Stafford Speedway Friday Night Opener Pick ‘Em Contest

So we’re going to take the traditional racing pick ‘em contest and juice it up a little bit with a new concept.

Instead of doing a pick ‘em for one race, we’re going to do it for one night of racing for the Friday night opener this week at Stafford Speedway. Let’s see how this works out.

– Listed below are eight driver listing groups. Each entrant must pick one driver from each group to make up an eight-driver team.

– The finishing position of your driver will represent the points your driver earned for your team. If your driver finishes first it represents one point for your team. If your driver finishes second, it’s two points, and so on. The entrant with the least amount of points total from their eight driver team wins.

– Each entrant must submit a tie-breaker choice. For the tiebreaker you must choose who will finish 13th in the SK Modified feature. If there is more than one team with the same point total determining the winner will be based on the tiebreaker. The entrant who has the tiebreaker choice closest to finishing 13th place in the SK Modified feature will be declared the winner.

– Deadline for entry is Friday May 6 at 2 pm.

– Must be an active RaceDayCT Insider subscriber to enter.

– We’ll award a RaceDayCT t-shirt and a $15 Buffalo Wild Wings gift card to the winner.

The groupings are listed below.

Click Here For Full Details On How To Enter

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