Making A Point: Bryan Narducci Wins SK Modified Feature At Stafford Speedway

Bryan Narducci celebrates victory in the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

STAFFORD – For the first four races of the 2022 season at Stafford Speedway Bryan Narducci has been the most consistent driver in the SK Modified division.

Narducci had consecutive second places finishes in the first two events of the season, a fifth place on May 20 and third place on June 3. Through four races Narducci was the only driver in the division with top-five finishes in every event.

Good points nights every week had Narducci at the top of the SK Modified division standings coming into Friday’s fifth event of the year.

And it was certainly another good points night for the Colchester driver. Actually the best points night he could have recorded.

Narducci was able to drive away from Cory DiMatteo over the closing laps to win the 40-lap SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford.

It was the second career SK Modified victory at Stafford for Narducci, who got his first victory on June 18, 2021.

“It’s unbelievable,” Narducci said. “We had top-fives [in the first] four races and all I wanted to do was win and all the crew wanted me to do was just finish the race. But I’m out here to win. And damn we finally got it. I can’t thank everyone enough.”

Narducci said the quality of ride he’s in with the Petty Cash Motorsports team has allowed him to temper his aggressiveness behind the wheel.

“In years past I had to try to make up for a little bit that the car didn’t have,” Narducci said. “Now the car is good and I can just run my race and not have to overdrive it. And it’s really good.”

 Cory DiMatteo of Farmington was second and Todd Owen of Somers third.

“It’s amazing. That was a good race,” Narducci said. “And of course I’m racing my two best friends [DiMatteo and Mike Christopher Jr.] and my stepfather [Owen]. You can’t beat that. It was just great.”

Narducci avoided what looked like sure disaster on lap 13 while running in sixth place. After contact with Doug Meservey, Narducci’s car got sideways through turn one but he was somehow able to wrangle it in before spinning.

Bryan Narducci (85) gets sideways through turn one on lap 13 of the SK Modified feature Friday at Stafford Speedway (Image Grab from FloRacing)

“I thought I was getting destroyed there,” Narducci said. “The top was rolling and I thought we were going to be really good up there. Something happened [Doug] Meservey was in the fifth lane in [turns] three and four going way slower. So I filled the hole in the middle and stayed open. We got to the start/finish line and I felt him start grinding into my right rear and I don’t know if he got hit or just got nervous and turned left. But I felt him grinding the right rear and I hung it left to keep it out of the wall and I just held the brake and the gas at the same time and it straightened out.”

Narducci went by Christopher for second on a lap 22 restart and then passed DiMatteo for the lead on lap 26. He never trailed again.

“The [car] was really good, we just slowed down a little bit through the middle [of the corners] and we weren’t perfect and that’s what it takes to win here,” DiMatteo said. “But I had a blast. … Sideways a couple times but it was a lot of fun. I love racing with [Narducci, Owen and Christopher], it’s a blast.”

Said Owen: “We had an awesome racecar. Hats off to all my guys. … Just had a really really fast car and I was just biding my time and I kept getting into wrong lanes. I just had a little incident with [DiMatteo] and just lost speed after that. Hats off to [Narducci]. He’s been doing a really good job this year and it’s good race with him up there.”


  1. I bet this is a first at Stafford – A track champion has his two grandsons win on the same night on their grandmothers birthday

  2. three wide suicide says

    love the picture ..Arute moved Narducci up 3 wide prior to this photo being taken . I am sure Meservey appreciated it . hey that’s “racing”. no offense Ben is compromised as an announcer . sorry Ben.dont worry your departure will be announced two weeks or so before next years sizzler .no gold watch no party just see ya later were moving in a different direction. thanks for the memories

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    Stick a mic in front of Rocco these days and you’ll get briefer responses but much like Belichick. He’s just over it at this stage. Knows he’s an institution in local racing, knows he knows more about everything associated with race cars then all but an elite few, knows he is one of the top drivers and is not willing anymore to try to engage with fans or promote the sport verbally.
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