RaceDayCT Daily Poll: Who Will Be The Next First Time SK Modified Division Winner At Stafford?

Last year 10 different drivers won over 20 SK Modified events at Stafford Speedway with three of them being first-time winners in the division. So who do you think will be the next first-time SK Modified division winner at Stafford? Vote below.


  1. Strongly take exception to this poll results.
    Hodgdon impressive in a tour mod at New Smyrna but he’s in the Avery ride that Dowling walked away from. True Dowling won a race in the car but a win for them will be tough as they develop chemistry……..or don’t you never know.
    Swanson is in a home built car crafted by Tom Bolles. I don’t see anything in either Swanson nor the Bolles car that makes them a sudden threat. Turning in solid finished should be the immediate goal.
    Who doesn’t root for Mikey Flynn. He’s turned in good performances and can drive but his SPAFCO still not in the elite category.
    Rufrano is the under achiever that has literally everything it will take to win from experience to his car and support. If they can cure that fading issue then he is by far in the best position to check off a win starting from day one.

  2. So Doug, since you strongly take exception to the poll results, in your expert opinion, who is your choice?

  3. Fast Eddie says

    I have to agree with Doug, Rufrano is definitely the most overdue on the list. And I’d say Mikey Flynn and Dan Wesson tied for 2nd.

  4. What can I say I’m a slave to the numbers. I know full well this discussion is an exercise in futility. Mainly because if you asked the same question last year I may very well have picked Rufrano over Arute, Narducci, Tyler Hines and had a bunch of numbers to support the conclusion. That said here are some results from last year.

    Races entered, top 5’s, top 10’s

    Hodgdon 19-2-5
    Flynn 15-1-7
    Swanson 2-0-0
    Wesson 19-1-3
    Rufrano 20-5-10

    It’s not just Rufrano’s numbers it’s the fact his dad has the resources and is totally committed to seeing his boy have the best opportunity to win. Rufrano not winning a race so far to me is as much a shock as Narducci, Arute or Hines winning last year.
    The only driver I could say has zero chance is Wesson. I may go over the DNF’s but it seemed like he was frequently on the hook for various reasons. You’d think he could be a winner he sure was in the SK Lights. Has good equipment and Butova last year as a mentor but meager to no meaningful success. I don’t know what the deal is there he does have school and is a champion air rifle competitor. Maybe too many irons in the fire but he’s the only driver I’d be shocked to see win in 2022. Well maybe Flynn and that SPAFCO as well. When is the last time a SPAFCO chassis won an SK race at Stafford?
    One thing I know for sure is 2022 can’t be better the 2021 as far as the SK’s go. Has to be ranked as one of the two or three best years ever in the SK’s. The old guard that had a death grip on the podium routinely displaced by previous non winners. The Rocco/Williams/Narducci paddock dust up and subsequent suspensions. Rocco and Williams never really recovering as far as on track success goes. Hines with two wins that should have been three then that team blows up in the middle of great success. The Narducci/Bear team blows up, Narducci wins in a rental then chucks that for the ride Hines lost. Looks like a photo finish for the championship between Owen and Kopcik but wait. Kopcik disqualified from a race and the perpetual also ran Owen goes on to win the championship.
    Come on man it can’t be better this year can it?

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