Runaway Win: Stuart Fearn Tops RaceDayCT Stafford Pick ‘Em Contest

As a team owner at Stafford Speedway, Stuart Fearn has certainly been a part of some runaway victories in his career.

Friday he got one building the best Pick ‘Em team for a night of racing at Stafford.

Fearn’s eight driver team of Tom Fearn, Kevin Gambacorta, Adam Gray, Darrell Keane, Michael Gervais Jr., Troy Talman, Alexandra Fearn and Travis Hydar ran away with victory Friday.

Entrants build an eight driver team from designated driver groupings.

Stuart Fearn’s team finished with 47 points, 11 better than the second place team of Stephen Bellerose (Bryan Narducci, Todd Owen, Derek Debbis, Chris Matthews, Gervais, Andrew Molleur (Late Model), Alexandra Fearn and Hydar).

Suitcase Jake, with Narducci, Gambacorta, Debbis, Marcello Rufrano, Gervais, Molleur, Rich Hammann and Ryan Waterman, totaled 67 points in third.

Fearn wins a $15 gift card and a RaceDayCT t-shirt.

Final Standings

1. Stuart Fearn 47

2. Stephen Bellerose 58

3. Suitcase Jake 67

4. Cherelynn Owen 70

5. Brian Silver 88

6. David Maille 92

7. Edward Smith 94


  1. Stuart A Fearn says

    XL shirt and I’d like the trophy to read “Stuart A Fearn”

  2. Stuart A. Fearn,
    I’ll get to work on that …

  3. Stuart A Fearn says

    I might be the only player who you can actually get the prize to without dropping it off behind the rock of the third tree down the street just after midnight

  4. Congratulations to Suitcase Jake for representing our little forum Pick 6 in the prestigious RaceDayCt Pick-em and consistently demonstrating his racing prowess.

  5. Stuart,
    I do typically use the United States Postal Service, if need be.

  6. Sorry about that I’m remise for not congratulating Mr. Fearn. Well done young man for your commanding win.
    As for kicking we that use screen names in the nads after your commanding win my thinking is we have to take it with a smile and perhaps feel a little grateful you’re willing to slum a little with the great unwashed.
    I’ll commit. If Mr. Fearn wants a custom made T shirt on the porky side and trophy specially engraved and it’s not in the budget count on old Doug to help contribute to the cost. We that use screen names may not be known to the greater audience but that doesn’t mean we don’t have accounts linked to the Patreon program and RaceDayCt that helps reward Mr Fearn unmatched brilliance. Nor the nameless people that subscribe to FloRacing that support the end of season bonuses going to race teams like Fearn Motorsports.
    Thanks again Mr Fearn for keeping us in our place.

  7. Stuart A Fearn says

    your welcome Doug. Text me your address I’ll donate the $15 gift card toward your VPN costs.
    Or stop by the trailer Friday if the rain holds off

  8. Oh my this is exciting. A personal invitation to visit the Fearn Motorsports pit area? Just so I know is it still the highest point in the paddock with the three flags flying? Would it be possible to get all your autographs or is this a cleaver way to get an old man in your expansive lair to give me a good tongue lashing or worse. Ryan strikes me as being a bit of a ruffian and getting on the wrong side of an attorney is never a good idea. Nonetheless it may be just too great an opportunity for a fan to pass up. It’s a little complicated driving at night with nyctalopia but perhaps a special trip at practice to see you work your magic in person.
    Thanks also for the VPN reference something I had no idea existed let alone paid for. No financial assistance needed this month I think I’ll be able to scrape by with perhaps a trip or two to Foodshare. It is a wonder how even when you’re not trying your every utterance has value in some fashion and generosity to the less fortunate a code to live by.
    Just a thought. If you can carve out a few minutes in that busy schedule of yours consider bringing that elite racing mind to our little forum Pick 6 contest. Granted there is no monetary prize to win and you’ve made it clear how important that is and it would be child’s play I suppose. Nonetheless I’m sure the regulars would be honored to see your choices in the mix and compete against the most popular contributor to the forum.

  9. Stuart A Fearn says

    Seeing as tomorrow is flag day thank you for bringing that up dog. Yes we fly the American flag high in the middle then a 911 Memorial flag to the left and Schaefer Oil flag to the right for my oil supplier.
    You can come by anytime there’s no ill will and you don’t have to feel threatened like it sounds you might be. As far as any Fearn being a ruffian you must be thinking of a different clan. We are all loving gentle souls.
    I think that pic six you’re talking about is a modified tour thing and I don’t really pay attention to that so I’m totally not interested. The goings-on at Stanford I do know something about cell I’ll take part in that activity when I have an extra minute or two

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