We Have A Winner From Our Stafford Speedway Build A Team Pick ‘Em Contest

The first RaceDayCT Stafford Speedway Build Your Team Pick ‘Em contest came down to a feisty duel at the top of the podium.

The top three finishers in the contest were separated by three points.

In the end it was David Maille, with a team consisting of Michael Bennett, George Bessette Jr., Tom Fearn, Andrew Molleur (Late Model), Teddy Hodgdon, Chris Meyer, Alexandra Fearn and Burt Ouellette taking the honors in our first try at the contest.

Contestants had to build an eight driver team from eight designated driver groupings for the contest. Each driver’s points were determinted by their finishing position in their feature Friday at Stafford Speedway. The team with the lowest amount of points won.

Maille’s team finished the night with 70 points, winning by a single point.

Brian Silver, with a team made up of Todd Owen, George Bessette Jr., Bryan Narducci, Paul Arute, Michael Gervais Jr., Bob Charland, Alexandra Fearn and Adrian Paradis III was second with 71 points.

Doug Ferraguto was the only one of 14 entrants to have two feature winners on his team. Ferraguto had a team made up of Michael Bennett, Ronnie Williams, Tyler Chapman, David Arute, Teddy Hodgdon, Paul Varracchio Jr., Alexandra Fearn and Nick Hovey

Interestingly, of the 112 picks chosen by the 14 entrants, only four feature winners were chosen overall. Late Model competitor Chris Meyer had Late Model feature winner Kevin Gambacorta on his team and Modified veteran Woody Pitkat had SK Modified feature winner Dave Arute on his team.

David Maille wins a $15 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card and RaceDayCT t-shirt. The full results from the contest are below. Thank you to all who participated. We’ll have some more Pick ‘Em contests coming up for next week.

  • 1. David Maille 70
  • 2. Brian Silver 71
  • 3. Doug Ferraguto 73
  • 4. Ed Smith 77
  • 5. Woody Pitkat 80
  • 6. Doug Coby 82
  • 7. Chris Meyer 85
  • 8. Ed Several 90
  • 9. Sid DiMaggio 92
  • 10. (tie) Stephen Archibald 100
  • 10. (tie) Stephen Bellerose 100
  • 12. Suitcase Jake 102
  • 13. Sharpie Fan 110
  • 14. Stu Fearn 114


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