Track. That would be one Matt Hirschman I’d think most would agree.
    Great SMART race yesterday. An anemic crowd but perhaps the FloRacing interest was greater. Strong field, some interesting pit strategy and tire maintenance proved to be everything at yet another southern washboard track.
    I’m definitely a Hirschman fan but there’s a time to show your cards. He called an audible that Pee Dee ran, they went to the race, made the changes necessary and won. A couple speed bumps but overall it wasn’t too stressful considering.
    I don’t know about you but maybe it’s time for Hirschman to put his cards on the table. They say on Facebook he only goes to tracks he’s comfortable with. I don’t agree. I’d call it formulaic. He goes to tracks and competition he’s pretty well assured he has a very good chance on winning. That whole “Big Money Matt” is fine if that’s how you define yourself. If you want to lay claim to being a great modified driver sometimes you need to race in the big shows with the top talent, be ready to compete without the best chance of winning.
    Tony Hirschman competed with the best and won at Stafford. His son has not won at Stafford and in fact has mostly avoided it with perhaps good financial reasons.
    Time to show up and prove what you can do under adverse conditions. No you won’t be Big Money Matt the favorite I’d think that would go to Dowling. You won’t even be in the top 3 to win. But this Sizzler is a big deal, it’s historic and the Hirschman name is historic in the modified world.
    Show your cards, compete where you aren’t the favorite and let’s see if you are more then the opportunist Big Money implies. Show you are in fact the best modified driver in the current era.

  5. “They say on Facebook he only goes to tracks he’s comfortable with. I don’t agree. I’d call it formulaic. He goes to tracks and competition he’s pretty well assured he has a very good chance on winning. That whole “Big Money Matt” is fine if that’s how you define yourself. If you want to lay claim to being a great modified driver sometimes you need to race in the big shows with the top talent, be ready to compete without the best chance of winning.”

    Great points, kinda sums things up.

    I could be wrong, didn’t the race he just drove the PeeDee 60 in pay either $2,500 or $3,500 to win? That’s not “big money” by any means for a tour type race when it comes to what the WMT, TriTrack, Thompson Opens or the Sizzler are paying. I call that racing for chump change.

    “Big Money Matt” may have to change his name to “Opportunistic Matt”. I think that may better fit his approach.


  6. Suitcase Jake says

    He said in Interviews that they are there because it’s March and the Racing Season doesn’t get rolling in the North East until April… He is Big Money Matt .. Proved it over and over again … He ruled down at New Smyrna he didn’t duck any one who showed up . Oh yeah He did Win BIG NASCAR Money at Tour Race at New Smyrna !!!! you guys have short memories Didn’t He finish on the Podium at STAFFORD with Tri Track a few years ago… Doug is trying His Hardest with each key stroke to bait Big Money to attend the Sizzler… I believe Big Money will attend the Sizzler and Collect the Big Money..

  7. Of course I’m baiting. Baiting the traveling man.
    I’m not talking about one of the best. I’m talking about who is the best and it’s seems pretty clear Hirschman does not stand alone in that category as things are now. Mainly because his system has come to be formulaic. Run tracks or competition where the odds are very high for a win.
    I like to think of him as “Manilow Matt”. Barry Manilow had his formulaic love songs he religiously stuck because it was a hit machine and Hirschman sticks to a very consistent formula in picking the events he enters.
    Even the Big Money deal once appropriate is getting a little thread bare now that he’s passed on really big events like the Muskets and Thompson 300.
    Not saying he’s not a great driver or that he can only win on small tracks. He’s what he is which is pretty terrific just formulaic and more of an accomplished cherry picker.
    Stafford’s not a Hirschman track. You need big motor and mastering the two different cornering challenges it’s a compromise hard to master. Have a couple stats here you may find interesting.
    Since 2005 Hirschman has raced in 22 NWMT events at Stafford. Finishes as follows: 4th/3 times, 6th/2 times, 8th/4 times, 9th/2 times, 10th/3 times. The remaining 8 races out of the top 10. Those memories of mediocrity at Stafford must have colored his view when he put the low priority on Stafford in more recent years. It also explains why he was so exuberant coming in 3rd at the Stafford TTOMS pandemic year event being his best finish at Stafford ever as it turns out.
    I like to think of his career in terms of pre Pee Dee and post Pee Dee. Since the hooked up with Pee Dee in 2017 we know they race in very few selected NWMT events and do exceptionally well. Stafford was never one of the tracks and it’s pretty clear for good reason given his record there.
    Go ahead travelin man call him Big Money or anything you like I just don’t think you can call him the greatest in the current era. Can’t do that until you beat the best teams at the biggest events when the lights are the brightest with odds not clearly in your favor.
    No 60 and especially the Pee Dee 60 at the Sizzler he’ll still be one of my favorites. Just more of a “Manilow Matt” then “Big Money”.

  8. Rafter fan says

    Matt H’s credentials as the top dog in Tour type modified racing are unquestioned. The Spring Sizzler would seem to check all of the boxes required for him to enter. If he doesn’t, he risks a hit (temporary?) to his developing legacy (particularly among New England race fans).

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