Ryan Preece Ready To Tackle Bud Light Open 80 At Stafford With New Car

(Press release from Stafford Speedway)

Ryan Preece (Photo: Jim DuPont/RaceDayCT)

After a strong performance in the 50th Annual NAPA Spring Sizzler® back in April, Ryan Preece will return to Stafford Speedway this Friday, June 10th for the Bud Light Open 80 with a new car.  Preece raced the famous #3 Ole Blue car owned by the Boehler family in the Sizzler® but is putting together a new Fury chassis #40 car that will carry sponsorship from CBYD 811, Hunt Brothers Pizza, Sign Pro, and Falmouth Ready Mix for the Bud Light 80.  Preece feels confident coming back to Stafford despite the fact that he returns with a new car.

“As far as it being a new car, it’s not like I’m reinventing the wheel here,” said Preece.  “It’s pretty similar to what I’ve driven before so it comes down to time and making sure everything is right.  There are some unknowns but I feel confident having a notebook to work with and things I’ve been working on to make the car better.  Over the course of the last year we’ve been a contender every time we showed up, we’ve just had issues with tire wear and being a little too aggressive on some things.  Jumping in the 3 car gave me a feeling of what I used to remember and taking some of the things we did with that car and carrying that over to what we’re doing now is going to help make everything better.”

One thing Preece will definitely have in the back of his mind is a strategy of tire management during the Bud Light 80.  The race will be 20 laps shorter than the NAPA Spring Sizzler®, with teams getting a smaller allotment of tires for qualifying and the race.  

“I don’t see us changing things very much,” said Preece.  “I feel like Hoosier has a great tire and these races are long enough that strategy will come into play and you need to be aware of tire wear.  It’s exciting and that’s the reason why I come to these races.  You have to figure out what tires are going on each corner of the car, when you’re going to pit, when it is too early or too late to pit, so there’s a lot going on.  Between the heat race and the feature, you can burn the tires off in about 20 laps so it’s all about management.  Speed is everything and if you have speed in your car, it makes managing the tires that much easier.  It’s a brand new car but it’s the same stuff I’ve been running in the past, we just have to make sure everything is right on the car.”

Preece figures he’ll have to contend with the usual cast of front runners when the open modifieds come to Stafford in order to take the checkered flag in the Bud Light 80.

“It’s going to be the normal guys who are always up front at Stafford,” said Preece.  “I know Woody [Pitkat] has a good program and Ronnie Williams with Adam Skowyra have done a really good job over the past season so I feel like it’ll be the normal guys fighting it out.  That’s where it will come down to pit stops and the tire management part and making sure your car is fast.  You definitely can’t luck into anything at Stafford.”

The 5th Annual Bud Light 80 is scheduled for this Friday, June 10th.  Stafford’s SK Modified®, Late Model, SK Light, Limited Late Model, and Street Stock divisions will join the Open Modifieds in feature action.  Tickets for the Bud Light 80 are available now online at StaffordSpeedway.com/tickets and tickets will also be available for purchase at the admission gates.  Tickets for the Bud Light 80 are $30.00 for adults, $10.00 for kids 6-14, and free for kids 5 & under.  Reserved seating is priced at $35.00 for all ages and pit passes are $45.00 with a valid 2022 Stafford Competition License and $50.00 without a Stafford license.  If you are unable to attend the event, tune into the live stream on FloRacing, the official streaming partner of Stafford Speedway. 

For more information, visit www.staffordspeedway.com, checkout Stafford Speedway on Facebook or Twitter, or contact the track office at 860-684-2783.




    First Place………0 points
    Second Place….2 points
    Third Place……..3 points
    Fourth through the final finisher assigned points equal to their finishing position.
    “Mulligan”-Worst finish (aka highest score) dropped from scoring leaving your 5 best counting toward your final score.
    Any car that doesn’t show, has an equipment failure or otherwise doesn’t make the feature to be assigned a score equal to the number of feature starters plus one and can be dropped via the mulligan.
    Lowest point total wins.
    Tie breaker- All six picks scored.

    Stafford Bud Light Open 80, 6/10/2022

    2 Frank L’Etoile
    4ma Jeff Gallup
    4nh Tommy Barrett
    5 Chris Pasteryak
    6 Matt Galko
    7ny Mike Christopher
    9ct Chase Dowling
    11 Cory DiMatteo
    11ct Dylan Izzo
    16 Ron Silk
    19 Anthony Bello
    24 Mikey Flynn
    25 Matt Swanson
    25ct Anthony Flannery
    28 Buddy Charette
    31 Noah Korner
    34 Dave Eheridge
    40 Ryan Preece
    48 Marcello Rufrano
    50 Ronnie Williams
    52 Mark Bakaj
    55b Robert Bloxum
    55ct Teddy Hodgdon
    58 Eric Goodale
    81 Todd Owen
    81ma Dave Salzarulo
    88 Woody Pitkat
    179 Steven Kopcik


  2. Viva race fan says

    7ny , 40 ,88 , 50 , 16 , 81 l need points lol

  3. Mike Christopher jr
    Ron Silk
    chase Dowling
    Ryan Preece
    Woody Pitkat
    Matt Swanson

  4. This one promises to be better then the typical Stafford open.
    I don’t know if it’s appropriate I just had a thought on Silk. Normally they don’t do the Stafford opens. They came in third in the Sizzler. I’m thinking they learned or know something that makes them think the trip is worth it. Probably grasping at straws but it will be fun to watch in any event.
    Preece, Silk, the 7ny, Dowling. the 88 and Williams won the last open.
    Good luck picking the winner in this one.

  5. My picks

  6. Suitcase Jake says

    Stafford 80 Pick’em..>>>> HAVE FUN = BE HAPPY
    1. 7NY
    2. 9CT
    3. 58
    4. 40
    5. 50
    6. 16

  7. 7ny

    Thanks doug.

  8. Getserious says

    40 Preece win
    7 Christopher
    25 Swanson
    9 Dowling
    50 Williams
    6 Galko

  9. Fury chassis.

  10. Fast Eddie says

    I’ll go with 7ny, 50, 40, 16, 88, 179.

  11. Driver X says

    Mike Christopher jr., Woody Pitkat, Ron Silk, Chase Dowling, Ryan Preece, and Steven Kopcik

  12. 9ct, 40, 7ny, 16, 179, 50

  13. wmass01013 says


  14. Doug….16-7ny-50-9ct-88-40

    I’m shocked. Only one pick for Preece. So what are we thinking? New car, bugs to iron out?
    In three open appearances last year Preece came in second, second and first in the 6ny.
    The 7ny super hot this year but the guy driving the 40 clearly has the book with the right pages. This is gonna be good!


    Eddie…. 7ny-50-40-16-88-179

    Whoa, good turnout!

  16. Suitcase Jake says

    Plenty of room for more picker’s …. Liz … Goodfella …Mudd Bus.. everyone is invited…
    My Thinking Bobf, The 7NY is the HOT HAND… WON THREE Tour races in a ROW ….
    Do you know how hard that is to do….?? everything has to be perfect for that to HAPPEN… pit stops… Accidents…Long Run SET UP… racing LUCK… Spotter… PIT CREW … Plus the 7 NY has HIT on something and they are just destroying the Competition…. Preece has brand new untested car…. Untested cars have bugs that need to be worked out … When you show up you are behind the curve to other rides who are already dialed in on set ups … If Preece was in OLD BLUE # 3 I would have him in 1st or 2nd…. Proven set up Proven SPEED…. HAVE FUN = BE HAPPY … Make 6 pick’s and see what happens…!!! Thanks Doug….

  17. FYI and completely off topic. The Eldora Million prelim night got rained out last night. They are running today and are about to start time trials. This is the biggest dirt race in the country by money. It pays over 1 million to win and 5k to start in tonights feature.. Today they have two features paying 12k to win. They are running two full shows a day time show with qualifying features and anotther full show tonight featuring the million main event. 124 Super Late models have entered almost all the heavy hitters from WoO Lucas and independent circuits. It is being broadcast on FLO racing for those of you that have a subscription for Stafford. Eldora follows this up this race with the Dream, a race this weekend paying a measly 100k,

  18. Good stuff. Hopefully more folks will pick 6, be happy and share their logic for whomever they pick to win.
    I’m betting against the 7ny for the win. Sure they’re red hot on all different types of tracks and they have notched a win last year at Stafford. I’m betting they haven’t figured out screwy old Stafford yet as well as others and they remain a tick off like at the Sizzler.
    In the didn’t pick-em but would like to see him win or podium is Goodale. I’d love to be wrong about the 58.

  19. Hi All,
    88 Pitcat to win
    25 Swanson to finish, and finish 2nd
    50 Williams to keep doing what he does
    40 Preece to need more time with the car
    55ct Hodgson to be in the mix
    179 Kopcick to do what he does. Who knows!

    7ny Christopher to breakdown. Tranny, engine, or something else!

  20. Suitcase;
    Agreed. And betting 7ny as far as i was concerned, for the win anyway, is a tall order after 3 in a row. But, you got to bet on the hot horse, until proven wrong otherwise, imo. Not only that, christopher did a great job in jennerstown. I cant overlook that fact, as well as any chemistry he has now built with the baldwin team. And quite honestly, i expected these kind of results when mckennedy was in the car. So yes, seems baldwin has hit on something. I love it as, it makes another contender to win in any race they enter. Great stuff.
    As for not picking preece to win doug, i only went with a gut on this. As you know, i, like others, modestly follow him. My opinion of how he trends, is if he does not have a dead nuts setup in the car, the driver tends to try to make up for those car limitations. Makes him fast. For a while. I could totally be wrong here, let the experts weigh in, but it is my opinion that preece still does not have the patience to be consistently winning, because he burns up his rubber too quick. Not a criticism, but merely my personal observation. After a tour race at New Symrna this year, Preece said he learned a lot by following Matt Hirschman, and how matt was patient so as to have something at the end. So, did Ryan really learn something? If so, and he’s working on that, surely there are great things to come. For this race? New car? If it isnt perfect? I expect a fade. But i couldn’t count him out totally. Had to be in my top 5 at least. And yes, what do I know, as I omitted some other great cars. Probably egg all over my face is what! Jmo, thanks for listening!

  21. Remember when Dadope was accusing Fuller of giving top drivers LFR chassis , I’m sure Grala would never do that . Also known as Dafool

  22. Doug….16-7ny-50-9ct-88-40
    Eddie…. 7ny-50-40-16-88-179

    A couple more entries and we’ll break the record.
    Love the commentary. This one is really tough. You have to leave some potentially strong teams off your choices. Mine include Galko, Rufrano, Kopcik and Goodale.
    A big fat old modified nation Johnson shrinker compliments of the guy mentioning Eldora and big money. A track not without it’s own drama, the resurfacing a complete failure with the owner, one Tony Stewart having to oversee a redo promising to get it right the second time around.
    Perfect weather today, a great program tonight on tap headlined by 3 MODIFIED divisions and you’re harshing the buzz man….uncool!

  23. Rafter fan says

    9ct, 50, 7ny, 88, 58, 16

    I planned to pick Rocco (57), but he’s not entered(?).

  24. Old man racer says



    Eddie…. 7ny-50-40-16-88-179
    Rfan…….9ct- 50-7ny-88-58-16
    Old racer.16-7ny-9ct-40-81-55ct

    That’s a new record on participation.

  26. Rafter fan says

    I didn’t see the 7ny on RaceMonitor for either of the first 2 practice sessions for the Open Mods this afternoon??

  27. Suitcase Jake says

    Happy Happy days Doug ,, When i decided to try the First Pick’em we went through a lot of UPS & Downs but we kept tweaking the Rules and you gladly accepted the role of keeping the tab on the Scoring.. This Pick’em has really hit it’s stride….!!! it’s one of the few things we all can agree on to make picks and have some fun .. before it seemed alot of guys were in conflict with other race fans in the comment sections.. So now it seems we are understanding we all love the Modifieds and racing in general .. It is a total WIN for me to see all these entries on the Pick’em.. It just keeps getting better & better … Thank you to all of those who have fun playing along…HAVE FUN = BE HAPPY … Thanks Doug for really doing all the WORK & Shawn for allowing this IDEA to have a chance to get Started ….Most of all Thank you for Trying out the PICK’EM it’s exceeded my expectations. Suitcase


    STAFFORD BUD LIGHT 80 -6/10/2022

    Doug….16-7ny-50-9ct-88-(40) 9+2+8+4+1=24
    Viva……7ny-40-88-50-16-(81) 2+25+1+8+9=45
    csg…….7ny-16-9ct-40-88-(25) 2+9+4+25+1=41
    KenL…..9ct-7ny-40-16-88-(81) 4+2+25+9+1=41
    Jake……7ny-9ct-58-(40)-50-16 2+4+6+8+9=29
    Bobf……7ny-(40)-16-88-50-5 2+9+1+8+16=38
    Gets……40-7ny-(25)-9ct-50-6 25+2+4+8+19=58
    Eddie…. 7ny-50-(40)-16-88-179 2+8+9+1+12=32
    D-X……..7ny-88-16-9ct-(40)-179 2+1+9+4+12=28
    Bcity……..9ct-(40)-7ny-16-179-50 4+2+9+12+8+=35
    Wmass…58-7ny-16-88-9ct-(40) 6+2+9+1+4=22
    Kayman..88-(25)-50-40-55ct-179 1+8+25+5+12=51
    Rfan…….9ct- 50-7ny-88-58-(16) 4+8+2+1+6=21
    Old racer.16-7ny-9ct-40-(81)-55ct 9+2+4+25+5=45

    Cars in parenthesis considered “Mulligan’s” and not scored
    25(Cassela) and 81(Owen) no shows scored as #28


    Rafter fan 21 WINNER!!!
    wmass01013 22
    Doug 24

    Remainder of the field

    Driver X 28
    Suitcase Jake 29
    Fast Eddie 32
    Bigcity 35
    Bobf 38
    csg 41
    Ken L 41
    Old man racer 45
    Viva race fan 45
    Kayman 51
    Getserious 58


    Fast Eddie 2
    Getserious 1
    csg 1
    Viva race fan 1
    Rafter fan 1
    Bi city 1


    csg 3
    Suitcase Jake 3
    Fast Eddie 3
    Lapped traffic 2
    Doug 2
    Rafter fan 1
    Wmass01013 1
    Earl 1
    Viva race fan 1
    get serious 1
    Bigcity 1

    That was for sure an impressive win Rafter fan. Biggest turn out to date and your worst pick bumped via the Mulligan was a top 10 finisher.


    Kayman should have been awarded a 0 for being the only player to correctly predict the 88 as the winner of the event.

  30. Doug, Thanks for running this, your efforts are appreciated.

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